2019 Toyota Supra Realistic CGI Fills Us With Anticipation

Based on all the Toyota Supra prototypes spied in recent months, it seems evident that the completed sports car will take obvious design inspiration from the FT-1 Concept and could end up looking quite similar to this rendering.

Created by a member of the Supra MKV forums, the car is clearly similar to the FT-1 but dulls down the design to make it more appropriate for road use. Additionally, numerous modifications have been made to ensure it would pass various regulations around the world.

One clear alteration between the concept and the finished car pictured is the use of simplified headlights free of the blue LEDs of the show car. Additionally, the front bumper and fascia area has been re-sculpted to protrude less and to look significantly subtler.

Looking at the vehicle from the side, a range of other modifications are noticeable, including the removal of the large side air intake of the concept. Fortunately, not everything has changed and the roofline and doors of the concept have been retained.

It is no secret that the new Toyota Supra is being developed alongside the latest-generation BMW Z4. However, it remains unclear when the Japanese automaker intends on revealing the car.


  • Honda NSX-R

    Toyota should release a teaser by now. The debut for the next concept car isn’t so far off anyway. At least we’ll have some indication of what the new car will look like.

  • Craig

    Whatever happened to that mini-NSX that Honda or Acura was promising? Wouldn’t that go up against this Supra? [Which by the way.. looks pretty good!]

    • LWOAP

      That’s probably being developed for something else. Maybe a mid-engined two seater intended for the average joe, perhaps?

    • txsupra11

      S2000 replacement? Its rumored to debut at Tokyo or Detroit.

  • xDRAN0x

    Proportions are way off.

    • txsupra11

      Its actually pretty close.


      • Larry Qualls

        I actually like it a lot. There’s really nothing else at this price point [370z] to compare this type vehicle to. I think we should just wait for the finished product. Trust, Toyota knows that they can’t screw this icon up. 55k max would be great!

        • txsupra11

          I also think it look good. Lets keep in mind its suppose to be a $50k car.

          • Larry Qualls

            I may be alone on this but…. I think that this rendering look better than the “4”. I’m just excited he’s back!!!

  • LJ

    Well, that looks like shit.

  • javier

    looks ok i guees i was hoping there would be a sub 4 second hybrid awd setup available, oh well.

  • OdysseyTag

    Feels like you could fit a whole nother car in that front end.

  • KidRed

    No thanks.

  • The render may fill you “with anticipation.” However, it, and all similar attempts, fill my mouth with a bit of vomit. That’s to no fault of the many talented artists on the SupraMKV forum. But the new Supra is on track to be spectacularly ugly.

  • Blinka Bot

    little by little
    with every teaser
    it becomes more and more
    Normal car..
    all design hot features
    are fading away

  • KSegg

    That looks…………horrible. The BMW Z4 looks far more compelling to me.

    • txsupra11

      The Z4 concept looks good, but just wait until its water down for production.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    losing faith guys…

  • txsupra11

    I hope it looks closer to this version.


  • Blade t

    This is a BMW, not a supra….

  • Vanquish

    I dont see how this is ugly it just doesnt look like any of the Supras from the past not sure why it has to either

    • txsupra11

      I think everyone wants it too look just like the FT-1 concept. But I think people need to be realistic and come to terms with reality.

  • txsupra11

    I would settle for this one.


  • fgclolz
  • Mark S

    Works for me, and this will age well without looking dated next week.

    • txsupra11

      Me too, I think people are resistant to change. If I recall correctly everyone thought the MK4 looked ugly when it first debut.

      • Astonman

        I still don’t care for the MK4. I was losing faith in this design based on the disguises but this rendering brings back hope

  • Jay

    Whoever okays these renders to be shown on this site needs to be fired. And all the hate goes to the brands and not your poor taste.

  • Rocc E. Normyss

    Supra, so hot right now. SUPRA!

  • Nathaniel Munsun


  • Buck-O

    This is nonsense.

    If you look at any good higher res photo of the test mule, you can see that there are blanking panels all over the car. Particularly on the nose, the shoulders of the hood and fender line, the door side sill and rear fender front quarter, and from the B-Pillar down to the rear fender quarter of the tail light.

    For example, this one. http://st.motortrend.com/uploads/sites/5/2016/11/Toyota-Supra-prototype-spied-front-three-quarter-02.jpg

    You can see very clearly where the blanking panels are in this shot. And to put it more clearly, about the only place where the standard sheetmetal ISNT covered, is on the roof, and the top half of the door.

    But, if you look at where, strategically, those blanking panels are placed in comparison with the FT-01 Prototype/Vision Gran Turismo car, those blanking panels cover up all of the detail lines of its general shape.


    Clearly, it is quite obvious that changes had to be made for production. No doubt the mirrors and headlights had to be replaced with something more standard for production. And it is also very likely that the front undercut may not be as pronounced, or the exposed spall fans may be hidden. Perhaps the fender arch wont be as bulging, or have as sharp of a crease in the body line. General changes that would need to be there for mass production.

    But i am 99.9% confident that the FT-01 will be the design model of the new Supra, and will generally be the shape of the car in its final form. Which makes this rendering all but useless, really.

  • txsupra11

    I don’t know why everyone is complaining. This looks miles better than the awful rendering from Jalopnik.

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