NYPD Cops Ordered To Remove Political Stickers From Cars

New York Police Department officers at a stationhouse in Manhattan have been ordered to remove political signs and stickers from their patrol vehicles.

A number of vehicles used by officers have stickers urging people to vote ‘no’ in a referendum to hold a constitutional convention in Albany.

Speaking to the New York Post, a City Hall spokesperson said certain city employees, including police officers, are “prohibited from engaging in political activity during work hours.”

The constitutional convention could result in a slew of changes to the Constitution, including to the pensions police officers receive.

The order comes just a few days after officers were asked to remove the same political stickers from patrol vehicles in The Bronx.


  • doh.

  • Interesting it was not done during the previous president’s admin. I’m sure it isn’t a coincidence that 80+ % new yorkers lean left.

    • Grow Up, Troll

      Really, you’re going to go there?!

      • Police should have known from the start they cannot put such a sticker on a municipal vehicle.
        Why has nothing been done until now?

  • europeon

    They should be fired.
    If those officers don’t understand the basic concept that the police is an authority and must be impartial, pretty sure they don’t understand the role of the police in general.

    • brn

      I agree that it’s completely inappropriate, however….

      Is this any different than athletes taking a knee during the national anthem? You’re on the job. You’re getting paid to perform a function. In both professions, that function has NOTHING to do with voicing your political views. If I chose to publicly express my political views, as a representative of my employer, I’d be fired on the spot.

      • europeon

        It is different. Altho I don’t agree with the taking a knee thing, the NFL is a private organization, and does not impact the lives of the people directly or in a meaningful manner, unless you voluntarily chose to care about sports :), but that can’t be said about a law enforcement agency.

        • brn

          The NFL isn’t taking a knee. The players are, against the wishes of the owners. The owners need to tell them to knock it off or lose their jobs. The same way the cops need to knock it off or lose their jobs.

          I think we’ve a fair amount of agreement on this one.

          • KenjiK

            This is a constitutional right, your opinion on the subject is irrelevant. If you’re unhappy about it, change the constitution.

          • brn

            Ken, careful about the scope of claiming something is a constitutional right. It’s not a free pass. You are still liable for your actions, including speech. Your employer may discipline you, including termination.

  • Shane

    The type of cop to follow you until you make one mistake because your stickers aren’t​ on the same page as his.

  • nauticalone

    Good! Next up is to put a stop to that silly Sheriff (from some southern US state – I think Texas) who says he wants to stop his office buying Ford vehicles because Ford supports NFL players right to protest injustices by kneeling before games?

    • Liam Paul

      he is a idiot