Old Vs New Audi A7: Does Prologue Styling Make It Worth The Wait?

If you go around a room full of people, odds are not everybody is going to give you positive feedback to the Audi A7 Sportback, regardless of generation.

That’s the way it’s always been for these somewhat controversial models, like the A7 or the BMW X6. Basically anything that’s trying to walk the line between multiple body styles.

The A7 Sportback is supposed to be a Sedan, an Avant (ok, a hatch) and a Coupe, all rolled into one, and if you’re not into that sort of thing, there’s not much else Audi can do to talk you out of it.

Let’s not dwell on the negatives though and dive into what Audi has achieved with the second-generation A7 Sportback. For starters, it might be their best application yet of the Prologue concept‘s exterior lines, which some still say don’t work all that well on the new A8. Compared to its larger sibling, the A7 is shaper and has a wider grille, positioned lower for a sportier effect. So yes, compared to the old A7, the new one immediately jumps out as being more aggressive visually, especially when viewed from the front.

The profile however is even more interesting, because this is where Audi went on to fix the things that were supposedly wrong with the old car. For example, they extended the length of the 3rd window to fix the C-pillar’s “no man’s land” situation. There was a lot of metal and no design elements on the old A7 in that particular section, and now they’ve made it so the rear end flows more naturally. In fact, the entire profile looks busier and more stylish than before, although some would argue the old A7’s continuous shoulder line was pretty sweet/imposing to look at.

Moving on to the rear of these cars, the second-generation A7 Sportback boasts a full-length light strip with 13 vertical segments that can perform multiple light animations. It’s modern, stylish though perhaps slightly less aggressive than before. The old car had a “no nonsense” look from behind at a 90-degree angle, and some people liked that.

As for the interior, there’s obviously nothing the first-generation A7 can say or do to get an upper hand in this department. Audi didn’t even give it their Virtual Cockpit tech during the 2014 facelift, leaving it with much of the same ergonomics and systems you could find on a 2012 model, and even a 2012 A6.

On the new A7, Audi went with an A8-styled upper dash, with some minor differences here and there. Tech-wise, it’s got all the goodies you could want, like the Virtual Cockpit, the two large touchscreen displays, head-up display, voice control tech, ambient lighting, plus a wide range of advanced driver assistance systems, including Audi AI.

In the end, it does seem as though the all-new A7 Sportback represents a significant improvement over its predecessor. Is that enough to win over people who didn’t like the first-gen model to begin with? Sound off below.


  • no25

    Wow so after looking at this, I realized how much the current one looks better than the new one (IMO). The side profile of the new one looks better, but everything else just doesn’t look as nice as the current one. The rear end of the current one is aggressive and clean; wtf is up with that awful continuous taillight on the new one?! Sorry, but it’s just not worth the wait for me. Looks far better than the new A8 though.

    • JAl

      You sound stupid.

      • no25

        aw do you really think i give a shi*t what you think?? Sorry I hurt the Audi fanboy’s feelings. :((( gtfo my mentions

  • DuDE

    Is it just me or does anybody else prefer the old model? I’d take the older model with an interior upgrade.

  • Christian Wimmer

    The original A7 looked so much better than this new model.

  • Craig

    Changes for the sake of changes. Not impressed. In fact – I like the ‘old one’ better.

  • ctk4949

    Still fugly, the only gran “coupe” that looks good is the 4 series version and maybe the Stinger. Need to see it in person first.

    • KenjiK

      The 4 series GC looks too much like a regular 3 series.

      • TheHake

        Remember… it’s the sedan version of the coupe version of the sedan…

        • KenjiK


  • Rocket

    “As for the interior, there’s obviously nothing the first-generation A7 can say or do to get an upper hand in this department.”

    Wanna bet?


    • Enter Ranting

      By upper hand, are you referring to the way the dash shows off fingerprints? What a mess…

    • no25

      As a neat freak, this hurts to look at. how could audi think it was a good idea?

  • Hockeyman

    Damn. Looking forward the S7 and RS7 models.

  • Tinky-Winky

    The new one may give a nice light show but otherwise the outgoing model looks better. IMO.

  • rover10

    I did not like the low tail of the original, new design address that issue. As for the rest, a pleasing piece of auto styling.

  • Martin Anders Hansen

    Current one is a masterpiece, and I reckon the new will become one too over time.

  • Mynameis Taylor

    I like them both… however the there’s something about the rear tail lamps that appeal to me more


  • TheToadPrince..~~ToadSquad

    big big improvement!thats what i call an interior! BMW take notes..

  • Sébastien

    New one grows on me, but the unified taillights: no, it gives a visual impression of being a smaller car (than the older with 2 distinct lights)… But I like the startup KITT animation.

  • GobbleUp

    Rear is still only of the worst designs on any car, sans the ferrari 812Superfast rear.

    Overall this is a shiny but overdone design refresh.

    Audi starting to lose it just as bmw did 10years ago and has not returned.

  • kimsoohyun

    Current one is a masterpiece, and I reckon the new will become one too over time.

  • T2X

    Why, Why, WHY? FAKE EXHAUST System, that’s a NoGo!

    • Enter Ranting

      To balance out the fake vents in the front bumper.

  • nastinupe

    Exterior: tie/ no real improvement, just different
    Interior: New one hands down
    Technology: New one of course
    Drivetrain: Old one, not crazy about the useless half assed hybrid technology

  • Honda NSX-R

    The first gen facelift looks perfect.

  • PK

    when i see a comparison like this. so many people will say omg i like the old model better. shit it’s annoying.

  • john1168

    The old one looked good but the new one looks better. The general profile of the older one reminded me of a giant cockroach but the new one, not at all. The tail appears a little higher which helps a lot.

  • What’s with those fake exhausts? Cheapens the look, honestly.

  • ErnieB

    Old one for me! It was one of the most unique cars out there..interior though the new one looks amazing!


    Man, the read end on the new A7 is ugly as shit; especially that rear tail light.

  • Ary Wisesa

    I like the older one. It’s clean, elegant and beautiful.

  • Nordschleife

    I don’t feel like the new styling was worth the wait but this is the first of the redesigned Audi’s that don’t make me question whether I like it. The New A4, A5, TT, R8 had to grow on me and the Q7 and A8 I just don’t like. This one I saw and I genuinely liked. Especially the silver one.

  • TheBelltower

    I’m still enamored with the original. But the new one is a looker. Not sure about the interior. It’s a little too Barbarella spaceship.

  • Mark S

    Well now, compared to the old the new one is quite nice, but still nothing as ground breaking as the original.

  • dmis


  • getoffme

    Bland and it looks like a bloated Hyundai.

  • Vassilis

    I really liked the back of the previous one.

  • Dennis James

    So you mean, someone is actually seeing differences between the two designs, besides the headlights and taillights (which, by the way, look much better on the old version) ? 🙂

  • jarooo4

    The first A7 looks way better. Especially the rear.

  • Infinite1

    The old one does look a lot better

  • OD. LP

    Looks an awful lot like the new Honda Accord!!! Way to be innovative and draw the lines in the sand with a design that is used with cars half to a third of the cost of the A7.

  • CarbonPhiber

    I never thought I would see the day when I could look at a new Audi and wonder if it looks too much like a Honda Civic Sedan. Is this the end of the world?

  • I need to see an eye doctor

  • Ermal Morina

    For me definitively the new one

  • Jesse A. C. Majors

    The 2012 definitely looks better design wise

  • Trackhacker

    Old model looks better for me. The rear on the new one reminds me too much of an American car. The front doesn’t look as clean either.

  • Kris

    Those fake exhaust tips…

  • JAl

    I loved the old one but I REALLY LOVE the new one. It’s beautiful. They did a great job redesigning this vehicle.

    I truly wish they did not cancel the 6-Series Gran Coupe though.

  • BlackPegasus

    It’s beautiful but I fear this model may be a beta tester. Too many tech items packed into that new interior. Get ready for visits to the service center at the stealership.

  • KevinHee

    Well is anyone surprised that it’s uglier than the old one?

    All the new Audi cars are uglier than the previous generation: A8, A7, A5, A4 (arguable), Q7.

    Q5 is the only difference and TT.

  • nauticalone Ed

    I’d prefer a lightly used CPO of the current model (and the savings) over the new one.
    I really do not like the new lights (especially at the rear) nor the fake exhaust outlets on the new model.
    Also; the new interior looks nice at first glance…but the touch screens will be a pain to keep clean.

  • John-Erik Frantzen

    See: 2018 Honda Accord

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