VW Scirocco Drives Off Into The Sunset As Company Stops Production

Volkswagen has quietly ceased production of the slow-selling Scirocco.

Originally unveiled at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, the Scirocco was a stylish three-door hatchback which never made it to North America in this generation.

While widely praised, the model faded in popularity over the years as Carsalesbase notes European sales peaked in 2009 at 45,248 units. Despite a facelift a few years ago, sales never rebounded and the company moved just 10,752 units in Europe last year.

Besides being one of the better looking Volkswagens on the market, the Scirocco offered an assortment of powerful engines including a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder producing 220 PS (162 kW) and 350 Nm (258 lb-ft) of torque. The company even offered a Scirocco R with 280 PS (206 kW) which enabled the model to rocket from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in as little as 5.5 seconds.

While it’s sad to see the Scirocco go, rumors have suggested Volkswagen could develop a new model based on the company’s MEB platform. If that were to happen, the model would be reborn as an electric vehicle and reportedly have a range of between 200-375 miles (322-603 km). The report went on to suggest the entry-level model would have around 170 hp (126 kW) while the Scirocco R would offer about 300 hp (223 kW).

H/T to Car & Driver

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  • Dennis James

    It’s incredible the scale of car sales nowadays, when a manufacturer decides to stop production when it sells “only” 30 cars per day from a single model…

    • J D

      And remember that Ford won’t sell the Fiesta in the States anymore because it “only” sold 48k last year. Even crazier.

      But I think in this case VW is stopping production because it’s nearly 10 years old. Three generations of Golf have existed in that timespan.

      • Dennis James

        But I suppose they would have released a replacement model, if sales were satisfactory.

  • Bo Hanan

    Ugly design ruined the Scirocco name.

    • R55

      Ugly? Let me guess. You think the new 1 Series is a nice looking car?

  • Six_Tymes

    as most know, this was a half azzed attempt at bringing the Scirocco name back. but why did vw choose to ruin the Scrirocco name by bringing this thing to market in the first place?

    • LWOAP

      But muh Scirocco R, bro. 🙁


      people prefer Audi TT since it was related in platform
      for VW people prefer golf 3 door instead since it was cheaper


    • Would have been too pricey in the US considering VW’s price structure and sales would have been very low…

  • Blade t

    Too bad ,nice looking design….

  • its really hard to understand what the consumer likes…

    • Brabusbus

      Consumer prefers practicality of a Golf than a stylish hatch.

  • Rocc E. Normyss

    VW is the most bizarre auto manufacturer out there.

  • klowik

    It looks too similar to the Golf GTI or the R without much explicit differentiation. The styling has to be something like Audi TT to differentiate from the Golf GTI.

  • samurai

    They handled the car absolutely horrible. It never got needed upgrades since it’s release in 2008, so basically you had a more expensive car than the Golf 7 that in every possible way was a worse car. You still had a small black and white infotainment a few years ago. Also the Scirocco R should have gone AWD (just like the Golf R) and not stay FWD. There was no reason why anybody bought the Scirocco instead of a Golf 7 GTI.
    I had the Scirocco around 2011 and it was a fun car. But it became totally outdated over the last years

    • dj_aris

      +1. The Golf has been updated twice (not including the recent facelift) while the Scirocco is still based on Golf V platform from 2005. I wonder how they got away with safety regulations, things are much different (see: strict) now than 13 years ago. Speaking of the Golf V platform, I think Audi Q3 is another model still built around it. I wouldn’t buy it just for that reason alone.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    It’s better than the Golf but people want boring boxes.

  • R55

    Sad news but says alot about the state of design today. One of the best looking German cars on the market has the worst sales.

    460,000 units sold for the Golf in 2016.
    10,000 for the scirocco.

    Mediocrity is what everyone wants nowadays I guess. Depressing.

    • Ary Wisesa

      Maybe if it could be as practical as the Golf, it would sell better. Maybe it should adopt Mazda RX-8 four door style to be more practical yet still retains its sexy style.

  • fabri99

    The Scirocco never was a bestseller, and frankly it’s a shame. Who wouldn’t buy a Golf that also looks amazing? Ugh.


    RIP stylish hatch coupes

  • OD. LP

    I bet that would do well here in the US, it’s a car that’ll stand out from the crowd and be efficient enough for someone who’s looking for a “little” fun every now and then. So sad to hear this car exists, and that it now doesn’t.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    It’s too bad VW wants to keep good models from the US, this would have sold well here.

  • rob

    Too bad that they are stopping production on this car. Some say its ugly, but I thought it was a decent looking car, the name made it better. Just wish it came to the US, even if it was a short term car here, would’ve sold well, even with the GTI being sold here. I loved my GTI and would’ve considered the Scirocco as a replacement to that car. My Audi A3 will probably get replaced with a Golf R.

  • Vassilis

    Finally! It took them a while.

  • sidewaysspin

    Now we’re left with boring SUV’s everywhere.

  • Alex AJ

    I wish they brought this great looking car to North America. It would be on top of my buying list. Shame…

    • Steve Gerard

      Shame? In April 2007, Adrian Hallmark (The Volkswagen America Vice president): Claimed That Volkswagen Preferred Not To Bring the Scirocco To North America Because Since It Could Negatively Affect GTI Sales. It Was Later Stated That The Final Decision Would Be Made In 2008 By Non-Volkswagen Of America, Martin WinterKorn (Volkswagen’s CEO). In Early March 2008, MotorAuthority Reported that, Due To The increasing Gap Between In United States Dollar And The Euro, The Scirocco Would Not Be Made Available For American Consumers. “This Car Would Fit The US Market But At The Current Exchange Rate We Wouldn’t Make Any Money,” Volkswagen Sales And Marketing Chief Detlef With Told Told Bloomberg Reporters. The Scirocco In United States Be Become Outdated And There Will Be No New Generation Of The Scirocco Offered, I Don’t Think It’s Not Great Looking Car Or Great Looking Car? Because People Think It’s Ugly? The Scirocco Is Not A Strong Bestseller Though, They Will Be Remaining In United States

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