Honda Civic, Mazda 3, And Chevy Cruze Batten Down The Hatches

These days, the market is filled with all sorts of compact hatchbacks, including the (worldwide) popular Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus .

But what if you wanted to step out of their shadow and go for something different, yet still affordable? Well, then you will have to check out other brands, and in this case, they include Honda, Chevrolet, and Mazda.

The team from RoadShow pinned the new Civic against the Cruze and one of the oldest ones in the segment, the Mazda 3, only to come up with a rather surprising result.

Before giving their verdict, though, the reviewers covered each basic aspect of the three hatchbacks, including their exterior design, cabin space, infotainment, fuel economy and handling.

Arguably, the Mazda 3 came first in most aspects, while the Chevy Cruze was found to be a good, civilized, and quiet urban driver, though consumers won’t feel the need to drive it on a twisty road. The newest arrival of the three, which wears Honda’s logo, is surprisingly good too, but which one would you choose?


  • Bash

    I would choose the Mazda. although i have rented the Cruze few months ago, only for two days, and it was surprisingly good tbh.

  • Paul

    I would take the Mazda. Not surprised though that the Cruze came in last of the three. The Chevy is a nicely done little car but it seems like a half-hearted effort by GM when a proper comparo is done. It should have the option for better handling and more power not just the looks only RS package.

  • Larry Qualls

    And when they drop the new one, and if it looks like the concept…My God!

  • Dai

    And I would never get any of these with an automatic.

  • Bananarama

    I’d take the Civic. I really dig the looks of it personally and find the Mazda quite lumpy and dated in comparison (new one should be stunning though). Driving fun is so neck and neck between them I just think it’s null at this point.

    Hopefully the Civic refresh implants the new Accord infotainment system because the current one blows.

    • willhaven

      Couldn’t agree with you more regarding the Mazda. Not sure where the styling praise comes from because the shape is malproportioned in my eyes.

      The Civic is no saint in the styling department, but looks sharper and will probably hold its value a hell of a lot better. Oh and the LED headlights look great.

  • Jabriel Toliver

    The Civic looks hideous, It looks like they got the design from an Episode of Pokémon. Reminds me of Nurse Joy’s car. The Mazda 3 is hands down the nicest of the 3 with best styling inside and out. The Cruze does have nice exterior design but not as refined as the 3.

  • Taegon Lewis

    In my opinion, I would choose none of these, and get an Impreza. And, I’ll give various reasons, why:

    1. The Impreza, just like every Subaru in their lineup (except, the BRZ), has AWD; compared towards its competitors, shown in this specific article.

    2. Despite, (almost) the entire car community despising Subaru’s modern designs, for not matching towards their actual concept; I personally like the Impreza’s mediocre styling. Plus, I hate interiors, that look fancy and luxurious; like, Mazda (except, the previous CX-5. It was the only modern Mazda, I’ve truly respected, next to the CX-3. But, I digress.)

    3. Despite, having a brain-numbing CVT and various amounts of reliability issues, the Impreza is (almost) on-par towards the Mazda Axela (I refuse to call it by its Global name: the Mazda3.); when it comes to handling and driving feel, thanks to its Flat-4 Boxer.

    4. I hate overrated automakers, in their respective genres (except; Toyota, Nissan, Dodge, and Hyundai.); like, the ones shown in the article: Mazda, Chevy, and Honda. All I care about, is the underdogs in the Hatchback segment.

    5. It’s engine, the FB20, maybe unreliable; but, it’s a Boxer. And, Boxers are known for good handling, because of their low center-of-gravity. (Like, I stated in Reason #3.)

    So, some of you can make fun of me, for liking a mediocre/horrible hatchback; but, I don’t care. At least, the Impreza is more into my styling; not trying to be something, it’s not. And, I respect Subaru for keeping the mentality true; compared to Chevy, Honda, and most of all, Mazda.

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