2018 Bentayga Review Finds Bentley’s First-Ever SUV Simply Glorious

Until recently, spending exotic car money on an SUV was almost unheard of. Bentley‘s luxurious Bentayga however, might turn out to be worth every penny.

While it’s not perfect, the general consensus is that Bentley did a magnificent job, both technically as well as when it comes to quality, in its first-ever SUV.

People will still debate whether it looks good or not , but once you set foot inside and start driving it, its price tag might just start making sense – or at least that’s what Carwow’s review says.

On the downside, some of the switches inside aren’t as well-built as you’d expect and the infotainment screen won’t blow you away with its resolution, as there are better options out there. However, once you move past those issues, you might just find the Bentayga “glorious”, as this reviewer put it.

While the twin-turbo 6.0-liter W12 engine is, obviously, the one to go for, the diesel does a great job as well. In any case, regardless the engine option, the Bentayga feels sharp and surprisingly planted while cornering, not to mention quiet and smooth.

Best of both worlds then? No wonder it comes at such a price; but we’ll see what Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and the rest will have to say about that.



    Butt ugly…your money.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Glorious isn’t exactly the right word…I’m thinking more along the lines of hideous. And not simply hideous, either. Haphazardly hideous.

  • And then we got naysayers who said better buy Q7. The fact is journous has proven that Bentayga is a capable car. And that MLB platform is not designed for one brand. During the development, VAG make sure that every brand has engineers participating to put insight and requirement to the platform.

    For the looks, it’s a matter of preference. But it will sell nevertheless.

    • LWOAP

      “And then we got naysayers who said better buy Q7.”

      Oddly enough, people are saying the same thing about the Urus. Some even go so far as to say it dilutes the brand and isn’t a true Lamborghini.

      • Yeah because it’s sharing the same platform, what I like is that I wonder if any of these people will drive the car and compare themselves. And that always gave me chuckled.

  • TheBelltower

    I’m surprised that the rear seats don’t power adjust. Do we expect rear seat passengers to recline their seats with a lever, like the common gentry? This is the same gripe I had with the Escalade. The Range Rover and the Model X, which cost much less than a Bentley, offer power adjustments. The back seat accommodations overall seem a bit basic for this level of car.

  • The front of this auto is just so hideous looking…it just goes to show you that having money doesn’t mean you have taste…you also get very little for the huge premium you are paying for this vehicle…for this price the rear seats should be powered and have heat/cooling; all cup holders should be cooled or heated; a mini refrigerator should be standard…the price premium cannot be justified when you have much better cheaper alternatives such as its sister the Q7 or Range Rover…that huge markup you are paying is clearly only for the name…there is nothing outstanding or extra that you get that can justify its price…only a fool is easily parted with his/her money…

    • LWOAP

      “for this price the rear seats should be powered and have heat/cooling; all cup holders should be cooled or heated; a mini refrigerator should be standard”

      Says who? You? Why would they put a refrigerator if the demand is not there? If customers aren’t asking for certain features then Bentley has no obligation to install them especially not to appease random people on the internet. And have you driven a Range Rover, Q7, or Bentayga to compare the two? Have you seen what makes them different to justify the premium?

      • Nordschleife

        Well maybe not the refrigerator but luxury makers are supposed to offer the buying public things they may have never thought they needed. Does anyone need a 10k clock in a Bentley. Absolutely not but it’s an option. I agree with Megatroid in that at the very least they should have heated/cooled rear seats as standard. Not one person would write Bentley and say how useless heated and cooled rear seats would be.

  • brn

    That’s an SUV? No, it isn’t.

    I agree with the reviewer, the prototype design is better looking. I also continue to be confused as to how no one does the “wave the foot to open the hatch” thing as well as Ford does with it’s lowly Escape.

    Nice otherwise. If I had unlimited funds, I’d shortlist it too.

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