2018 BMW X2 Priced From Just Under $40,000

Two months after its online premiere, pricing details for the 2018 BMW X2 have emerged online.

According to order guides recently obtained by Cars Direct, the entry-level X2 xDrive28i will set customers back a minimum of $39,395, including the $995 destination charge. To put that into perspective, it is $2500 more than the X1 xDrive28i but a significant $9200 less than the cheapest X4 variant on offer.

Standard features for the X2 xDrive28i include a 228 hp 2.0-liter turbo four, seven-speaker audio system, 18-inch alloy wheels, and SensaTec seats. For $2350, the Convenience Package can be optioned, complete with power-folding mirrors, a panoramic roof, lumbar support, auto-dimming mirrors, and more.

Elsewhere in the range of options is the $700 Driver Assistance Package that adds lane departure warning, forward collision warning, low-speed emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and more. Interestingly, the Driver Assistance Package is only available alongside the Convenience Package and $2600 Premium Package. For customers looking to stand out, the M SportX Package is available for $4650. There’s also a Dynamic Handling Package for $600.

Compared to its most direct German rival, a comparable Mercedes-Benz GLA250 4MATIC, the base BMW X2 is a hefty $3000 pricier.


  • And X2 is like X6… Unnecessary “lifestyle” variant of rather good car.

    • Grumpy

      for less than 3k more the x3 is in reach.

      • And X3 is better car than X1 in long stretch.

      • TheHake

        But you don’t always need a bigger and heavier car. Here you pay tax byweight, and a 100kg difference makes a big tax difference. So I won’t mind this. If you don’t have kids or they are out of the house, then this makes sense.

        • Where did you live? That’s like sucks.. what if you had Rolls-Royce Phantom? You had to pay gazillion for it.

          • TheHake

            The Netherlands. Yes, but if you can afford a Phantom I guess that would not be such a problem. However, a pick-up truck or microbus, especially a diesel, is not affordable for the normal guy in the street. And that’s just because of the taxes.

          • Oh well in Netherlands might as well riding bicycle. I think they implement quite lot of incentives for electric cars is it?

          • TheHake

            In the city it’s fine to ride a bicycle. But I commute 150km every day. Public Transport is not an option and cycling obviously not. Even the incentives on E-cars are disappearing. For me that would make no sense at all. Don’t come no the Netherlands if you love cars.

          • Bash

            “Don’t come to the Netherlands if you love cars.” hahahahaha
            That sounded like a bombshell that Clarkson could throw before saying goodnight. lol

          • TheHake

            It’s true though.

          • Interesting that I talk to a Dutchman father and son in Goodwood FOS. I remember they said that they don’t have nothing comparable there and it’s a bad country if you are petrolheads.

          • TheHake

            No that’s not really true. We have on of the biggest supercar meetings in the EU in May of each year. But it’s a bad place to own cars/bikes. You pay TONS of tax on each car/bike you own, even though you can only drive 1 at a time. And they have silly things like paying environmental tax on ALL extras that you spec on your car.

          • Well I’m just being polite and listen what they are saying, I’m pretty sure they refer to the motorsport bit. Not everyone go there to see supercars.

          • TheHake

            It’s actually not that bad for watching motorsport etc. Lots of fans now especially with Max Verstappen doing well. However, that’s where it stays. The problem here is that 7 million people live in the ‘Randstad’ which is a city area consisting of several actual cities, but the almost no provision for the 10 million people NOT living in that area. If you live there it doesn’t really make sense to have a car, but outside that area it’s difficult without a car.

          • Yeah I never said it was bad mate don’t worry, I need to visit Netherlands someday and beside that at least the son fare better than the dad.

            And I totally understand, where I grew up we had horrible public transport and we had to rely on cars, but your case is worse since maintaining a car is expensive there.

          • TheHake

            Lol… sorry, I also didn’t mean it that way. I didn’t imply that you said it was bad. I’m just frustrated because I’d love to drive a Amarok V6, but it’s impossible here.

          • No problem mate just to make sure that I had nothing bad against Netherlands or Dutch people.

            And yeah I mean Netherlands does have a good road network, shame you can’t get proper car to cruise it.

          • TheHake

            If only we could have Dutch roads and German cars!

          • Agreed, Dutch roads is fitting with Spyker C8 Aileron though (Although it was built in UK with German engine)


    • Bash

      Same as when we all look forward for you to stop the unnecessary using of the caps lock, never gonna happen! isnt it? have a good day anyway.

      • Grumpy

        I think it’s clear by now; his keyboard is Caps lock is broken. I’ll start a gofundme for a replacement.


        • Bash

          Sign me in. lol

      • LWOAP

        I’m pretty certain they prefer to type like that.

        • Come on LWOAP we just having a fun mate 😛

          • LWOAP


        • Marty

          Efficient communication is about the preferences of the reader, not the writer.
          Car design is also communication. It was a fitting analogy by Bash.

          (It’s true that we don’t know the whole story behind the shouting, but that is only because Michgo won’t tell us.)

          • Matt

            He says he has bad eyesight.

          • Marty

            Interesting! I have family members with an eye disease, and none of them write in caps. Actually, I was taught that caps are worse for people with bad eyesight.

            I trust he has tried all the ways to increase the visibility on his side so that he’s not just like an old man who shouts because he doesn’t like to use his hearing aid. 🙂

          • Bash


            Some say that the real MICHGO is Milton twin brother. I cant proof or deny that. lool

  • gor134

    I don’t understand this car. The X4 and X6 are coupe versions of the X3 and X5, but I have no idea what the point of this car is. It’s not a Fastback coupe version of the X1, doesn’t look as good, is less useful, and costs more.

    • BlackPegasus

      There is no point in this car. It’s all about recognizing the buying trends of your customers. The SUV/Crossover is what consumers are consuming. They want these things despite them having no off-road capabilities nor practical use. Sedans just aren’t appealing to some buyers anymore.

    • Able

      Doesn’t look as good? Are you joking, this looks way better than an X1! It’s lower and sportier. And who cares if it isn’t a coupe? There are other ways of doing sporty. BMW are going to sell tonnes of them.

      • gor134

        Lower and Sportier? We have the M140i for that reason. The X models are supposed to be C/Suvs, and this is seriously pushing the line. And the BMW badge next to the windows is just obnoxious.

    • It’s for those lifestyle oriented adventure thing for X1 buyer… Basically they were targeting young customer and it’s more of a marketing mumbo jumbo basically.. Since it’s less spacious and more expensive than X1.

      • gor134

        How is this car a “lifestyle oriented” car?

        • Just look at their press release… You know this is just marketing invented to make certain group of people buy cars (Look at Beetle, 500 and Mini for example)

  • pcurve

    It’s like BMW already forgot why nobody bought the previous x1…it looked too much like jacked up wagon. They largely addressed that with the new X1, but then they bring out this turd for $2500. DOA.

  • Evan McMaster


  • Ary Wisesa

    X4 and X6 look more like proper “coupe” version of X3 and X5 respectively. They all have sloping roof line and fastback. I don’t see any “coupe” version of X1 in this X2. So I don’t even really see what distinguishes it from 1 Series hatch itself, other than higher ride and bigger wheels. Just my thought.

  • Matt

    It’s not a ‘coupe’ version of the X1 people, it’s meant to be a stand-alone model with a more quirky, design-focussed position in BMW’s SUV range.

    Kinda like the Juke is to the Qashqai… it’s meant to appeal more to millennials as opposed to families.

  • TheBelltower

    I don’t mind this. But I don’t see the point. The X1 is excellent, for less money. This certainly doesn’t look more expensive. It has visual styling gimmicks that you’d expect on a Kia.

  • I’ll take the xc40 and the savings along with it

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