2018 Mustang GT vs 2018 Camaro SS: Two Sides Of The Same Coin?

It is time to find out how the new Ford Mustang V8 compares against the Chevrolet Camaro SS so strap in for the latest episode of the most classic battle royal in the business.

Ford went the extra mile when it updated the Mustang for its mid-life facelift: this isn’t just another nip n’ tuck where you add a few new colors, introduce a new wheel design and call it a day after all.

The 2018 Ford Mustang features a revised bodywork with a new front fascia and a lower bonnet, a re-engineered 5.0-liter V8 fed by both direct and port injection which now makes 460hp and 420lb-ft of torque and almost GT350-levels of music, as well as a new 10-speed automatic transmission among others.

The Chevrolet Camaro SS on the other hand features a 6.2-liter V8 with 455hp and 455lb-ft of torque and a balanced chassis that makes it more enjoyable on the twisty stuff than ever.

Both cars are neck and neck on most areas but there are some key differences pointed out on Edmunds’ latest video comparison that should help you decide, if you haven’t already.


  • WTF

    That one guy was just a Mustang fanboy I wish someone more unbias was there to review and we could see actual objective comparisons. Reviews like this are a waste

    • eb110americana

      It was an odd way to compare two cars as well. Each person drives one and tries to describe it to the other, what is that? Drive both cars each, how hard would that have been?

    • khc

      One is more of a Mustang fan (he owns one), the other, more of a Camaro fan, but they both agree with each other’s impressions – that the performance of the two is virtually equal, with the Camaro just a bit more fun, while the Mustang is easier to live with.

  • Belthronding Tinuviel

    Mustang,i love the way you are❤️

  • eb110americana

    There is a major error in their review. They quote a power and torque deficit in the Camaro. True that the Mustang now makes 5 more horsepower–but it makes 35 *fewer* pound feet of torque than the Chevy. That isn’t simply that the Mustang doesn’t make more, but that it in fact makes significantly less. Add to that the 50-100 lb. weight advantage of the Camaro, and it should still be the slightly muscly-er one. Supposedly, if you equip the Mustang GT with the Performance Pack and the 10 speed auto, it will be 0.1 sec quicker to sixty, but we may find that when Chevy deploys their version of the 10 speed auto, they swap places again.

    I will say this though, with the optional sport exhaust (versus the Camaro, which did not have that option box ticked in this test) the Mustang sounds way better.

    • Pavo

      The Mustang revs at least 500 (really 1000) rpm higher, which is important if your comparing the two. But comparing an automatic to a stick. Huh?

  • Bo Hanan

    This new Mustang GT makes the GT350 irrelevant for the price. And getting to 526HP from 460HP is just one visit online away.

    • SteersUright

      Except for exceptional engine sound, far superior looks with the wider track, handling and steering feel, braking, faster turn-in, and just about every other metric. I think the gap will truly lessen only when Performance Pkg 2 is out and available. Even then, the flat plane crank V8 is magical and should NEVER go away. It should be the new Mustang V8 across the board if anything.

  • Ishliss

    That was honestly a terrible review, Carlos needs to leave edmunds and go back to Motertrend

  • Six Thousand Times

    This was pretty accurate. For me, I REALLY WANTED to love the Camaro but I bought the (’16) Mustang because once I got in, it fit like a old pair of jeans. The Camaro was a hot mess to live with. Then, the performance edge went to the Chevy; now they’re about even making the Camaro’s flaws even more pronounced.

  • Craig

    Of these two – I would take the Mustang. Not being able to see out of a car would become very annoying. The Mustang also has a nicer interior.

  • Vassilis

    I won’t bother with the video but I’d get the Mustang.

  • 5.0Mustang

    We are truly living in the golden age of the muscle/pony car.

    I can buy a new Mustang GT and drive it every doggone day, under most conditions, reliably and cheaply for well over a hundred thousand miles. I did that with my 2000 GT (was still running great at 177k) and I am doing it again with my 2013. I can [somewhat] get the kids in the back. I’ve even hauled firewood for a few days of camping, not to mention all the other gear.

    The Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger may come across as “impractical” for a daily driver compared to, say, a Honda Civic. But that’s until you consider that it’s about the only way a regular guy like me with a normal job, a family, church committees, scout meetings, etc. still can have some part of his life that’s relatively cool (at least in my own mind) without a huge investment either up front or in the long term. And I can pretend I’m Steve McQueen when my wife asks me to run to the store to get a gallon of milk.

    I’m a Mustang guy, but I can’t say i’d be unhappy with the ‘Maro, either. Both are outstanding cars, and an unbeatable value.

  • Emoto

    The thing about the Mustang is that you have to spin the motor farther up the RPM range to experience the engine’s kick. Nothing inherently wrong with that, except if you live your daily driving life up there, you won’t have a license for long. By contrast, the Camaro’s engine is RIGHT THERE with instant torque at the kinds of RPMs you are likely to be turning during daily driving adventures. This makes the Camaro more fun at normal speeds.

  • YUGE

    Ford and GM make junky vehicles.

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