Adult Movie Star’s Nissan GT-R Would Kill It In Fast And Furious [w/Videos]

You might be tricked into thinking that this tuned Nissan GT-R is owned by a car guy that polishes it on weekends and considers it his baby.

However, you’d be wrong, because the young blonde woman that poses next to it in the videos that follow has her name written in the papers. She may look familiar to some, and you may blame it on two other stories that we covered last year.

So, once again, say hello to Mareike Fox, a 26-year old German adult movie star with a passion for fast cars, whose Nissan GT-R used to carry a Prior Design widebody kit until not that long ago. Apparently, the young woman wanted a bit more for her Japanese supercar, so she turned to Tofu Garage in Germany to have it fitted with a Pandem Rocket Bunny V2 aerokit, which seems to have a thing or two in common with Liberty Walk’s flashy creations.

As it currently sits, this tuned Nissan GT-R could definitely audition for the new ‘Fast and Furious‘ movie thanks to its extreme body kit with extra wide fenders, gigantic rear wing, ground-hugging suspension and, of course, that non-too-subtle green paint and golden wheels.

We don’t know how much the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 currently puts out, but it was already far from stock when it arrived at the German tuner, having been tuned to around 750 HP.



  • Obsequious Lickspittle


  • Christian

    “it’s only smellz “

    • europeon

      Points for the Rocco reference.

  • karmat

    Car ruined

  • europeon

    Stop callin her “adult movie star”. My home made movies are more hardcore than what she does.

    • Howstar

      Yet her movies get her enough money to pay for this kinda shit

      • europeon

        How do you know mine don’t? 😉

      • Bash

        Actually she also get paid for those shitty pics. Its a cycle!

  • Six Thousand Times

    What a terrible attack on a defenceless car.

  • Eric Sin-Chan

    Horrible kit on a stunning car like the GT-R

  • jaykit

    She is really good at making bad decisions in life.

  • Bash

    Ugly Car, Ugly Girl..
    Seriously, This car sucks,, and the girl sucks as well.

  • benT

    G car – hits the spot!!

  • David M

    How the hell can that go over any bumps? It would seem the bumper would be torn up.

    • Aporto

      Air suspension

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