Chevrolet Aveo/Sonic Fails Latin NCAP Tests Despite The Addition Of Airbags

Latin NCAP continue to express their concerns with vehicles sold at South American markets after the Chevrolet Aveo became the latest in a string of cars to fail their tests.

Otherwise known as Chevrolet Sonic north of the border, the Aveo is one of the best selling cars in Mexico, and it scored zero stars in Latin NCAP’s latest crash test session, despite being equipped with 2 standard front airbags, unlike the model tested in 2015.

In the frontal impact test, the subcompact car “recorded poor protection to the chest of the driver, even with airbags”, Latin NCAP notes, adding that “the structural performance was rated as unstable, which explains also the movement of the steering column and pedals, increasing the risk of injuries to the driver”.

The Aveo’s side impact protection was rated as ‘adequate’ to ‘good’, thanks to “good energy absorption features”, whereas the child occupant protection “showed improvements” from the model tested two years ago.

“Latin NCAP showed, once again, that just adding airbags will not make a car safe when the structure is unstable”, said the organization’s Secretary General Alejandro Furas. “We call for GM to bring the same safety levels offered as standard by them in other markets to Latin America very soon.”

The safety specialists also tested the Nissan Kicks during their latest session, which failed to achieve the maximum 5-star safety rating. The subcompact SUV, which will launch in the USA next spring, scored 4 stars for both adult occupant and child occupant protection, after it “showed an unstable structural and footwell area performance in the frontal crash test”.

Finally, the Nissan Murano was subjected to the frontal and pole side impact tests as well and was awarded with a 5-star safety rating.



  • That’s the old Holden Barina sedan!

    • Mr_Fanta_Pants

      Without the safety upgrades that Korean built models received, it looks.

  • ToniCipriani ✓pǝᴉɟᴉɹǝʌ

    Actually this looks like the older T250 Aveo which was still called Aveo in US and Canada. Sonic is a newer generation than this. In South America both generations are still on sale.

    • OdysseyTag

      Yep, this was pretty much available everywhere around the world (in hatch and sedan form). We also had being sold concurrently with the newer Sonic.

    • HEOJr

      I was thinking the same thing, and this might a little late for testing, at least in Mexico even this Aveo is being replaced by a new model next looks like a rebadged of the current Chevrolet Sail from China.

  • Vassilis

    Yeah the lack of airbags wasn’t the problem here…