New CAD Image Reveals The Mid-Engine Corvette’s Twin-Turbo V8

A new CAD image of the mid-engine C8 Chevrolet Corvette has just leaked online, this time revealing what’s thought to be the supercar’s twin-turbo V8.

First published on Twitter, the image clearly shows two large turbochargers and dual overhead cams. Apparently, the engine will be dubbed the LT7 and according to previous reports, be offered alongside at least two other powertrains, one of which was revealed in previous CAD images.

The twin-turbo LT7 V8 will most likely act as the range-topping powertrain and could conceivably deliver over 700 hp, giving the mid-engine Corvette a significant power advantage over the Ford GT, and enough to rival established European supercars.

Beyond the new range of engines set to be made available, the C8 Corvette will be underpinned by a new platform and will feature a plethora of composite materials throughout its construction. Several roof options, including fixed, targa, and a full-glass option are on the cards.

Production of the C8 Corvette should commence in January 2019 with deliveries starting shortly after. Production of the C7 may continue until 2021.


  • Bo Hanan

    Since we know that GM is leaking the photos I wish they would just own it.

    • Rocket

      And risk losing all the attention-drawing headlines? Not a chance.

  • Infinite1

    Interested to see it on the track when they start testing

  • Shahul Usman

    i was hoping for a high revving normally aspirated engine…

    • Infinite1

      In the world of manufacturers moving towards forced induction for more power and performance while being efficient at the same time, it’s no surprised to me that GM went with turbo as well. The die hard Corvette fans might get upset and want a naturally aspirated engine though.

      • Shahul Usman

        Im not a die hard vette fan, I do have a c7 vette now, but Ive had many other…lotus, porsche, supra, evo’s, audi’s, AMG’s.. I just like normally aspirated high revving cars (even though my vette isnt high revving now, I do like the LT1, but the grand sport should have had like 490 or 500hp minimum)

        • Infinite1

          I completely understand where you’re coming from. I like naturally aspirated engines too but I love turbo charged engines as well. I bought a 6 speed Accord coupe with the V6 when I found out that Honda was killing both the coupe and the V6 in favor of the turbo four. I don’t dislike it, I wanted to own one of the last V6 that Honda is going to build for some time.

          Naturally aspirated engines will always have a place in my heart, the lack of lag or any tuning issues is always welcomed. I also have a special place for forced induced cars as well, and not because the industry is heading towards it right now but for performance and efficiency reasons when you had to build a car to properly force induce for more power. To each his own, we all have what we like and I respect you for your preference.

  • LJ

    I mean, the idea is cool and all, but I feel like it has to be given a different name.

    • Status

      And throw away the oldest sports car nameplate?

      • LJ

        I just think “Corvette” is too pedestrian for this type of car. It needs a different name.

        The Corvette should remain front engine.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Hopefully, this isn’t a bridge too far for Corvette. Love them or hate them, Corvettes have been good at what they do. You didn’t get top-end quality but you didn’t pay top-end prices. You got a fast (arguably) stylish car for a lot less money than the other guy paid whom you just outran.

  • Maricaibo

    I think Corvette’s engineers are too smart to really screw this up. They milked the pushrod V8 for a lot more than people expected. I hope it’s a monster! I am really looking forward to seeing this auto.

  • songoku64

    Its not a hot-v like the amgs 👎

  • Marty716

    Am I the only one that feels GM has dropped the ball on these engine codes? The new super Z06 LT5 should be the LT6 or even LT9 keeping in similar to the LS9 of the previous ZR1 and this new LT7 should be the LT5 since it’s DOHC like the last LT5. Leave the LT7 name for us dreamers who still are holding hope for another modern 427. Update the LS7 with all the goodies of the new LT series and wam bam thank ya mam we have a 550-600hp 7-8k rpm legend in the works.

  • Vassilis

    If done right, the C8 can be an amazing car.

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