Entry-Level Civic, Leon And i30 Engage In Budget Hatchbacks’ Drag Race

Usually, when you hear about a drag race, you imagine powerful stock or tuned cars going against each other. Well, this one is different.

That’s because Carwow brought together the Honda Civic, Hyundai i30 and Seat Leon, though not the respective Type R, N or Cupra variants as one would expect, but their base versions. They might not be that exciting, but they are the ones that sell in high volumes, so it’s interesting to see how fast they really are and how they compare against each other.

The Civic has the smallest engine here, a 1.0-liter turbo, while both the i30 and the Leon have 1.4-liter turbos. The Leon is the most powerful, rated at 150 horses, followed by the i30 with 140 and the Civic with 130. The Honda also happens to be the heaviest car here, which, on paper, puts it at a disadvantage.

So, which of the three hatchbacks won this budget-friendly drag race? Scroll down and find out.


  • Bash

    Frankly, there should be more of these base models comparisons/drag races/ XvsY. i like to see base models going neck to neck. It shows what each car is (originally) capable of; its true color sorta.
    We can all talk about how all these are boring cars and all. But Its easy to tune or upgrade any car and make it race anything, but (this) is what most of the people out there use for their daily use.
    I think there is a room for another car show (I’m talking a real show like -I don’t know- top gear base edition or FG aka first gear) that put a spot light on these base model cars only. someone have just to make sure it all exciting and fun to watch!
    Thanks for posting!

  • Nut Donut

    Nice idea, now we know that more power (torque in reality: 130hp/200Nm; 140/242; 150/250) make cars faster. Wow.

    Leon is offered with engines ranged from 85 hp, not 150 hp. 1.4 TSI is also speced at 125 hp, that is closer to 130 hp Civic. Same with i30, basic gasoline engine has 100 hp, not 140 hp (in my country 10% more expensive) Theres also 120hp 1.0 T-GDI. Only Civic has its basic engine. Next time try to compare cars with engines that have more less same power output.

    So those cars are not entry-level, nor budget, Sergiu.

  • Ανδρέας Μιχαηλίδης

    Also Leon is beautiful unike the other two… :p