Ford Teases New ST Model Ahead Of Detroit, Can You Tell What It Is?

Ford Performance is letting us know that there’s a new ST model coming to Detroit Auto Show but they won’t spoil the surprise.

The company dropped a short video on its social media channels, showing Ben Collins getting ready to drive one hot Ford. After walking past several of the company’s performance models, including the GT supercar, the Raptor and the Mustang GT350R, Collins come across the mysterious new ST model.

Usually we have a pretty good idea of what a company is planning to reveal at an upcoming motor show but right now we can’t really tell what Ford is cooking up for us.

That’s because the candidates are more than one in this case: some think it’s the US-version of the upcoming Fiesta ST but Ford isn’t planning on bringing the updated supermini on this side of the Atlantic, others speculate that it’s a new EcoSport ST model set to replace the gap the outgoing Fiesta ST is going to leave behind.

But the car most likely to be revealed in our book is the all-new Ford Focus ST. Ford has practically shown the new Focus covered in a colorful wrap, with reports talking about a reveal at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

With that said, perhaps Ford wants to give the world a taste of the new Focus ST earlier at Detroit. Let’s see if we’re right as the Detroit Auto Show is just days away.


  • Jason Miller

    Updated Focus I assume. Based on the body line on the right/lower sides and that curving crease at the top.

    • Jason Miller

      Went through Ford’s lineup, none of the character lines match the SUV’s. Fusion trunk is flush with the rear bumper, so that’s not it. Calling it now: Focus ST Sedan or updated hatch.

      • DMax

        They won’t reveal new Focus until Geneva show.

        • Jason Miller

          Didn’t say it was the new Focus. Could be something they threw together for the last year of the current body style. That has been done many times in the past.

  • Sean Sweeney

    2019 Ford Edge ST

    • Randy Terpstra

      Good call.


    Focus ST obviously.

  • Christian

    Ford Ecosport ST. …Next.

  • DJ

    I’m going with the Ecoturd. Based on the character line above the ST and the curved gap which could be for the tailgate

    • Kash

      Except the car in the video doesn’t have a perfectly square tailgate, at the very end we can see they cut the corner off basically, and the character line curves up at the end as well, the one on the EcoSport doesn’t curve up enough.

  • Kash

    If they were smart they’d do the Explorer and Edge, both very nice selling models, but based on that corner and lack of the bulging character line of the Explorer, this is probably the Edge.

  • Honda NSX-R

    Escape ST?

    • LWOAP

      Ha! That would throw everyone off.

      • Honda NSX-R

        So would a C-Max ST

    • Six Thousand Times

      Also a possibility.

  • Xavier

    It’s not the new Focus, look at this spy photo.
    The bottom line in the trunk’s door it’s not in the teaser video.

    • willhaven


    • willhaven

      You’re totally right. I will be totally bummed if they stick the ST badge on an SUV.

      • Six Thousand Times

        Prepare for bumming

      • LWOAP

        It’s the Edge ST.

  • Randy Terpstra

    Likely Ford Edge. It’s been recently redesigned and now available on the global market. There was a ‘Sport’ version of previous Edge, but the ST badge is more global.

    • Samantha Davis

      Edge was last redesigned in 2015. They currently have a twin turbo sport model. I’m guess something else.

      • LJ

        You were wrong.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    I’m guessing Ford will will go Alfa Romeo, and debut the new Focus or USDM Fiesta as an ST.

    Ooooor it’s an SUV.

  • slappy76

    No SUV should have an ST badge unless you can autocross it (which is never.. they’re too tall).

    • Christian

      Ford Ecosport is not an SUV… Based on the old Fiesta, I would say its a Crossover.

      • slappy76

        I use the term SUV interchangeably with crossover. Still you couldn’t autocross an Ecosport like my Fiesta ST. Also.. they should always ALWAYS have a manual as an option for the STs.

        • Christian

          Manaul? I never seen an aut Fiesta or Eccosport yet… I’m from Europe tho….

          • slappy76

            Manual transmission or stick shift. 95% of cars sold in the US is automatic, DSG/DCT or CVT. More crossovers, SUV, and light (pickup) trucks are sold than passenger cars. If you like small sporty cars, it sucks to be in the US.

  • alecs

    Focus or Fiesta ST are the most probably,Ford don´t Know anything more different than this anymore!!!

  • Pavo

    The photo is an Edge rear hatch. Perhaps they are just changing the Sport to ST. ST has more connotation to sportiness than Sport. Sport is an overused term. Even Honda calls a lower end Accord Sport.

  • roy

    Let’s hope it is not the ecosport st

  • DMax

    The gap between bumper and trunk curves up just like on the new 2018 Fiesta St. Ford never officially confirmed that new Fiesta isn’t coming to US. I hope it’s the new Fiesta for 2019 model year.

  • Ishliss

    Looks to be a previous gen Focus, Maybe they gave it a power bump or new track focused (no pun intended) model.

  • Carenthusiast

    It’s the Ford Fiesta ST

    • slappy76

      I think so. I hope so. The blue matches and the bumper lines look like it could be a match.

  • LJ

    The pic doesn’t match the new camo’d Focuses, Focuseses, Foci… running around.

    • LJ

      Hey, I was right.

  • Rocket

    Edge ST. High output 2.7T, hopefully with torque-vectoring AWD.

  • Six Thousand Times

    I’ll guess Edge.

  • Lloyd Anthony D Peters

    Allow me to throw a random bone in the mix.
    Ranger ST?

    I have a feeling it won’t happen. But can you imagine if they dropped the new Ranger, then gave us the Ranger Raptor as the Ranger ST?

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