Mercedes-AMG C63 Driver Hits NYPD Cop After Burnout In Times Square And Somehow Gets Away

NYPD officer Ian Wallace was hit by a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG in Times Square on Saturday night at around 11:45pm, with the driver fleeing the scene after causing a lot of commotion on the street.

The black C63 sedan can be seen doing burnouts in traffic prior to stopping right in front of the officer. Instead of pulling over, though, the driver accelerated and swerved, hitting and then sideswiping the 26-year old officer.

According to the NY Post, Wallace was taken to the hospital where he was treated for minor injuries to his back, arms, right leg and right hip.

After escaping from the intersection, the Mercedes blasted its way westbound on West 42nd Street, hitting multiple cars and, eventually, disappearing.

We guess that, in such a crowded place, someone might have seen the Merc’s number plates, but at the time of writing this article, the investigation was ongoing and no arrests had been made.

Warning: The following video contains offensive language


  • John
    • LWOAP

      Someone should send it to the cops if it hasn’t happened already.

      Edit: Only if that’s the actual perpetrator.

      • Six_Tymes

        good point

      • Grumpy

        Play the video in slowest speed. Stop near the beginning of the video. If you passed 1 second, you went too far. The plates match.

        • Grumpy
          • Kash

            I’m sorry, that’s hardly a match beyond “it’s a yellow, most likely NY state tag with 3 digits, a space, followed by 4 more digits” even zooming in.

          • Grumpy

            NY plates have 3 letters followed by space and 4 digits.

          • Kash

            okay, so it’s confirmed as a NY tag, again, how many last gen black C63 sedans do you think exist in the tri-state area with presumably standard NY tags or at least tags that follow the standard digit layout? I’d wager at least a couple hundred, but minimum of a hundred.

            Not to mention the ones that are wrapped or have been repainted to have their color changed to black, that’s not something you have to report to DMV. The car is also visually stock in a very common combo of rims, paint, and interior trim. Maybe if both cars had some unique mod or even a window sticker, but for all we know these are still 2 different cars.

          • SamuelThomas

            NY GXS6507

      • Akira

        It is said that he hit multiple cars while fleeing. If the car is damaged, that’s him. Still I’m surprised that with the litteral army of cops in NY they weren’t able to catch him.

    • jsz00

      How do you know…

    • Kash

      TBH that looks like any other black C63, but how do we know it’s the one that hit the cop. The video your screenshots are from has 2 BMW’s in it but no GT-R or Challenger to be seen, yet in the video with the cop there’s a bright red GT-R and what appears to be a Challenger Hellcat and neither of the BMW’s.

      I can only imagine how many black C63 sedans are in the tri-state area, even with NY tags. I hope they find this dude, and who knows, maybe this is him, but these are 2 different videos that we can’t even be sure were taken on the same day, this kind of internet vigilantism is the kind of stuff that gets innocent people hurt or killed because someone goes offline and takes it into their own hands.

      • John

        you will as soon as approves me other comments
        the same account posted this video and another video of the red GT-Rs revving in time square 2 days ago. (the other video was shot by the passenger in the black AMG)

    • Axiom Ethos

      The benz in the vid was black, the one here is grey. What gives?

      • John


      • Kash

        it’s actually not grey, its just the combo of snow and headlights on the back of it making it look grey,

    • john1168

      Book ’em Danno…

    • Althea Later

      Pretty sad when regular people can catch someone before the police. I’ve spoken to some officers who can’t tell a Ford from a Toyota.


    They’ll catch the asshole and he’s going to jail. And I bet when the sentence is handed down he’ll regret his piss poor decision.

  • jsz00

    I’m curious as to the cars behind him including the GT-R, might want to investigate and question those guys.

    • John

      in another video uploaded by them… they are a group

      Team agresivo @teamagresivo

      the site is down right now..but I did see the GT-Rs revving and was filmed by the AMG i think.

  • Six_Tymes

    effen D BAG. i hope they catch him.

  • Bash

    Oh he’ll have his time in jail to rethink every damn sec of it.

  • John

    here’s the video of the AMG passenger filming the GT-R revving

  • jtothada

    What the hell was this kid on moving faster than the cops with video stabilization. He should be working at the news station lol

    • john1168

      A skate board. He show’s it at the end.

    • jsz00

      He’s black and he walks fast

      • Sam Nigel

        At least he’s not white and gay.

  • john1168

    They’ll catch that MFer! Assaulting a police officer… He’ll get three hot’s and a cot at Rikers. There’s cameras all over that city in addition to the cameras in the taxi’s and busses. Unfortunately no front license plate or we’d have him on this video.

  • salamOOn

    burnout = IQ 80
    attack on officer with your car and runaway = IQ -60

  • He will be caught. Times Sqr., on an inch by inch basis, has the most security detection devices than any place in America. The only way he gets away without charges, is if he is a diplomat. NYC is full of turd diplomats behaving badly…

  • BlackPegasus

    Really? You can run over a cop in Times Square and get to sleep in your own bed at night? 😖

  • Shane

    Some say the cop never jaywalked again.

  • alexxx

    Rellax people…
    This is all commercial for the upcoming movie “To fast and to furious 63″…😎

  • Vassilis


  • Fake detectives in the comments should join the force.

    Let cops do their job and STFU

  • Bradley
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