Subaru Driver Smashes Into Multiple MPVs In Japan

While it’s possible that the person behind the wheel of the Subaru was speeding, in this case, the fault lies mostly with the driver of the white minivan.

The action picks up around the 25-second mark when the driver of the white MPV starts to casually steer right towards a parking lot, seemingly unaware of any impending danger.

Whether he or she was inattentive or simply misjudged the distance to that Impreza, it makes no difference since either way, it falls under the category of “driver error”, and a very costly one at that.

All we know is that the accident took place in the Miyagi Prefecture, central Japan, and that no fewer than four cars were damaged in total, including the small minivan driving in front of the dashcam car, and the latter as well.

Hopefully the airbags did their job and lives were saved. The video clearly shows that all driver and passenger airbags were deployed – at least on both vehicles involved in the frontal collision, which the white minivan actually managed to avoid.

  • TrevP



    I’m not sure about this one given we only have it from one point of view. Although I don’t see the van indicating, I can’t see what the Subaru driver was doing either. They could have played a role or they could not have; I just don’t know.

  • Status

    “We don’t need autonomous cars doing what we do. If we can do it ourselves they serve no purpose.”

    Humans can crash cars in violent accidents all by themselves. There’s no way an autonomous car could have prevented this, right Jay?

  • LeStori

    Considering the amount of damage to the Subaru , it could not have been “speeding” very much and that is even assuming it was actually speeding. Think this one is all down to the Mum Mobile. Turning across oncoming traffic whilst sitting on brain.

  • Christian Wimmer

    On the road I saw a “50” and the dash cam indicated that the car was traveling at “47 km/h”. Assuming the car that slammed into these three cars was also traveling at the same speed it’s pretty shocking what damage can be caused at such a slow speed.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    What the white car did is to be considered normal behavior in East Asia and China. In Taiwan they cause the crash and also leave the place without even rushing….driving very slow as if they had done anything at all.

  • Dmitry Zelinskiy

    Driver on the white SUV – is a guilty!!!

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