Pininfarina Teases Zero-Emission HK GT Concept For Geneva

The HK GT is the fourth concept vehicle designed by Pininfarina, together with Hong Kong-based hi-tech firm Hybrid Kinetic Group.

It will be unveiled in Geneva one year after the global debut of the H600 luxury sedan. The two companies also worked together on the five-seater K550 SUV and the seven-seater K750, both unveiled in Shanghai last year.

With the HK GT, the goal was to re-interpret the idea of a Gran Turismo, using the classic architecture of the Italian automobile school, while continuing to refine the identity of the Hybrid Kinetic brand.

Based on the teaser images, the concept will have a very streamlined and elegant exterior, with razor-sharp, horizontal taillights that pop out, similar to what we saw on the BMW 8-Series Concept. As for the interior, it looks both elegant as well as sporty, with what look like interactive displays embedded in the door panels.

The new concept will be powered using a battery, electric motors, an electrical controller and a range extender, combining style with environmental sustainability (zero-emissions), according to the Italian coachbuilder.

Pininfarina will unveil the HK GT on March 6th at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.

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      and with Hofmeister kink

  • More anonymous Chinese company used well known European name to deliver ambitious cars? sure why not, we still waiting for others.

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    it looks like a BMW concept

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