Toyota Announces New Dynamic Force Four-Cylinder Engine

Toyota has developed several new components which will be used on vehicles which ride on the TNGA platform that underpins everything from the Prius to the Camry.

Starting under the hood, engineers have developed a new 2.0-liter Dynamic Force four-cylinder engine that features “high-speed combustion technologies and a variable control system.” Toyota declined to mention the engine’s output but said it develops more torque than existing engines and has a world-leading thermal efficiency of 40 percent.

The engine can be mated to an all-new hybrid system which incorporates some of the same features found on the Prius. Toyota was light on specifics but said the system offers improved driving performance and superior fuel efficiency. The company also revealed the hybrid system reduces engine rotations while accelerating and this draws “increased electric power from the battery, thereby delivering a linear and lengthened sense of acceleration.”

Toyota is also doubling down on all-wheel drive as the company has developed two new systems. The Dynamic Torque Vectoring all-wheel drive system will be used in petrol-powered models and it can independently distribute torque to the left and right rear wheels. The company says the system enables drivers to “steer the vehicle exactly as intended” and offers “high off-road performance even on the toughest roads.”

The second all-wheel drive system is known as “E-Four” and it will be used on hybrid models. The company claims the system delivers 30 percent more torque to the electrically driven rear-wheel than its current all-wheel drive system. It also has a new control system that optimally distributes torque to the rear wheels based on driving conditions.

Another new addition is the Direct Shift-CVT which features the world’s first launch gear. The gear helps to improve acceleration as well as “significantly improve transmission efficiency at low speeds.”

Lastly, Toyota has developed a new six-speed manual transmission which is primarily aimed at European customers. The company says the gearbox is one of the smallest in the world and weighs 7 kg (15 lbs) less than its predecessor.

The new components will start showing up in vehicles this spring and Toyota aims to have TNGA-based powertrain units in approximately 80 percent of Toyota and Lexus vehicles sold in major markets by the end of 2023.


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  • PK

    why does every jap engines look so cheap built????

    • getoffme

      Is that why they usually last longer than the competition?

    • Chad L

      Unlike Germans with their plastic water pumps?

      • PK

        what does the germans have to do with this?

        • thunder bolt

          perhaps cheap built? since we’re on the subject.

          • PK


    • Mr Mister

      PK what are you meaning by “look so cheap built”? Looks like most other similar engines to me? Am I missing something that indicates cheapness (that is somehow different)? Its possible you’re looking at a computer rendering for one (or at least a photo that has been taken in certain specific lighting and/or manipulated after being taken), maybe that’s why things look that way to you?

      And I couldn’t care much about how it looks, more how it performs and how reliable it is. Which performance is usually fine (or even good, as efficiency), and reliability has been pretty good (even great on some) for many of the Japanese brands.

    • PhilMcGraw

      Well, first of all, Japanese built engines tend to be some of the most reliable in the world. I can’t think of one Japanese brand that is ranked at or near the bottom of the reliability chart. The lowest I’ve seen them score is like a 9th or 10th place but that’s out of something like 26 car brands.

      Secondly, I did look at other 4 cylinder engines such as the Chevrolet Ecotec and I can see where you think Toyota’s engine looks cheap compared to that type of engine. It’s because they compact everything into a small footprint so from the outside it looks like a well built engine because it appears like everything is “in its place” and it appears like a strongly built engine because it just looks beefier than if you had an engine all spread out like Toyota’s. However, this is what they call form over function instead of function over form.

      Toyota is built for its function and it doesn’t matter how spread out or all over the place it has to be to get there. Chevrolet is more about form, making the engine as compact as possible but in the process you have all these tubes and wires running all over the engine because it has to somehow create the same function of a larger engine into a smaller footprint. More tubes, hoses, and wires also means more things that can go wrong or break. So when I see a Chevrolet engine versus a Toyota engine, I just see more things that can break versus “oh yeah that looks better”.

    • SteersUright

      Every? The Lexus V8 in their F cars is a total beauty. The v10 in the LFA was a beauty. The flat-4 in Subaru’s is very cool and Porsche-esque. The GTR’s engine is also quite the looker. The 4.0V8 in some of the older Lexus LS cars is now becoming a hotrodder favorite, looks great, and sounds spectacular when tuned. I can go one… Every manufacturer has their industrial, generic engines for their mass people-mover units.

  • Farhan Vladimir Lorenzo-Krause

    Apparently I heard the 2.0L ‘Dynamic Force’ I4 engine will put out 169 horsepower and 151 ft-lbs of torque…..

    ….I hope that’ll be the base engine of the upcoming 2020 Toyota Corolla……

  • john1168

    I wonder how their torque vectoring awd will work? Brake torque vectoring or with limited slip differentials? I’m guessing the brakes…

  • Bash

    The thing is, The typical Camry buyers don’t usually opt for those nicer trims or versions. so we don’t see a lot of them on streets. but I agree, it is a nicer Camry.

  • eb110americana

    Some interesting takeaways from the videos:

    -The Direct Shift CVT is a hybrid of a CVT with one conventional gear. This likely means that it can take more torque load, as hard launches are handled by the gear, while the CVT takes over at speed. Toyota will probably be installing it in larger vehicles than have typically seen CVTs.

    -The Dynamic Force engine has a long stroke with high compression and direct injection, so it will likely mirror diesel characteristics of high torque paired with less horsepower due to lower redline. Valves are splayed out into a more “hemi-like” chamber.


  • do your thang Toyota

  • SteersUright

    About time! Toyota has lagged for what seems an eternity in updating its powertrains. They still have no answer to VW’s DSG/DCT and 2.0 turbo 4. Most of Toyota/Lexus engines, especially their n.a. V6’s are older than time itself. The 5L V8’s in their special edition “F” cars were developed over a decade ago. Their new-ish 2.0 turbo 4 was such a weak attempt and feels positively anemic compared to VW/Audi and BMW’s punchy units.

    I like Toyota, I admire their build quality and reliability. I’ve just been waiting for what seems a lifetime to see some spectacular powertrains come out of their R&D teams.

    • Miknik

      VW DSGs are hardly anything to write home about in terms of quality or refinement, they are cheap to build and shift quickly (but noticeably) when driven fast; Ultimately they are cheaper to build than a conventional automatic, so that#s teh reason many manufacturers are installing them in cheaper models;

      And most turbo DI engines actually have quite unfavorable emissions (most will require a particle filter form mid 2018), as they produce a lo of particles and NOx, again likely why Toyota is not first on that band wagon, and again – like Mazda – following a rather different route. And most VAG “punchy units” again have more or less troublesome quality issues like oil consumption and timing chain in older units (and BMW’s new 3 cylinders also have rather massive quality issues, btw.)

  • ediotsavant

    I expect these new engines to carry Toyota into the 2030s.

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