Audi Made A Flying Car With The Help Of Airbus And Italdesign

Flying cars are all the rage these days so it comes as little surprise that Audi has joined forces with Airbus and Italdesign to unveil the Pop.Up Next concept at the Geneva Motor Show.

Billed as an “entirely electric, fully automatic concept for horizontal and vertical mobility,” the model is an evolution of the previous Pop.Up and is based around an ultra-lightweight two-seat passenger cabin that can be attached to either a car module or a flight module.

In order to fly, the car is attached to a drone-like structure which features four pods housing eight helicopter blades. Each blade is powered by a 26 hp (20 kW) electric motor which is feed energy from a 70 kWh battery pack. This setup gives the flight module a combined output of 214 hp (160 kW). It enables the module to hit a top speed of 74 mph (120 km/h) and travel up to 31 miles (50 km) before needing to stop for a 15 minute recharge.

The car module is a skateboard-like platform that houses a 15 kWh battery and two electric motors that produce a combined output of 80 hp (60 kW). This gives the Pop.Up Next a range of 80 miles (130 km) on a single charge.

The companies imagine the Pop.Up Next could be useful in large cities as visitors could arrive by plane and then hop into a vehicle with an air module already attached. The Pop.Up Next would then transport them downtown, where it would land on a car module and be secured with three titanium coupling points.

The flight module would then detach itself and fly away to be recharged. The passengers would then be left in a fully autonomous car which would transport them to their final destination.


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Image credits: Italdesign and Guido ten Brink / SB-Medien

  • benT

    If this were viable in any sense then Tesla would probably have one coming out next week.
    Why does BMW distract from its own tardiness in getting a real electric car out there in the market place with this rubbish.
    This is “more of the same” kind of insult dealt out by the manufacturers for decades when wanting to destroy any concept of reality in the possibility of electric vehicles at all and since completely debunked by Tesla’s cars and trucks.

    • Astonman

      You know that this was built by Audi right?

      • benT

        ok, Audi. but does it matter? as Tesla has trumped the world on electric transport. (excuse the POTUS pun).

        • Astonman

          It’ll be interesting to see how Tesla will do in 5 years when most companies will have an electric car or a few in line-up. I’m itching to see the Model S replacelment. This is going to be a hard design to make better.

          • benT

            you intend remaining sceptical ?
            go to the beach and enjoy your summer !!

          • Astonman

            First off – I like Tesla. I’m a fan of Musk. That said – they’re having problems meeting demands. At the rate they’re going, will customers wait? I know I wouldn’t. People will get tired of waiting and pull their refunds. When more companies step up it would be interesting to see how well they do.

          • benT

            so far customers are waiting as there is no credible alternative on the horizon. Deposit numbers have risen and some depositors have given up waiting.

            But what have they gone to and paid a deposit on??

            I too am interested in what is happening. Clearly I am fan of Tesla but principally due to the fact that American auto and big oil are being kicked in the guts with a V.E.R.Y. S.L.O.W. death.

          • Astonman

            I’m looking forward to Porsche Mission E. That car will be a good indicator of what the competition will offer.

    • LWOAP

      You are hardcore fanboying for Tesla aren’t you?

      • Yeah he is even more annoying than S3XY, at least S3XY has facts for his/her argument. And this guy just literally attack anyone who isn’t a Tesla fan.

        • benT

          I have certainly provided fact where required. I showed clearly, for example, using US Government analytics than the petrol driven car from America each are subsidised by the US Gov to the amount of almost $3000 US per car per year, that while Tesla got $5 billion, GM and Chrysler shared almost 300 BILLION to save them from bankruptcy and that the nett figures do not include ongoing cost and subsidies or any subsidy given to the oil industries.
          On most occasions, if not all, where required I have provide the numbers and facts to back what I am saying. Because you haven’t seen those items in this forum does not mean they aren’t given.

  • john1168

    YAY! Another P.O.S. flying car concept…

  • It looks like giant drone attached to pods, but yeah OOT but the next frontier for drone is the one that can carried human.

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