Crashing In Seattle: Man Destroys McLaren 650S Rental, Blames The Tires

If you aren’t rich, don’t have any well-off petrolhead friends, or aren’t a motoring journalist or car show TV host, the only way you’ll be able to drive a supercar is by renting one. It’s often very expensive, and as this chap in Seattle discovered, things don’t always go smoothly.

According to the Washington State Patrol, a man who rented a blue McLaren 650S Spider crashed the British supercar on Thursday morning just four hours after jumping into the driver’s seat. The incident, as KomoNews reports, happened in a tunnel going under the Washington State Convention Center.

Trooper Rick Johnson, the official Washington State Patrol District 2 Public Information Officer for King County, revealed on Twitter that the 650S was simply traveling too fast for the wet road conditions.

The driver, though, said that it wasn’t his speed that caused the crash. Instead, he claimed that the tires were to blame.

Damage sustained to the supercar is comprehensive and all of the airbags deployed. From this single image, ruined wheels and suspension are obvious, as are a destroyed rear quarter panel, decklid, and a badly damaged front end.

Luckily, the driver wasn’t injured, so what he has to deal with is the fact that, if charged with speeding, his bank account will take a big hit.

  • Jay

    Silly driver. Just because you rent a fast car doesn’t make it invincible to any road conditions you put it on..

  • Six_Tymes

    wet roads with a performance car, blaming the tires? that makes him an idiot.


    Yeah, I’m not buying that for a second. More than likely he was driving too fast and lost control of the vehicle. That seems highly plausible too given that those tires are not showing signs of excessive tread wear either.

  • Bash

    Idiot!….. run fast, hit somebody, blame the shoes. Unbelievable.

  • ace_9

    Isn’t there some kind of an insurance for rental cars?

  • wait a minute

    As soon as you lower yourself into the drivers seat of an exotic, you miraculously accumulate racing car skills comparable to an F1 driver. So the only explanation must have been faulty tires.

  • Howstar

    Man shoots 17 kids… blames gun…

    • Jay


  • I don’t think it was the tires. Most likely the rear bumper. Or maybe the Cup Holder. Or…

  • Trocadero

    Ambition greatly exceeds ability. Looks costly!!

  • Six Thousand Times

    “I’m not a very good driver and hav no business in a fast car.” – No man ever.

  • kachuks

    Bad idea to open a luxury sports car rental in a city where it rains like 200 days a year.

  • wins_lord

    Definitely the tires. Living in Seattle and having experienced the differences between shitty and the best tires, I can vouch for that.

  • LeStori

    I once got a rental from a big American rental company that came with tyres that were legally bald on the front. It was a FWD car. So it is possible. As they say in Texas. Remember the …. But I suspect the real problem is supercars are not exactly “fun” car. Many a McLaren has ended up in the Ditch.

  • Cameron

    Guys come on…. its blatantly obviously. Key words “in a tunnel” what do we all do in a tunnel with a bad ass sounding car or motorcycle? WE HIT THE GAS. Unfortunately for him he doesn’t know how to drive a high hp car and obviously didn’t realize how easy it is to loose traction with that kind of hp.

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