Nissan Qashqai Smashes Into Box Truck At High Speed

The driver of this Nissan crossover must have been in distress or asleep, otherwise it becomes hard to explain why he or she would simply plow into another vehicle like that.

As you can see, prior to the impact, and even after, there’s no sign of the Nissan driver hitting the brakes. The car eventually comes to a halt a lot further down the road, resting against the guardrail. The accident took place in Rostov, Russia.

Of the two vehicles, the box truck is the one that suffered most. There it was minding its own business and suddenly it’s rolling off the side of the road and into a field. The speed/force with which the Qashqai hit had a lot to do with that, of course.

Based on the description of the video, neither driver was seriously injured, which is almost a miracle considering how violent the impact was, not to mention how many times the box truck rolled over. This is the type of accident where not wearing a seat belt can be fatal.

Of course, when traveling at highway speeds and unable to stop or avoid an impact, hitting another object with forward momentum, going in the same direction as you are, is sort of a best case scenario, since it significantly decreases the deceleration forces. If that truck was stationary, by the side of the road, the crash would have been a lot worse for the driver of the Nissan.


  • Six_Tymes



    That was dude’s audition reel for… Fast n’ Furious 10: Russian Roulette.

    • LeStori

      Driver was probably trying to get away forom Putin’s mafia

  • LeStori

    One Van taken out by Kamikazie Japanese SUV. Think driver was sitting on their brain because it certainly was not in their head.

    • Jay

      Yep no swerve or breaks.

  • Jay

    Another 10 out of 10. Toasty!

  • Dan Iosubescu

    stupid & stoned people

  • Harry_Wild

    I never thought a compact crossover vehicle could go through a trailer and continue on a hit another vehicle before ending up on a guard rail a half mile away. The crossover just had minor front end damage while the first truck overturned and the second black vehicle was off the road.

  • datCubanguy

    Did anybody saw Superman jumping the median divider and run across an active high speed road?..what do they teach in Krypton anyway?

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