Buick Enspire To Bow In Beijing As An Electric SUV Concept

General Motors is preparing to unveil a new concept. And as you might expect, it’s an electric SUV.

Butit won’t appear at one of the major auto shows in North America. This one’s just for China.

Called the Buick Inspire, the concept is set to debut later this month at the the Beijing Auto Show. Buick has released this teaser image, ostensibly showing the tailgate with a raked rear windscreen and dynamically styled taillights. Unfortunately, it’s saying very little else about what to expect.

The automaker characterizes the concept as “an exploration of design and new technologies” that “leverages GM’s global resources” as an “application of future electric smart mobility.” Largely the same publicity jargon, in short, as you’d expect to see in any such announcement.

Sowe’ll have to wait a little while longer in order to see more… but not too much longer.

The Enspire concept is set to be unveiled at the dedicated Buick Brand Night event, set to take place in Wuzhen, Zhejiang, on April 17. After that, it’ll be showcased in the capital at Auto China 2018. That’s the event we know better as the Beijing Auto Show.

Now jointly operated with SAIC, Buick has a long history in China that dates back over a century. The last Emperor of China, Pu Yi, was chauffeured in a Buick, and so was Dr. Sun Yat-sen, its first provisional president.

Today, Buick sells far more vehicles in China than it does back home in the United States. Of the 1.4 million units the Buick division moved around the world last year, over 1.2 million were sold in China. By comparison, Buick sold fewer than 220,000 vehicles in the US last year.

  • IFDU

    Enspire, China, baby formula…ahh the joke writes itself!

    • Moveon Libtards

      If you are smokin’ weed maybe

  • dumblikeyou2

    Looks pretty good. We need more Chinese Buicks in the states. The warmed over Opels aren’t that visually ensipering.

  • Bash

    China is Buicks main market. right?

    • Moveon Libtards

      Sells well in NA too

  • eb110americana

    Looks promising.

  • Moveon Libtards

    Poor Tesla…The competition is better and they still cant make a simple Model 3 sedan or money.

  • krusshall

    Is it Enspire or Inspire? You have Enspire in the title but say “Called the Inspire, …”. This teaser aligns with the lone image which showed up in a GM presentation late last year. It is supposedly Bolt-based but more CUVish and premium.

  • GE90man

    How many more names that start with EN can they think up of?

  • Tumbi Mtika

    If it looks good, you can bet it won’t be made.

  • Paul

    Another concept to tease us with and then we get nothing.

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