Dodge Demon Gets Exorcised By McLaren 720S From A Roll

You could say that on paper, the Dodge Demon and McLaren 720S are somewhat comparable in performance, especially if you look at what they can do over a standing quarter mile.

The 720S has been known to post sub-10 second times, whereas the Demon is even quicker, needing 9.65 seconds to cover the distance, according to Dodge. Not even a Porsche 918 Spyder or a LaFerrari can match that.

In this case however, it’s about more than just how quick off the line you are.

In order to pull hard from a roll and destroy your opponent, you’re a lot more reliant on power-to-weight ratio and aerodynamics than you are on grip. So right off the bat, it’s not looking good for the Demon.

To make matters worse, the McLaren 720S has long been suspected of having more than just 720 horsepower, and with a drag coefficient that could make birds jealous, it tends to slip through the air with greater ease than most, if not all the cars it’s come across thus far.

In the end, this was always going to be an uphill battle for the Demon, besides, the 720S has taken out opponents a lot more powerful than the Dodge, like a tuned 930 HP Nissan GT-R and a pair of 900 HP Lamborghini Huracans.

  • Bash

    Not surprised, but I still love the Demon.

    • Dr Strangefingger

      Maybe… but a random video tells me nothing about either car’s performance. This could have been staged, or…

  • ace_9

    That “Alpha” Romeo description in 7:52 😀

    • Matt


      • dumblikeyou2


  • Hot Twink

    The McLaren would beat it on a track too.

    • Frank Yoster

      the most uneducated comment for 2018…dude its a drag car..not a track car

      • Hot Twink

        I know what a drag cars is. The Demon is only fast in a straight line, in this case not even the fastest. Anything else it tries to do, it will get its ass handed to it.

        • Bo Hanan

          Well said. The Demon is a 1-trick pony.

    • Don

      When you mention track. I’m guessing your referring to road courses. My money is on the Mclaren in a blowout. The Demon is a drag car, but this rolling test was a straight line race, and it still was blown away.

  • Matt

    The Guilia chase car did pretty well too..

  • Liam Paul

    So they did this on a public highways with a speed limit , what if a car with a family had somehow been hit by these jokers and correct me if I am wrong but again it looks like this was done on a public highway

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

      Yeah, they do but you’ve must have only see a single video of theirs…

      There are NEVER any other cars around when they do their pulls.

      • brn

        I’m pretty lenient if you can see long distances and there are no cars in sight, but that’s no the case here.

        In this particular video, I see plenty of traffic on the other side of the road. If something goes wrong, it only takes a second for one of those vehicles to cross the 70 foot grassy median.

  • maserati123

    At 4 times the price of the Demon,it should win,but I’ll still take The Demon,a Jeep Track Hawk,and a Alfa Romeo Giulia QV and the Fiat Abarth for the money.

    • Status

      Going for quantity instead of quality.

      • maserati123

        YEP, but also shows I am smart. When the McLaren breaks,what are you left to do. I have a Fiat 500 Abarth and after many addons,it has never broken.But that’s how I prefer to spend ‘MY MONEY’ My Maserati is also more practical then the McLaren,and the Fiat can sit four. I can also get speeding tickets in my Abarth.

        • Status

          If the McLaren breaks, I would fly home in my helicopter.

          I wouldn’t call owning something with deprecation rates worse than a Range Rover very smart, especially if you intend to ‘drive it into the ground’. You can get speeding tickets in any car that can travel faster than the posted speed limit, and boasting of collected speeding offenses shows how much of an irresponsible driver you are. Why can’t you find a track like a normal person?

          • maserati123

            Sir I just won’t buy a McLaren. Must be a Ferrari OK. I guess you have never gotten a speeding ticket. No you are just to smart for that.

        • Don

          My guess, If you can afford to purchase a McLaren. I don’t think you worry about having it serviced, breakage and an occasional speeding ticket.

          • maserati123

            First of all I won’t buy a McLaren, I must be a Ferrari. I honestly hope this answers your question. No McLaren for me even.

  • EyalN

    rich kids with expensive cars that don’t have any idea how to drive. every video they come out with is worst than the other.

    • brn

      Yea, this whole thing is fishy. It doesn’t bother me that the mclaren won, but I’m bothered by how much it won. It shouldn’t have been able to pull away as hard as it did. Something is wrong with how the Dodge was being driven.

  • ctk4949

    Id rather they do this at a drag strip. There are some in South Florida. Would be more fair.

  • Craig

    So this was the Mclaren vs the ‘pump gas’ Demon. Is that right?

  • So internet run out of Tesla drag video and turn into Demon video?

  • Don

    From the RPM’s recorded on the video, and information that I’ve reviewed. The McLaren is the real thing. Very Fast! Not staged.

  • Kustumz 777

    All cars having “factory” performance, AND Bang for Your Buck, the Demon is (THE BEST) at what its (advertised) to do, a 9 sec Standing Quarter mile pass, with front wheel lift, from the factory, EVERY other comparison, is against “modified”, or “double/triple” price tag cars, or a test that it never was even trying to compete in in the first place, LOL !!!

  • izzey04

    mclaen should let him pull away for about a car’s length first.

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