Lexus Drops First Hint At The New ES Sedan

Lexus has released a new teaser image. It’s supposed to preview what it has in store for the Beijing Auto Show this year. But while it isn’t giving us much to go on, we have a pretty good idea of what we’re looking at.

The preview image is pretty closely cropped-in. But it looks distinctly like the snout of the new ES sedan that leaked out just the other day.

The new four-door model is slated to move up a size to replace both the existing ES and the larger GS. That ought to put it in direct contention with the likes of the Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 Series. And that, in turn, will leave the sportier IS to take on the C-Class and 3 Series. As it currently stands, the IS and ES double down on that same market segment.

The ES was one of Lexus’ first models. It debuted in 1989 as the first of six iterations we’ve seen to date. The IS first arrived in ’98 with a sportier approach, and is now in its third generation. The larger GS initially arrived in ’91 with a design penned by Giorgetto Giugiaro. But after four iterations now, the nameplate looks poised to be put to pasture.

For the automaker’s part, all it’s saying is that “this all-new Lexus vehicle aims to radically transform the driving experience for luxury consumers all over the world.” That tells us that it’ll be an all-new production vehicle, not a concept or a rehashed version of an existing model. It’ll also be a global product (not limited to one market) that promises to put the focus on the driver.

Lexus is also warning us to “expect the unexpected.” But as far as we’re concerned, we know exactly what to expect. We’ll just have to wait to see the finished product in full. But with the Chinese expo slated to open in just two weeks from now on April 25, it won’t be much longer. So watch this space.

  • Ary Wisesa

    The imminent extinction of current GS only makes me love my GS more. I like the GS very much more than the ES. It really feels like BMW E60, but but more reliable and trouble free. Too bad when the time comes to replace it, they no longer make it. So sad… (*_*’) . Damn you ES!

  • I’m still not giving up hope that the new ES will move to a rear wheel drive platform to effectively replace the GS.

    • AJ Mieskolainen

      I doubt it, but I do expect an AWD variant.

    • Bob White

      Never. It’s on the Camry chassis.

      • Wojtek Warias

        I think it’s the Avalon now? Or do the Avalon and Camry share one?

        • Bob White

          Avalon,ES and Camry have always been on the same chassis. Just like VW, they can take one chassis and modify the wheelbase and use it for other vehicles such as the Corolla, RX, NX, Venza and others too. As long as it’s FWD. This is to create efficiency.

  • Jason Panamera

    For me current ES still was a tough competition for 5 series and E class but a cheaper one. I hope that new generation of ES won’t be much more expensive than previous one or I will buy Kia K900…. 🙂

    • Bash

      Now that’s a valid point. And this is pressingly what the K900 potential buyer are right now.. the ones who want to replace their mid size luxury cars with bigger ones but simply can’t afford the price of the full-size luxury car.

    • bd0007

      The ES was never competition for the 5 Series or E Class – as it has been at the entry-level price-point.

      • Jason Panamera

        I used to drive ES, 5 series, E class and other cars from luxury segment and i have to admit that ES wasn’t that competitive, but when you equip it well it was really comfortable and nice to use. I didn’t look at it as worsecar compared to mentioned cars above. And i think there were people who looked atE cass and ES and chose the 2nd one.

  • xDRAN0x

    Looks like they missed the opportunity to remove that hideous front facia

  • dumblikeyou2

    Like Acura, Lexus designers gave a bursting out from the logo, or sucking into the logo look to the grille. It’s techi, but is it luxurious?

  • Six_Tymes

    MORE was already revealed elsewhere

    it looks a lot better than before, gone are the mish mash of design lines

  • KidRed

    Guaranteed to be just as ugly as the last gen.

  • Auf Wiedersehen
  • Liam Paul

    Are they trying to go out of business , they keep showing unattractive looking cars to replace the boring ones they sell now.

  • Christian Wimmer

    A pretty bold move to dump the GS in favor of the less dynamic ES. But like all car companies Lexus knows their customers and what they want. And with the way the market is going it wouldn’t surprise me if ES sales go down the drain in favor of SUVs and Crossovers, which Lexus has got also covered.

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