Pogea Racing’s Alfa Romeo 4C Has Almost 500 HP From 1.95-Liters

Not satisfied with giving the Ferrari 488 GTB a healthy dose of extra power in Monaco, Pogea Racing has also worked its magic on an Alfa Romeo 4C and revealed the creation at Top Marques.

Ordinarily, the tiny 1.75-liter four-cylinder engine of the 4C produces 237 hp. However, Pogea Racing has stroked the engine to 1.95-liters, fitted a new turbocharger, forged crankshaft, updated cylinder heads, forged piston rods, larger intake valves, revised electronics, and carbon tailpipes to increase power to a remarkable 477 hp. To handle this grunt, the transmission has been modified. Torque has also jumped from 258 lb-ft to 395 lb-ft.

Thanks to these new figures, the Pogea Racing Alfa Romeo 4C rockets to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.6 seconds and won’t stop accelerating until it reaches 308 km/h (191 mph). When you consider the fact that the Euro-spec 4C weighs just 1973 lbs (895 kg) dry, you may begin to understand just how much 477 hp and 395 lb-ft funneled to the rear wheels really is.

This thing really is a mini-Ferari

Modifications don’t stop here. Pogea Racing has also taken the time to engineer a custom aerodynamic body kit for the sports car that includes a new front fascia with enlarged air intakes, two intakes on the rear window to feed the engine, and a large rear wing. A unique rear diffuser is also present. Customers can also order the car with 18-inch wheels at the front and 19-inch shoes at the rear.

Inside, the 4C has been adorned with black and red leather and alcantara.

Pogea Racing intends on making just five cars but has yet to publicize pricing details.

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    Not digging the body kit or the rear wing but I’ll take that 500hp. They also did a 610hp Alfa Guilia QV. Thankfully, though, they didn’t mess with its appearance.

  • Since they refused to disclose the price, it must be crazy expensive.

    Beside that, how do they manage to handle the turbo lag, for small engine the 500hp looks high.

    • SteersUright

      Probably has tremendous turbo lag unless they managed to somewhat dial it out with software pre-spooling or the turbos or some other method. Still, I imagine its still noticeable.

      • Especially the 1750 cc engine aren’t known for their smooth power delivery (in the standard form).

  • SteersUright

    They mention a bunch of engine parts swapped out, but how does the block and head handle double the horsepower (heat, stress, etc) with any degree of longevity? Not saying the dont know what they’re doing. Rather, it would be cool to read a more extensive article on the actual engine development.

    • Six_Tymes

      that’s what forged crankshaft, updated cylinder heads, and forged piston rods are for.

  • Six_Tymes

    I really think the opposite from most here, i think if the 4C was released from day one like this as stock, it would have been a success. I say that because at fully loaded, people expected more, more as in the specs this has.

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