TopGear Takes Top-Spec Tesla Model 3 For A Spin In NYC

It’s been quite interesting to see the Tesla Model 3 in the hands of various European reviewers, especially some that are used to not-so-perfect roads and very well put together compact executive sedans.

In a vacuum, the Model 3 has gone from being one of the most highly-anticipated all-electric cars on the market, to developing a somewhat problematic image, thanks to all the production issues and delays.

Just yesterday we learned that Elon Musk acknowledged the existence of braking issues, tweeting out a statement about an upcoming firmware update. The Tesla CEO went on to say that his company won’t stop until the Model 3 will be able to out-brake any of its direct rivals.

Yet, there’s still nothing else out there that may call itself a direct Model 3 rival, making the latter quite the hot commodity.

During his time with this top-spec version, TopGear’s Jack Rix found it to be practical, quirky, a bit harsh over bumps, techy and reasonably agile. In other words, a mixed package, yet one that deserves our appreciation.

In the end, the reviewer calls the Model 3 “a properly well-sorted car” and confesses that he’d like the top-spec model most of all, with the 19-inch wheels, glass roof and all the fancy kit on-board. Too bad you have to wait so darn long in order to get one.


  • PhilMcGraw

    I think all the short term reviewers praise the car and righteously so because it looks like a great car and can be appreciated as the tech marvel it is…

    HOWEVER, all the long term reviewers have noted soooo many quality control problems that it feels like a Kia Rio from the 1990s instead of a $50k+ car. I read Edmunds long term review and they had simple problems like the vanity mirror falling out to bigger problems like the car not getting into gear.

    And I’m sorry, I can appreciate all the tech and ideas that went into making this car what it is, but at the end of the day if I’m going to shell out that kind of money I would hope it would at least last a few years with minimal problems.

  • SteersUright

    This car is an almost-there offering from a ballsy, tech-forward, innovating company so new its clearly still teething. I applaud the early adopters who buy Tesla’s because its their dollars that allow progressive companies like this to exist. That said, I’d love to see Tesla sort their production and quality quirks already and embark on some bolder design language.

  • Charlie Medina’s Smiling Coach

    Nice ear pick at the 10 min mark…


  • S3XY

    Once you go Tesla there’s no going back.

  • serge charles

    Such is the price of progress. Like Steers said, its not for me right now but I’m glad it exists. Fiats and Aflas have atrocious reliability while making cars the same way we have made them for decades. You would think the headline: “Italians cant make a car that lasts even though we have been making IC engines for almost a hundred years” would be more news than: “Brand new tech thats never been done before has issues”

  • Bob

    Tesla should focus on the basics of this car and not all the stupid forward thinking nerd trinkets. Ditch the “Easter eggs” and fix the panel gaps. Lost auto-pilot (for now) and focus on making the interior a bit less like a surgical operating room. All this auto-pilot controversy is taking away from their solid reputation as the first builder of an everyday extended electric vehicle. Walk before you run Elon! One confirmed auto-pilot death means the death of your (and my) stock.

  • Enter Ranting

    I can’t imagine having to fiddle with that stupid screen while driving. Talk about lazy design.

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