The Fast And The Furious Movies Continue To Push Up Prices Of Japanese Sport Cars

The Fast and The Furious roared into theaters 17 years ago and it helped to increase interest in Japanese sport cars as well as the tuner movement in the United States.

While the movie was released nearly two decades ago, says the film continues to have an impact on prices of Japanese cars such as the Mazda RX-7 and Toyota Supra. That’s an important fact as the company notes people who were teenagers when the movie originally came out are now starting to collect cars.

Starting with the Mazda RX-7, ClassicCars notes a 1993 model originally cost around $33,000. That’s roughly $57,360 with inflation factored in and buyers can expect to pay around that much for a used RX-7.

News of the Toyota Supra revival has sparked renewed interest in its predecessor and the company notes Mark IV models have seen “explosive growth in value.” While the car cost around $50,000 when new, the average used model now goes for around $70,000.

Acura killed the Integra years ago but the Integra GS-R still has plenty of fans. The average model costs around $15,000 today which isn’t much of a drop from its original price of around $20,000.

The Nissan 240SX doesn’t have the same cachet as the Supra or RX-7 and prices reflect that. The cars are now only worth a “few thousand” dollars despite costing nearly $22,000 back in 1997. While the 240SX is a relative bargain compared to the others on the list, ClassicCars notes that finding an unmodified example could be tough.

Since most of the cars on the list are pretty pricey, ClassicCars suggests fans look for models that weren’t featured in the films to get a “price untouched by The Fast and The Furious effect.” Among their suggestions are the Mitsubishi GT3000 VR-4 Turbo which can be bought for less than $25,000. $20,000 will get you a Nissan 300ZX Turbo while a Lexus SC300 can be picked up for less than $10,000.

Unfortunately if you’re in the market for an R33 or R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R, prices are expected to jump in the future as customers will be able to import them into the United States once they turn 25 years old. The increased demand should boost prices from their current level of around $30,000 in Canada and the UK.

  • Honda NSX-R

    I don’t F&F movies are the sole reason that prices of Japanese sports cars are going up…

    • Mill0048

      Agreed. It’s like saying Mini is only around today because the Italian Job. Silly. The cars are legends for there era, and people that lusted after them can finally afford them. Same with the classic muscle car craze.

    • Jason Miller

      Agreed. There are other factors, including the fact that cars today are just not what they used to be and people are starting to really want that pure driving experience again.

      • Mill0048

        Nail on the head!

    • I agree, while it does gave pop culture reference, one of the main reason I believe it’s harder to get an umolested or clean example, there was a point where these cars is sold cheap, being driven harshly and generally being trashed. Now the lack of good example push the price higher.

  • FlameWater

    You would think American car companies would take a lesson, they won’t.

    • fabri99

      Or that Japanese car companies would try to replicate that success nowadays. And yet, japanese sports cars are reduced to just a few.

      • Infinite1

        Take Toyota for example, they made cars like the RWD Corolla, Celica All-Trac, the twin turbo Supra, Toyota Soarer, Alteeza, and the MR2 Turbo, into making the Prius

  • SteersUright

    It isnt just because of F&F, thats ridiculous. Its because those were some of the last semi-attainable high-performance sports cars to come out of Japan in a long time. Typically far better made, more reliable, cheaper to keep up than anything out of Germany and far more sophisticated than older Corvettes, Camaro’s, Mustangs, etc., they are a unique proposition. Especially given that hardcore sports cars have been a dying breed in the last 20 years, particularly from Japan, there are less and less available which also drives the price up.
    Porsches weren’t in F&F movies, have you seen whats happened to 911 prices? I wouldn’t be surprised to see appreciation in value for used GTR’s, Vipers, and a variety of others in the near future as well, as attainable high-performance coupes become even more scarce.

  • Shahul Usman

    It is A reason.. I had a 93 Supra..bought for $30k when I was 19 (I was a manager at a best buy and went to college at the same time before you think Im just a rich kid lol).. I bought it about a year before the 1st F&F.. then after the movie the prices kept going up.. I had for two years, put on 30k miles, even had a fender bender which affected the carfax.. still sold for $40k… same with a Lotus Exige S240 which is the one I really regret selling lol…

  • Infinite1

    There have always been a car scene since cars were first built. It’s just how we enthusiasts and gear heads are, the F&F franchise just brought more of the ricers and wanna-be’s into the mix. The rise of Formula D and import car shows along with celebrity interests in these cars did add into the mix but wasn’t the entire reason why the prices on these cars went up. The lust after Skylines were something that the U.S. never had so wanting one so bad since childhood for one is to be expected. These cars were built to compete with their European and American rivals and smashed records in doing. Their only restriction was the “Big 3 gentlemen’s agreement” that restricted HP to 276HP; however, it was found out that these cars had more HP stock when they were dyno’d years later.

    I’ve lost interest in buying an R33 or R34 myself since the masses all wants Skylines now. I love the Supra but won’t pay over 50K for one just so that I can mod it and have been looking at the SC300’s JDM counterpart, the Toyota Soarer for a future car if the new Supra doesn’t pan out.

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