Taxi Driver Rams Mitsubishi Outlander Into A Rollover

While it may seem that the number of unfortunate (and sometimes, easily avoidable) traffic accidents are on the rise, we suspect that the web combined with the increasing use of dashcams often blow things out of proportion.

However, some of these incidents caught on camera make a pretty convincing case for the further development and widespread use of collision avoidance systems – if not for autonomous driving tech for certain drivers…

From the angle that this video was shot, we can’t see if the taxi driver ran a red light, but he ended up ramming a Mitsubishi Outlander, which flipped over stopping besides the dashcam car.

Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured, as stated in the video’s description. However, yet again we feel as though the parties involved could have at least tried to avoid the collision, even after the taxi entered the intersection.

Whether you intentionally or mistakenly run through a red light, or if you actually have a green light and/or the right of way, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice defensive driving and slow down just as you approach the intersection, giving yourself sufficient time to act in case you spot any danger from the corner of your eye.

The driver of the Mitsubishi had more than enough time to react to the taxi, and vice versa.


  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    some of these incidents caught on camera make a pretty convincing case for the further development and widespread use of collision avoidance systems – if not for autonomous driving tech for certain drivers
    They might want to start with driving tests and routine breathalyzer testing.
    I wonder what qualifies you as a taxi driver over there?

  • Brent Morrison


  • Bash

    The other day my coworker was trying to talk me thru how he think SUVs are “still safer” than other cars!
    Will definitely show him this. I can’t believe how some people still think that way.

  • Bash

    Well I have a charger, which happens to be falling in “Large Sedans” category. Now my earlier mentioned coworker is driving a Rav 4, your charts says simply the bigger cars are safer -in general- which is logical, so unless my friend is driving something in the Large SUV. Large sedans is still safer. O_o, and you’ve just proved my point. lol

    • Dude

      For your specific situation possibly. It’s only the “Very large” sedan category that’s safer than the small suv category. If your charger is an SXT it’s large but if it’s a higher trim it’s very large (it’s only a 100-400lbs difference so it probably doesn’t matter much either way). The RAV4 is in the small suv group which is slightly more unsafe than the very large sedan group but is safer than every other category of car.

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