Holden Commodore Veers Off The Road And Rolls Over Down Under

While it may be impossible to know why the driver of this Holden Commodore lost control they way they did, what we can say is that the motorist wasn’t exactly driving properly before the accident.

Video captured via dashcam prior to the crash itself shows the Commodore moving a bit oddly within its lane, straddling the right side marking briefly before suddenly veering off the road.

Whatever happened, it was apparently serious enough that the driver was unable to maintain control of the car. After hitting the guardrail (as well as probably the base of that highway sign), the car bounced back towards traffic while rolling over once. Thankfully, it landed on its wheels.

Here’s how it went down in the words of the person driving the dash-cam vehicle:

“Single car accident yesterday afternoon, southbound on the Pacific Highway at Sapphire Beach near Coffs Harbour. The driver was driving erratically in the lead up to the accident and somehow veered off to the left, hitting one of the massive signs. This caused the car to roll, blocking both lanes of the highway and causing traffic to come to an immediate stop. Apart from the accident, the main concern was the fuel tanker that was behind us but luckily he was able to stop in time.”

While we applaud him for rushing over to help, in this type of situation it’s better to wait a few moments just to make sure traffic behind you really has come to a stop.

Note: Mind the offensive language towards the end of the clip

  • Jay

    Ehh. Not necessarily erratic driving but it did look like the front left wheel no longer wanted to be a part of the drivers shenanigans.

  • xDRAN0x

    Ulehh @ my aussie peers and their erratic driving

  • Shtekeris

    Probably something to do with gravity down under.

    • Seats & a steering wheel

      Interesting to read people stillusing the term Down Under, Australians stopped using the term around 25 years ago. It’s a term that was common in the 70’s and 80’s that hit its peak with the Crocodile Dundee movies of the mid 1980’s, hearing it in 2018 is almost as cringe inducing as hearing the phrase ‘throw another shrimp on the barbie’ No Australian EVER said that ever! We call shrimp, prawns, it’s never been known as shrimp..and it’s much more Australian to throw another ‘snag’ (aka sausage) on the barbie!

  • LeStori

    Apart from mechanical failure, the only way this car could dart of the road is for the driver to suddenly pull down on the left side of the wheel. This could be due to tiredness, a health issue, or just searching around for something in the car. We could speculate for decades, but not likely to ever know.

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