Nico Rosberg Wants F1 To Consider Ground Effects For 2021 Overhaul

While the FIA is set to introduce a simpler design for front wings next year in order to make overtaking easier, it’s the 2021 rules overhaul that everybody is looking to as far as a permanent solution is concerned.

During the Monaco GP weekend, Nico Rosberg went out on the track with his dad, Keke Rosberg, who drove a 1982 Williams. That car gave the 2016 Formula 1 world champion an idea that could be implemented in 2021.

“I was looking at my dad’s car and it’s all ground effect,” said Nico. “The aerodynamics are under the car. They could follow each other in the gearbox all the time. They have to go into that sort of direction. And hopefully they’ll manage [it by] 2021 at latest. Because that’s what we all need, for the fun.”

Rosberg went on to say that it’s as difficult as ever to get close to the car in front, which is something we see frequently with drivers stating during the race that they’re faster than their teammate in front – that’s where the casual fan might not understand why the driver is complaining to his team that he’s quicker than the guy ahead, yet does nothing about it.

Ground-effect aerodynamics was one of the changes considered for the 2017 overhaul, but in the end, the decision was taken to go with bigger wings instead, as reported by Autosport.

“Sometimes a guy is so much faster, but he just can’t get close,” reiterated Rosberg, who also sat down with his dad and Martin Brundle for an exclusive interview in Monaco.

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Photos: Nico Rosberg/Twitter/Facebook

  • Ground effect would be terrific but it would kill the smaller team even more, aerodynamic is expensive and big teams with dozens supercomputer and state of the art wind tunnel can edge a lot there.

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