Using The Side Of The Road For Overtaking Is A Really Bad Idea

Not only did this driver show extremely poor judgement in deciding to overtake by going off-road, but they also failed to keep control of their car as soon as it became unsettled.

This just feels like a classic case of too many bad assumptions being made. First the driver had to assume that it would be alright for them to leave the safety of tarmac. Then they must have assumed that their car could handle driving over dirt and grass at whatever speed they were going.

Last and certainly not least, you have to assume that you’ll be able to maintain control of the car, no matter what, otherwise you probably wouldn’t take such a risk, right?

So in short, this accident has everything we’ve grown accustomed to seeing. It’s poor judgement mixed with driver error, resulting in what looked like a seriously bad crash, following the initial impact with the rig ahead.

Hopefully there wasn’t much of a drop-off beyond those bushes and people weren’t seriously hurt. As for any would-be amateur rally fans out there, remember that a high center of gravity car such as the Honda Jazz/Fit is not ideal for any sort of dynamic maneuvers, especially on a dirt surface.

Then again, if you just obey the law and wait your turn, you wouldn’t have to worry about what you or your car can or can’t handle.


  • LeStori

    Another suffering for impatience, the illness that is likely to kill. Going Bushhhhh!….

  • annon

    South Africa maybe??

    • Miknik

      AT least the numberplate of the Bushtaxi Hiace says so…

  • Kaido Alex

    Looks like South Africa, and the Jazz is most likely a JDM Fit from a neighboring country like Zimbabwe due to the reflective stickers.

    • OdysseyTag

      Spot on. Think so aswell.

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