Volvo Wagon Crashes Head On To A Large Lorry, Driver Walks Away

The small overlap test is one of the most difficult ones to ace during official crash tests. In fact, there are plenty of modern cars that fail to do a good job with it even today.

When carrying out the test, cars are usually directed towards a rigid barrier, which makes contact with just 25% of the vehicle’s front end, biased toward the driver’s side. It can simulate hitting either another car, a tree or perhaps a utility pole.

Now, while this accident was by no means a test, only a small percentage of that Volvo XC70’s front end made contact with the incoming semi – which is exactly what automakers test for. As for the speed at which the two vehicles made contact, it was roughly 62 km/h (38.5 mph), pretty much the official test speed according to the IIHS.

As you can see, that Volvo stood up exceptionally well to the much more massive semi truck. The front end was almost completely destroyed, which is to be expected as it absorbed the full force of the impact. This allowed the passenger compartment to remain intact and you can see how the A-pillar didn’t even bend, thus protecting the driver and passengers.

While we couldn’t find any EuroNCAP or IIHS crash test results for the Volvo XC70, we presume that it should perform identically to the V70, which indeed secured a full 5-star safety rating for adult occupant protection.

With that in mind, we guess the chances of this XC70’s driver getting another Volvo are high, because this one definitely saved his life.


  • D3X

    Amazing. Volvo for Life. Seriously!

    • Stephen G

      Yes it’s nice to know that you can crash your Volvo into things and at least you won’t kill yourself. Yeah!

      • D3X

        You don’t call it an accident if it isn’t one. You really don’t know why and what caused that situation to occur, and be it a mental lapse, I’m pretty damn sure that driver had an awakening. Much Better than death of course in another vehicle (Jeep, Ford Explorer, IIHS just failed this exact crash, look it upetc)

        • Stephen G

          Why would a person having “mental lapses” get behind the wheel of a car? An accident is a result of events beyond anybody’s control. This was not a accident.

          • D3X

            People are human. They make mistakes, that’s why it’s called an accident.

    • LeStori

      Yes. Driving on the wrong side of the road is the Volvo way…

    • Tostik

      A commenter, below the youtube video, said the driver fell asleep. I don’t know if he has inside information on the accident.

  • Dave A.


  • LJ

    Damn Tesla Autopilot.

    • ProtectOurHeritage

      Thank goodness it wasn’t Tesla Autopilot. Volvo’s autonomous technology hasn’t killed anyone through software problems, hardware faults or human misuse.

      • Safety systems such as Autopilot are designed to assist the driver. They are not meant to automatically drive the car by itself.

        • ProtectOurHeritage

          Try telling the beta-male Tesla owners that!

          • Silimarina

            Let me guess, you are a 12 years old “alfa” male? I don’t own a Tesla, but it’s kind of stupid to call Tesla drivers beta-male just because they own a Tesla. I’m curious how did you come to that conclusion?

          • TheBelltower

            He’s an anti-Tesla troll. Probably one of the losers who shorted the stock this week. You’ll see the exact same thing on every site when someone mentions Tesla.

          • ProtectOurHeritage

            Sounds like somebody is triggered! 😂

            Anyone who is happy to give up their own skills, e.g. driving skills, and hand it over to computers and technology is a Beta Male. AutoPilot isn’t there to make life easier, it replaces people’s skills.

          • Silimarina

            Yeah because driving in cities or on highways takes so much skill. Skill is to drive fast on a track.
            Autopilot and other systems like it makes life easier. Don’t tell me you like to drive in heavy slow moving traffic

  • salamOOn

    dont use your goddamn phone while driving!

  • TrevP

    Safety first!

    • LeStori

      Good driving second!

  • Matthew Daraei

    Tesla! Take a note!

  • Sentido

    Great for Volvo … The driver born again …

  • Stephen G

    How did the lorry occupants make out? So since the Volvo driver(?) walked away he’s free to go do it again. Only what will it be next time, another lorry or an old escort that’s being driven by a single mom taking her 3 small children to visit their ailing grandmother.

    • Status

      You want the driver to be penalized for surviving an accident or to have them be preemptively punished legally for accidents that have yet to happen?

      Have you taken a good look in the mirror lately?

      • Stephen G

        Of course the driver should be punished for what he’s done not what he’s going to do. Do you think this is the first time he’s veered over the center line? He has proved (maybe on previous occasions also) that he is not responsible enough to handle the privilege of operating a dangerous weapon. Let’s hope “Mr Safe in my Volvo” didn’t kill the lorry driver. I always take a good look in my mirrors when I’m scanning for traffic.

        • Status

          ^this motherfucker thinks having a safe car, and having that safe car protect you in an accident that you’re caused, should be punishable with the revocation of legally obtained privileges.

          The only thing that will change here is an insurance rate increase for the Volvo owner. They will not lose their licence, and you cannot prove on the balance of one video if the Volvo owner has crashed previously.

          You don’t even know for certain that the Volvo driver was on their phone. You simply don’t have the evidence.

          Also, I wouldn’t care if the oncoming motorist was on a motorcycle. Them being a greater risk while riding doesn’t give them any more any less right when on public roads. You, as a motorists, take risks whenever you drive and wherever you travel to. The fact that some people are driving safe cars and others are not is not punishable, as it is a result of need and budget demands. The fact that some drivers are careless and cause accidents doesn’t mean that they are to permanently stripped of their driving privileges.

          But please, continue trying to make the Volvo driver look like a muslim renting a van.

          • Stephen G

            First, you are accusing me of saying things I did not and second, it’s sounds like your carrying some guilt.

          • Status

            If I am guilty of anything, you’ll have to prove it. Just like how it works in the courts. You can’t prove a negative.

            What you really want is someone who causes an accident to be punished harshly, and that if they aren’t physically harmed as a result of their accident, then you feel as if the universe isn’t being fair because their accident hasn’t left them injured or disfigured.

            Life isn’t fair, and for you, one of the greatest injustice is when someone survives an accident they caused without measurable public consequences.

            What you’re asking for is anyone who causes an accidents should have to suffer for it as badly as this guy did:


            I wouldn’t be surprised if you think that because someone has found a way to mitigate the measurable public consequences of something that you would think their method should be banned.

            Perhaps you think condoms should be banned because they mitigate the measurable public consequence of an unplanned pregnancy, whereas in your eyes the resulting child should forever serve as a reminder that actions have consequences.

            You’re not going to win if you think people should pay dearly for their mistakes. You’ll only lose church members.

            Now, about that guilt prove you were going to provide…

  • Bob

    This is the reason why I grew to love Volvo. I don’t care if their cars are not the fastest, most luxurious or the prettiest, those are only qualifying factors here. All I know is that my own mother survived an accident she wasn’t supposed to because she drove a Volvo.

    • D3X

      People don’t realize this, safety is a “luxury feature” that’s oftenly underappreciated.

      • Jay

        I realized that once I noticed that companies charge more for safety features that should be standard.

        • Stephen G

          Just because they’re “standard” doesn’t mean your not paying for them.

          • Jay

            You’re paying for them when you purchase the car. I believe that all cars should have all the safety features standard.

          • Stephen G

            I bet if a car was available with safety items as an option if anybody would opt to pay the extra cost. In 1971 nobody bought the optional anti-lock brakes for their Imperial and likewise for airbags for their 73 Chevys.

          • Bob

            Unfortunately, most people wouldn’t consider optional safety features till they actually need them.

          • Jay

            I don’t understand the first sentence.

          • Status

            That’s because you’ve just described the opposite of a standard feature; an optional feature. Are you being obtuse because you want to think that a standard feature has a hidden cost somewhere?

          • Stephen G

            WOW! I hate to break your bubble but “standard features” are not free they are hidden in the base price.

          • Status

            Now if only you could prove that…

  • Volvo and other car manufacturers are designing their cars in a way that the driver & passenger can walk away from a crash like this with little to no injuries. With tougher government regulations and IIHS crash tests, cars are getting safer then ever before.

    • D3X

      IIHS is really just a baseline. Volvo does other tests on their designated crash facilities (yes, they built their own facility) that go beyond what IIHS and EU NCAP perform. For example the Moose test, the Run Off Road Test, the SUV rollover (3 rotations), the small overlap(which they have tested for many years before it became standard. Volvo goes beyond and sets the bar, they pretty much pioneered a lot of the current safety tests to date.

    • Stephen G

      This unfortunately perpetuates inattentive driving.

  • Brian Kanouse

    That car handled the ultimate test with stellar results. All car makers should take note.

  • Silimarina

    The question here is, what was that Volvo driver doing?

  • Status
  • Classic Bob

    Lesson: Don’t text and drive!
    But if you must text, make sure it’s in a Volvo…?

  • Thunderbolt

    put down the phone, that will save your life.

  • badcyclist

    I’m impressed that the following car with the camera was both far enough back and had quick enough reflexes to stop well short of being the third car in that pile-up. Good job.

  • Merc1

    Only two cars you want to be in such an accident, Volvo or Mercedes. Saab was hella safe too but they’re……………..


    • 2sfhim

      Or Renault

    • S3XY

      You heard it here. Going to sell my car and buy a volvo and mercedes now.

    • Stephen G

      Or you can just keep your eyes on the road.

  • LeStori

    If the Volvo driver was not driving like a Volvo driver they wouldot have needed a Volvo in order to keep them “safe”. Dtop driving on the wrong side of the road!

  • Hussain Al Bagali

    looks busy with phone …

  • TheBelltower

    The Volvo was designed to absorb the collision brilliantly. Hope the truck driver is okay. This is an instance where a lane-keep system would have helped this inattentive boneheaded driver.

  • D3X

    Are we seriously having this conversation? Fine. Blame the driver. Volvo did an excellent job regardless, or are you telling me that drivers like this deserve to die?

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