Lanzante’s McLaren P1 GT Looks Even Better On The Move

McLaren revived the iconic ‘Longtail’ or ‘LT’ badge from the legendady F1 with the hardcore 675LT. Subsequently used on the new 600LT, the nameplate harks back to the iconic F1 but isn’t entirely reflective of the vehicle’s themselves.

The original F1 Longtail race car got its name due to the simple fact that its rear-end was substantially longer than the standard car. The 675LT and 600LT are slightly longer, but length changes are barely noticeable. If there’s any modern McLaren actually deserving of the LT name, it is this: the P1 GT from Lanzante.

Unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the P1 GT is based on the P1 GTR but, upon the request of a customer, bespoke bodywork has been fitted.

Like the F1 Longtail, the new looks are topped off by a revised rear fascia which incorporates a lengthened decklid and a bespoke rear diffuser and bumper. Additionally, the car features a gargantuan rear wing and an attractive air intake taking pride of place in the center of the roof. A dark shade of green completes its looks.

While the P1 GT was commissioned by a customer and is a one-off worth millions of dollars, the hypercar was still taken up the Goodwood Festival of Speed hillclimb and looks absolutely incredible on the move.

In fact, it looks so good that it makes Lanzante’s own P1 LM seem a little restrained. Never thought we’d use those words for the LM, but here you go…


  • Six_Tymes

    It’s epic

  • Mr. EP9

    Take a good look because I doubt the owner of this thing will ever let it out in public after this.

    • I certainly hope not, but the owner is in Middle East so yeah maybe we need to rely on internet on that one.

  • fabri99

    The coolest iteration of the P1 to date. Such an amazing work.

  • Bash

    Stunning, I really thought its the original P1 at the first glance.

  • Word on paddock is that McLaren forbade Lanzante to run it in shootout, why? only McLaren knows the answer.

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