McLaren To Unveil 18 New Models, Including P1 Successor, Until 2025

At Goodwood, McLaren has announced its new Track25 business plan, aimed at taking the British automaker well into the next decade.

Among the milestones set by the Track25 roadmap is to ensure that McLaren’s entire sports car and supercar range will feature hybrid power within the next seven years, among them a new Ultimate Series that will succeed the petrol-electric P1.

McLaren will also evaluate new augmented driving features in order to develop a lighter, superfast-charging, high-power battery system for performance applications, expected to offer more than 30 minutes of electric range around a race track.

The soon-to-open McLaren Composites Technology Center (MCTC) will be where the automaker will develop and manufacture lightweight technology. Once operational, the MCTC will ensure that roughly 57% of vehicle content by value will be UK-sourced.

Mostly, though, the focus will be to develop 18 new models or derivatives that should lift production by almost 75%, meaning building around 6,000 cars per year by 2025.

Other novelties will include enhanced cyber protection for cars, improved vehicle tracking and over-the-air software updates, allowing customers to get new features without having to drive to a dealership.

Currently, McLaren is selling cars in 31 markets worldwide. However, within the span of the Track25 plan, the automaker hopes to reach 100 retailers (from the current 86), while expanding in both existing markets as well as new ones such as Russia, India and Central/Eastern Europe.

“Everyone at McLaren Automotive remains constant in their focus of designing and crafting the world’s best drivers’ cars. True to McLaren’s spirit, however, our ambitions, continue to grow and our £1.2bn Track25 business plan which covers 18 new models, including a new McLaren P1, is clear proof of that. We are a luxury brand that is committed to investing in innovation, whether that’s in the development and manufacture of our own carbon fiber tubs as part of a new £50m British-based production centre, new powertrains with our entire range due to be hybrid by 2025 or the deployment of technology to enhance the driving and owning experience,” said McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt.

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  • Bo Hanan

    To say MAC is on a roll is an understatement. Ferrari cannot keep up with McLarens technical know-how- and the speed with which they can produce new cars. I love it!

    • Mike anonymous

      I can agree with this as most new Ferrari’s I’ve seen (not only, but especially the limited run or one-off models) are either based on the 2013 Ferrari F12berlinetta or the 2011 458Italia.

      Aside from the Portofino & LaFerrari, every model Ferrari has made has either been an update, or reskinned (new sheet metal (& maybe a new engine)) to either both of the original F12berlinetta or 458Italia models. I’m not saying its a bad thing (their cars to look respectively good), but if you go back, you’ll see it’s the truth.

      • Vassilis

        Mate, the models you mentioned are developments of previous models. The same way the 720 is a development of the 650. It’s not a clean sheet car. The same way every 911 is a development of the previous one. That’s completely logical.

        • Mike anonymous

          No I’m not talking about a “redesign” (or the introduction of a new or replacement model (which the 720 is to the 650)), I’m talking about the SAME car but re-skinned (literally).

          For example, the 4 Pictures below are of 4 completely different Ferrari models (none are developments/replacements) of the same vehicle.

          I agree with what your saying. What your talking about are “vehicle successors”. That’s 100% logical, to develop the next vehicle on the previous, But that’s not what I’m talking about.

          These are 4 vehicles that existed in their line-up (more or less) at the same time (all at different price points). I listed the names so you can check them out more if you’d like. They are listed as completely separate models, Ferrari just gave the same vehicle a new body, exterior sheet metal changes, and (maybe) some engine and suspension tweaks.

          • Vassilis

            I thought you meant the 488 and the 812 because those are new Ferrari models essentially. The ones on the pictures are limited edition cars for specific buyers. They’re not proper members of the lineup.

    • Some ol’ bloke

      Funniest thing is that they’ve been making Road cars for, what now, 7 years.

      • Oliver Moore

        Technically 25, but still nowhere near Ferrari’s experience.

        • Some ol’ bloke

          I mean, not including the F1 etc

          • Oliver Moore

            That’s why I said 25 in a niche fashion.

    • Vassilis

      Ferrari can easily keep up with the know how but they don’t need to keep up with the speed. McLaren are trying to catch up, that’s why they keep releasing new cars. Ferrari is obviously a very well-established manufacturer. McLaren isn’t at the same level and they’re trying to get there.

      • Bo Hanan

        Dude, MAC is not trying to keep up with Ferrari. They are doing their own thing. It’s Ferrari that is trying to keep up with Mac’s tech, i.e. aerodynamics, light-weight designs, etc. Even you must admit that MAC has come very far in a very short period of time. And- at least MAC has a 7 year plan.

        • Vassilis

          How are they doing their own thing? It’s a racing team that started building their own cars. That’s exactly what Ferrari did many more years ago. The line-up does have differences to Ferrari’s but in essence the two companies are not much different.

          Also, how is Ferrari trying to keep up with McLaren’s aero and light-weight designs? Ferrari was one of the very first manufacturers to utilize underbody aero. Do you really think they can’t slap a big wing on a car, a massive diffuser and call it a day? They don’t want to because they like clean designs. That’s also why they don’t use active wings in series production vehicles. Ferrari utilized a carbon chassis for the first time 15 years ago with the Enzo if I’m not mistaken. They are more than capable to do it in their mid-engined V8 series but they don’t because there are some benefits in their current production method.

          Then there are the engines which are better and are also designed and manufactured by themselves, the chassis electronics, the e-diff etc. I like McLaren cars (love the P1 and the 675 in particular), I really respect what they do but any talk Ferrari is trying to keep up in any way is silly.

          • Bo Hanan

            Dude, I’m not even going to read your (dissertation?) comment.
            Just know that MAC is here to stay.

          • Vassilis

            Good. The least you can do since you’re obviously such a fanboy is learn how to spell the name correctly.

          • Bo Hanan

            If its not spelled correctly what is the correct way to spell it- sunshine?

          • Vassilis

            Just look at the title of the article.

          • Bo Hanan

            What word are you talking about you dumbshit.

          • Vassilis

            lol following the flow of the conversation it’s obvious you’re the dumb one. You keep spelling McLaren wrong mate. For someone who claims to be such a big fan that’s a massive fail.

  • Mr. EP9

    18 new models?

    I can probably guess at least three of them but the rest will be a surprise. Looking forward to them.


    • Denzel

      Yeah true but they make very few per year to keep the value high. So out of 4 years they probably sell 2 to 3k 570s that’s with both spider and coupe. While the 720s will be 1to 2k in 4 years. If you include special models like the P1, Senna or the LT where they only make hundreds. So a McLaren every year till 2025 isn’t bad.

      • Bo Hanan

        Currently McLaren makes 5K cars per year to Ferrari’s 7K. By 2025 McLaren wants to be making 6K per year. This is similar to Ferrari. I just think MAC is more technically savvy than Ferrari.And Ferrari doesn’t have space to make their cars any faster.

    • lagunas3ca

      9 models in coupe and spider guise. A few LTs, hybrids, and fully electric variants of each allows for minimum 6 models over 7 years.

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