Road Rage Brawl In Brooklyn Ends Badly For Man Clinging To Car

Even though we don’t get to see the action that actually led to this road rage incident, the footage of the fight, as well as its conclusion, is shocking enough.

The video starts off with two drivers fighting in the middle of the street, near the intersection of Norman Avenue and McGuinness Boulevard in Brooklyn. According to the NY Post, the brawl started because one of the drivers cut the other one off in traffic.

You can see the two men battling for almost half a minute before a third individual decides to intervene and separate them. That’s when the guy with the box-cutter actually walks around the other man’s car and steals the keys from the ignition, before making a run for it towards his own car.

At this point, it’s a miracle nobody was seriously injured, especially with that blade being waived around like that.

Of course, when the man with the baseball cap sees that his car keys have been taken, he rushes towards the white Hyundai. Unfortunately, that’s when things take another bad turn, as he is then dragged along and sandwiched between the moving car and a van, suffering cuts and a bruised hip – could have been a lot worse.

The authorities are still looking for the runaway driver, though odds are they won’t have much trouble tracking him down seen as his license plate is clearly visible.


  • Status

    And yet, they say people don’t want autonomous cars; that we still need to have knife fights in the middle of the street with strangers.

    I know we don’t know what happened before the recording was made, but would that really make a difference?

    • javier

      uh you can have an autonomous car you putz

    • Dr Professor Weezle Eye

      Fairly ridiculous statement from Status… again!

      • Status

        For what? What possible public value is there in road rage episodes and having random knife fights with complete strangers who looked at you funny?

        Tell me what good came out of all this? You heard all of the horns honking. Other people were being inconvenienced just for the sake of those two boobs’ petty little game of ‘who’s the tough guy’.

        None of their behaviour is defensible, justifiable, or even something you should see in a first world nation.

        • ChrisInIL

          There is no such thing as “road” rage. Rage is rage.

          Please do enlighten us how you believe that autonomous vehicles will prevent people from being angry.

          • Status

            Please tell us all how using you car to injure and maim others in an act of criminal aggression isn’t road rage. You have the video above to watch if you didn’t get it the first time.

            I mean, you’re the self-described, self-appointed intelligent one. Step up.

          • ChrisInIL

            People use all kinds of methods to “injure and maim” others. They are almost always caused by rage.

            However, adding the descriptive word “road” to your narrative allows you to use the action of rage to support your agenda.

            It’s simple logic.

          • Status

            Oh, and an autonomous car would prevent the above from happening as V2V protocols would coordinate each cars actions with each others blocks before they both arrived at the intersection.

            The drivers in both cars would have no reason to argue over who cut off who in traffic and who had the right of way as the autonomous cars decided who had priority in advance.

            That the advantage of V2V traffic coordination; it’s something these two boobs couldn’t do and it had to dissolve into a road rage episode.

          • ChrisInIL

            “Taking away a reason to argue” won’t prevent people from being angry. They’ll just find another reason, and it’s very likely they would be angry in and around autonomous vehicles.

            You should take a break from your beloved machines and interact with some people. You might learn a thing or two about human behavior.

          • Status

            Nope. Your last ditch effort to downplay and scorn the autonomous car is over.

            As long as the boobs cannot use their cars as weapons, then the autonomous car has reduced it’s liability in another episode of road rage. What’s not to like about that?

            The automaker is happy because their product did exactly as it was designed.

            The insurance companies are DEFINITELY happy as their risk moves away from cars and onto the individual who can be charged with higher premiums for their high-risk, street-fighting behaviour.

            The civil authorities are happy as this matter can move the matter from the traffic desk to the public desk, thereby concentrating taxpayers money where applicable in police investigation and clean up.

            The investors in the autonomous organizations research are happy because their returns per share are measured in whole numbers, not fractions.


            …the only one who isn’t happy is you; you complaining about irrational and unjustifiable human behaviour like some bob dylan hippie once complained about how the world wasn’t going their way.

            While I’m going ahead and profiting from this automotive and technological advancement, perhaps we can ween yourself off the granola, soy, and acoustic guitar diet you’ve been on. It’s no good for your health if you keep digging your heels into the ground because you don’t like what’s coming; dylan’s been whining about that for decades.

            Don’t be like him.

          • ChrisInIL

            You have this completely false characterization of me in your head, and you keep building on to it. You keep adding attributes that you deem unpleasant, because all you have is mockery. I’m starting to find your diatribes entertaining.

    • Jay

      Sure, once we have autonomous cars people won’t be able to use them as weapons anymore, but weapons will still be used as weapons.

      • Status

        I’m not doubting that. I just think there’s something fundamentally wrong with any society (especially in the western world) where disputes about the who has the right of way can quickly dissolve into a knife fight.

        • LJ

          No matter how evolved we think we’ve become, that primal lizard part of our brain will always be there.

          • Status

            I chalk it up to the vacant dude-bros who always think they have something important to prove at the risk of having to publicly admit that they were wrong about something.

            And if you can’t prove how you’re ‘right’ about something by discourse, you prove you’re right by force. Not something to be proud of in the western world, but perfectly fine if you live in the Swat Valley.

        • PB

          Autonomous cars or not, your fundamental premise is right, and getting worse over time. I still don’t want the castration that is the autonomous car.

    • salamOOn

      “we still need to have knife fights in the middle of the street with strangers” not because we dont have an autonomous cars, but because some people are idiots. you dont need an autonomous car if you are decent person.

      • Status

        And you’re willing to hedge your life against the idea of the other person being decent enough not to snap and whip out a knife? To me it seems like no matter how calm and rational you want to be after an accident, if the other guy wants to be macho and boisterous to prove how important he thinks he is (or how much of a victim he thinks he is), he’ll be the first to snap.

        So if other drivers are decent, what happens to our knife welding, key snatching, side-swiping, vehicular-assaulting, road raging idiot in the video? After criminal charges and serving his sentence, should he be allowed to drive again?

  • Mr. EP9


  • diesel_vdub

    Let’s do the world a favor…. send both these fools to another planet to start colonization efforts.

    • Krisnadi Imam

      better yet, execute on the spot, then go get their family too, i suppose their gene seed are all tainted.

      • Knotmyrealname

        Good idea, didn’t think of that.

    • Knotmyrealname

      “Food, check. Water, check. 5yrs supplies of video games, check. Beer, check. Jack Daniels, check.”
      “OK, launch!”
      Errmmm, did you pack extra oxygen?”
      “Oxygen? I thought you did that?”
      “Oh well….”

  • Paul

    A couple of brainless idiots.

  • Shobin Drogan

    Well…that escalated quickly.

  • Paul Webster

    Uber drivers, no doubt….

  • Thunderbolt

    The guy got squeezed deserves it because he just kept coming to the other guy that wanted to get away. I mean just let it go man.

    • Matt

      The person should have let it go long before he got squeezed. But the other person stole his keys, leaving his car in the road (maybe his house keys too) so it’s sort of understandable why he would instinctively persist to try and get his keys back.

  • charlotteharry57

    I saw this on the TV news yesterday. Yes, the driver of the Hyundai IS an Uber driver. Not sure about the other guy. They can’t find the Hyundai or its driver. REALLY? Oh, come on!

  • Nik

    I found only weird and strange people drive hyundai. On road they are very bad and dangerous… try to avoid hyundai car if possible 🙂

  • That’s a Russian neighborhood in Brooklyn.

  • izzey04

    and people say BMW drivers are bad drivers

  • Stephen G

    Have you ever driven around anybody driving a Honda Pilot. Holy crap.

  • Liam Paul

    both are at fault, the dude in the car should had not drove off and the dumbaz holding his hands in the car door had to known that wasn’t going end well lol

  • Ron

    The real pain here is watching another viral video in vertical format.

  • D3X


  • PB

    There is a potential attempted murder charge right there.

  • LeStori

    Looks like the person on the outside was pulling on the steering wheel as the car took off . Might actually have crushed himself .

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