Self-Driving Cars Are Engaged In A Fight Against Wireless Interference

Automakers currently developing self-driving and connected vehicles are having to tackle a very old problem concerning electronics, specifically the interference caused by other wireless devices.

Known as electromagnetic interference, these types of signals date back to the early days of radio technology and can have negative effects on how computer chips operate, reports Automotive News.

“Think about all the radios reporting out there; you’ve got some really significant issues,” stated Rahul Razdan, a researcher at Florida Polytechnic University who has experience regarding connected car technology.

One such issue came to light when Mobileye began testing an autonomous prototype in Jerusalem back in May, only to have the vehicle run a red light during press demonstrations. The company’s CEO, Amnon Shashua, blamed wireless signals from a local TV station’s cameras for having disrupted the traffic light’s transponder – which sends information to vehicles.

“It was a very unique situation,” said Shashua. “We’d never anticipated something like this.”

In reality, several automakers have had to face electromagnetic interference with regards to multiple types of technologies, such as wireless phone charging or their electronically controlled steering and braking systems. The problem is having to discern the source of the interference, as overlapping wireless systems can make things more difficult – especially in city centers where we can expect the first deployments of advanced self-driving vehicles.

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  • Paul

    Aren’t we there yet? Sarcasm intended.

  • Doodz

    Just wait until someone really wants to F shyt up and places transmitters on interstates that jam your car’s electronics. Wouldnt be hard at all.

    Enjoy your day.

    • Status

      You never heard of radio jamming, have you? Ham radio operators used to delight in jamming commercial radio stations decades ago, but you don’t hear of radio jamming anymore.

      Do you know why?

      Oh, and enjoy the future coming.

      • ChrisInIL

        You don’t hear about radio jamming because you choose to ignore anything that might be a counter to a topic you are so overwhelmingly zealous about. You only see benefits when there are obvious flaws. You only see benevolence when there is obviously a much, much wider agenda.

        The future is coming. You won’t enjoy it since you will be relegated to the trash heap of history along with the machines you so love.

        • Status

          If only you could prove that wider agenda of yours.

          The ball is in your court. I can sit here and watch you waste your time chasing windmills, but I know your whole argument hangs on left vs. right politics and nothing else.

          I know you don’t have the balls to prove that autonomous cars are part of a nefarious agenda, and for your own sake, you’ll have to do something better than linking to Alex Jones to prove it.

          So go on, prove it, because I don’t think you can.

          • ChrisInIL

            I don’t have to.

            You just proved my point.

          • Status

            Your point was that you had no point, you smell conspiracy in everything you see, and you can’t even provide evidence when asked for. Gotcha.

            I’m glad you have the most to lose from autonomous cars.

          • ChrisInIL

            Your ridiculous and baseless assumptions about my motivations have no relevance.

            My point is that your abject fanaticism of technology and autonomous cars in general causes you to ignore glarig flaws.

            Those of us with intelligence can see through your poorly constructed facade.

            I’ll never lose anything from anyone of the likes of you and your ilk. The reasons why will undoubtedly escape your highly limited understanding.

          • Status

            Nobody who is genuinely is intelligent calls themselves that. Those who do out themselves as ignorant.

            You’re still nothing, and you still live in a world of LvR conspiracy.

            Besides, you’ve yet to tell me what glaringly obvious flaws are present that the engineers haven’t already addressed or are addressing.

            So what are those flaws? What’s in V2V and V2I protocals that you have a keen insight of that we don’t?

            You’re acting, foolishly, like the march of the autonomous car is from some singular nebulous outside force that, somehow, threatens you personally and you country. But please allow me to correctly inform you, the self-styled intelligent one here, as to what is actually going on behind the scenes.

            The fact is that autonomous cars are a product of hundreds of independent organizations in over a dozen countries with no unifying political affiliation. It is entirely privately funded with no tax dollars being spent, and the ultimate goal is to increase traffic density and traffic flow in urban centres where more than 55% of the earth’s population already lives.

            City planners are already restricting zoning laws that will prevent widening of roads, infrastructure costs are never going to come back down, and no city council wants to pay millions to run utilities and services out to bedroom communities. Cites want dense urban cores because that puts more tax payers per M^2, which means better services and utilities for those citizens, and there is little incentive to widen a road that could have otherwise been used for housing.

            Enter the autonomous car.
            Increase the density on existing roads.
            Increase the use of privately owned cars (keep the factories humming).
            Increase the revenue for the SW and HW supplies.
            Keep cities from spending millions on widening roads and running utilities and services to remote locations.

            But knowing you, you’ll think this is all an effort to corral people into a city to better control them.

            See? I’ve laid my cards on the table. Why can’t you?”

            If you were so intelligent, why couldn’t you figure all this out? I really did have to spell it all out for you.

          • ChrisInIL

            You keep going back to why you absolutely and unequivocally LOVE autonomous cars. And yet, I explained with a few words that this monomaniacal fatalism you express blinds you was the point I made.

            I could care less about your philosophies and beliefs. But since you have no other thoughts in your brain, you also believe they are the only things that are important.

            They aren’t. Your sad attempt to try to turn this into a political coversation (but only after changing the words I’ve typed here) won’t work.

          • Status

            Fatalism? Oh fuck, that’s even worse than religion.

            Do yourself a favour and dump your faith. It’ll get you nowhere on the promise of rewards upon death. There is no such thing as destiny either, and you might want to read Quine on that one (or get someone to read it for you).

            But hey, I laid my cards out showed you what advantage and shortcomings are yet to come, and yet you can’t even elaborate on what you believe is the ‘wider agenda’

            What is that ‘wider agenda’, and I really need you to flesh it out. You are the self-described intelligent one, and rather than have you sit atop your pillar of intelligence, why don’t you tell me in detail what the wider agenda is.

            Don’t play games here and beat about the bush with esoterics and obscurantist dialogue. What is the wider agenda of autonomous cars? Educate us all!

            Lastly, if you could care less, then why don’t you? You make yourself look like an idiot each time you type that out, and I know you’ve been typing it like that for years without realizing how foolish you look.

          • ChrisInIL

            You believe your fatalism is “worse than religion”, yet you continue with it ad infinitum.

            1) You’ve tried to twist this discourse into a political one, or one of “left vs. right. It’s not political, but you see that way because you try to use it as a point of attack.
            2) You’ve tried to twist this into a conversation about the specifics of your beliefs about autonomous vehicles and technology. That was never and will never be the topic. The topic is your single-mindedness about those beliefs.
            3) You’ve now tried to twist this into a discussion about religion, again because you exploit it as an avenue of attack.

            Please try some different tactics. It is getting boring pointing out the flaws in your methods.

          • Status

            And despite all this, the obvious glaring flaw of the autonomous technology that you claim is right before us hasn’t been presented as evidence in this thread.

            Were you even going to present it, or did you intend to continue your charade of trying to get me to think that it was some great big secret that only you were privy to?

            I really just don’t think you have any good argument against autonomous cars that isn’t based in fear.

          • ChrisInIL

            I can’t be any clearer. This argumennt isn’t for or against autonomous cars. It’s about your fantaticism and how it blinds you. You’re so blinded by it you can’t even see there are other topics of discussion.

            And just to add to the clarity – the glaring flaw in autonomous technology was presented in the article. Please explain why I need to repeat it.

  • WELL, DUH.

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