2019 Volvo V60 Made To Look Like A Segment Leader In Latest Reviews

If you’re in the market for a stylish premium estate car, the compact executive segment certainly has you covered. You can obviously go for something German like the BMW 3-Series Touring, Audi A4 Avant or Mercedes C-Class Estate, or you can get something Swedish that’s also potentially a better all-rounder.

According to all of these latest reviews, while the new V60 may not be the most entertaining to drive, it’s so good at everything else that you simply can’t overlook it.

James Batchelor from Carbuyer went as far as to call it “top of the class”, once he factored in comfort, technology and styling. We can certainly understand his way of thinking, as the best driver’s car isn’t always the best overall car.

As for which diesel engine you should get, the overall consensus seems to point in favor of the D4, which has 190 PS (187 HP) and 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) of torque. Also, it seems that the V60 is just as good to drive with a manual as it is with an automatic, as the shifter is positioned not too far away from the steering wheel, thus reducing arm movement – if you care about that sort of thing.

In the end, it would seem Volvo have another huge winner on their hands with their all-new V60, and if you already like its looks, then you’ll probably appreciate everything else that comes with it too.


  • nastinupe

    If it doesn’t have third row seating as an option it’s going to be DOA.

    • Mind Synthetic

      buy an van or an suv, this is a midsize car

    • supermanuel

      Why would this be DOA if it doesn’t offer a feature that none of it’s competitors offer either?

    • Marty

      I’m curious now. Which car in this segment has a third row?

      I can only think of one modern 7-seater car that isn’t a SUV or MPV, and that’s Peugeot 307 SW. But that extra seat wasn’t a big enough hit to survive in the successor.

    • Bob

      None of its competitors have third row seating. Not the A4, C or 3 series.

    • ▶️ ProtectOurHeritage ◀️


    • nastinupe

      You’re correct, none of it’s competitors have third row seating, and they all have crappy sales numbers. This entire category has crappy sales numbers. But in the same price range you have midsize crossover SUV’s with the extremely popular third row seating option that everyone is going for now. If Volvo wants to compete in this market they will have to win over some would be crossover customers to get decent sales. Canabalizing the wagon market is a horrible strategy. There aren’t enough sales to go around.

      • supermanuel

        The XC60 is mid-size and doesn’t have 7 seats and that is selling very well. The X3, Q5, GLC, E Pace, F Pace, Tiguan, Sportage, RAV4, NX, LX, CX5, Cherokee, etc., etc., etc., most of which are selling very strongly, all with 5 seats. Having 5 seats is simply not the reason that sales of mid size saloons and wagons have dropped over recent years.

        • nastinupe

          What you’re saying is true, however, again you’re not looking at the true market. Most of the people that purchase wagons have families, usually more than one kid. The vehicles you just mentioned are usually purchased by single people or folks just starting out. My girlfriend drives a BMW X4. She has no kids. My ex wife drove an Acura RDX when I first met her. After we had two kids she moved to the MDX. You can’t put a station wagon in the same category of buyer as an RDX or Q5. They aren’t the same.

          Therefore I truly believe that the only way that station wagons can become relevant again is by offering a third row like the midsize crossovers. That’s where their real competition is.

          • Bob

            Are you from the US?

          • nastinupe


          • supermanuel

            We have 3 kids, big ones. We have a KIA Sportage and (regrettably) one of those pig ugly BMW 2 Series Granny Tourers. What’s that got to do with anything? Our friends have 2 kids (big ones) and they drive a Volvo V40, would happily upgrade to a V50 but extremely unlikely to go for a 7 seat XC90. Some other friends have 4 kids and drive a C Class Coupe and an S-Max because they think SUV’s are pointless. We have other friends who have 2 boys and have just swapped a BMW X3 for a Beetle convertible. I can throw anecdotal examples at you of choices other people have made for as long as you can. Who cares?

            Point is, you’re talking b##IIox. SUV’s are trendy, wagons are not (currently). That’s the only reason people pick one thing over the other. Very few families need 4WD or 7 seats and the vast majority of sales (in Europe at least) are of 2WD 5 seaters. The only thing an SUV offers that a wagon can’t is ride height. I can appreciate that the situation is different in USA and your perspective is different to mine, but for you to say that any wagon needs to offer 7 seats in order to compete with 5 seater SUV’s is just plain old wrong.

          • nastinupe

            Hypothetically speaking I’m wrong, it makes no sense, however, when you look at the sales numbers, I’m correct.

            I’m not an SUV guy myself. I have two kids and drive an Audi A7, but if you look at what’s mostly in my neighborhood…. midsize 3 row SUV’s. And you know what’s not in
            My neighborhood… station wagons.

          • supermanuel

            As I said, different markets, different perspectives, different trends. Lots of trendy SUV’s in my neighbourhood too but very few of them offering anything that a wagon doesn’t offer, least of all 7 seats.

            Your original assertion that the V60 needs 7 seats in order to compete with the challenge from SUV’s might make sense in your neighbourhood, but is certainly not true in the European market. The fact that it is not an SUV certainly counts against it, but not the fact that it doesn’t offer 7 seats.

            Our 5 seat, 2WD Sportage lease is up in a couple of weeks time and we are not replacing it with another SUV, especially not a 7 seat SUV.

  • ErnieB

    This would be the car I’d get if I was in the market for a car.. beautiful and comfortable.

  • benT

    Made To Be The Segment Leader

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