Official: New Volvo V60 Is A Sexy Wagon Packed With Advanced Tech

Volvo has released the official details of the new V60 ahead of its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

Based on the Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform, the new Volvo V60 wants to set a new standard in the mid-size premium segment with its advanced technologies, luxurious interior and advanced connectivity features.

The new Volvo V60 is also 117mm longer than the XC60, measuring 4,761mm, while the wheelbase is 2,872mm. These dimensions boost both the interior and the luggage space, which now stands at 529lt with the rear seats up, 841lt with them folded down and 1364lt to the ceiling and with the seats folded.

The new mid-size premium wagon is Volvo’s first SPA-based model to be offered with two plug-in hybrid powertrains, at least in Europe that is. The first one is the T6 Twin Engine AWD version that offers 340hp from its petrol-electric powertrain while the range-topping T8 Twin Engine AWD delivers 390hp.

The European engine range will also include the choice between the petrol T5 and T6 versions, as well as the diesel D3 and D4 models.

In the United States, the V60 will be available with T5 FWD, producing 250hp and T6 AWD powertrains with 316hp.

Apart from the traditional vehicle purchase, Volvo will offer the new V60 under their new premium subscription service Care by Volvo, giving car access for a monthly flat fee instead of ownership. Care by Volvo is currently available in Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA.

“The V60 really is the central point of the Volvo brand,” said Robin Page, Senior Vice President Design at Volvo Cars. “It’s refined, has a beautiful proportion and stance, yet delivers on practicality and versatility.”

And because this is a Volvo we’re talking about, the new V60 will come fitted with a comprehensive list of safety features as standard. These include active safety systems known from the bigger 90-series models and the XC60, such as City Safety with Autobrake technology, the semi-autonomous Pilot Assist system and more.

The first examples of the 2018 Volvo V60 are expected to hit the European roads this summer.

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  • gor134

    Looks beautiful. I love it. I assume the white one is the R-Design.

  • Dan Facciolo

    Nearly flawless design. Well worth the wait. #bravolvo

  • StrangerGP

    ugly fake exhausts, other than that a beautiful mini V90

  • U8INIT

    I swear Volvo’s aesthetics is second to none. Outstanding and Polestar mine please 🤓

    • LWOAP

      Unfortunately Polestar broke off from Volvo so I don’t think they’ll be doing anymore tuning work for Volvo’s products.

  • AEE91

    Man. Might consider this over the xc90,

  • Honda NSX-R

    Can’t wait to see a Polestar version

    • With Polestar becoming a brand, not sure you’ll see that, but we can still have hope.

    • LWOAP

      So…..slap a Polestar badge on it and call it the Polestar 8? 😛

      • Honda NSX-R

        Polestar 5 maybe

        • LWOAP

          I have an idea, re-badge the S90 Sedan and call it the Polestar 5 and sell this as an estate version of that with some styling tweaks. Then make a shooting brake version of the Polestar 1.

  • no25

    I love Volvo’s new design but they’re all exactly the same now. They can’t even try to make some parts different.

    • Nordschleife

      The DRL’s extend beyond the headlight vs being encapsulated like on the V90. Joking but serious.

    • Shtekeris

      Totally! I can’t tell them apart when I see them driving, now it’s just “oooh, pretty … volvo” for all of them.

    • enthusia

      i was just about to comment this exactly. seems like virtually every european manufacturer is doing that nesting doll thing. even the interior is exactly the same. it really diminishes the luster of their flagship vehicles.

  • Sébastien

    That’s a very small cargo space for such a long car (Golf SW or Octavia Combi do much better)

  • nastinupe

    Beautiful design, but the XC90 is still the better vehicle. Better visibility. easier to load and unload because of height and more room. As a parent I now understand why SUV’s like the XC90 are so popular. It’s so easy to put kids into the back seat without having to bend down and the third row is a god-send when the in-laws are in town or when the kids have a sleep over and the additional height allows for additional storage in the rear compartment.

  • Nordschleife

    Love the rims on that white one and that houndstooth pattern reminds me of the concept estate but don’t be trying to win me back since you gave the C90 to Polestar. I am not that easy. Lol.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    I think I love it.


    I really like it. A simple and classy Scandinavian design. Really dig the impression of robustness that emanates through.

  • salamOOn

    it looks nice, but….. theres nothing new at all. its just smaller v90 with v90/xc60 interior.

    i dont understand why they didnt use xc40s door design with large storage, and also why they are back with using glossy black surrounds and buttons……

    edit: oh i can see some matte plastic with that blonde interior…. but its still glossy around the tablet….

  • Rocket

    Such a great looking car. Too bad the styling can’t make up for the SPA architecture’s other faults.

    • cartube

      Care to explain?

      • Rocket

        Average dynamics, flinty ride, and unrefined 4-cylinder powertrains. They just don’t feel as solid or as refined as they look. Then there’s the lack of physical buttons and disappointing infotainment system. All the SPA models are gorgeous inside and out, but the total package falls short.

  • ErnieB

    Flawless design! This is the best looking car in its class hands down!

    • Luke Mclucho

      No the new Peugeot 508 is better

      • wait whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ?

      • LWOAP


      • mikes

        true, though we’re yet to see the wagon version

  • john1168

    Looks fantastic! Real nice interior too. And I like how they did the instrument cluster.


    So i guess the S60 will be a smaller S90

  • Jason Panamera

    I’d take it over any competitor of it.

  • gorgeous, just one problem, exterior is too similar to V90… can’t tell right now the difference.

  • Bo Hanan

    IMO this is the best (to date) interpretation of Volvo’s new design language. I also think the XC should have been built off this platform. The 90 is too large.

  • Hoe

    Beautiful machine.
    They could have worked a little bit more in the rear

  • Rich Money


  • ediotsavant

    Beautiful car. Not too fond of the vertical vents and I appreciate Volvo not follow the ipad screen at the top like most companies.

  • klowik

    I don’t see the point of having a wagon version while 90% of buyers will pick the SUV model.

  • d’Aforde

    That is one sweet wagon.


  • Trackhacker

    Wow…looks amazing look design like all there current cars in the lineup!

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