Groups Of Young Men Set Fire To Over 100 Cars In Sweden

Sweden is largely seen as quiet and tranquil country, but that image was shattered recently as more than 100 cars were set ablaze in what police believe were coordinated attacks by groups of young men.

According to The New York Times, the string of attacks began on Monday night in a suburb of Gothenburg. A police spokesperson told the paper, 33 cars were set ablaze and another 50 or so more were damaged in the initial attack.

Shortly thereafter, there were arson attacks on vehicles in the Hjallbo district as well as the Kronogarden district of Trollhättan. Given the number of fires and the distances between them, police believe the attacks were coordinated using social media.

Police are continuing to investigate, but they’ve already made some progress as at least three people have been arrested. Among those taken into custody are a 16- and 21-year old as well as another man who was arrested after fleeing to Turkey.

There could be many more people involved as one witness told the paper she was in her apartment when she heard shouting and what sounded like firecrackers outside. She looked out her balcony and saw six to eight people, covered in black clothing, throwing Molotov cocktails into cars in the parking lot. A scene similar to this can be seen in the videos below.

The groups appeared to be even more violent in some areas as the BBC says a number of youths threw stones at police after they arrived on the scene to investigate the fires.

Sweden has seen widespread outbursts of arson in the past and there is little doubt the latest incident will play a role in elections next month.


  • Хиллари сосет киску

    Hmmmm… let me guess which ‘group of men is responsible for this. Starts with M, ends with M.

    • Carl Sloan


    • Jason Panamera

      Russians ?

    • Howfarr


      • Howfarr

        Regardless of if they are Muslim or not, just shoot anyone involved. Who cares if they die, wielding a Molotov cocktail or a rock can kill someone just like a gun can, so treat them the same.
        No doubt the police would get called racist for doing so (face mask or not) but police need to take back control

    • Enter Ranting


  • Mr. EP9

    SMH. Some people really don’t have anything else better to do than behave like hoodlums.

  • MarketAndChurch

    this is popular in France, I didnt know it was popular in Sweden too

  • Хиллари сосет киску

    I’ve given up on western europe… they’re dabbling in cultural suicide. They’re done.

  • Marty


    Reported crimes in that country have been more or less static for the last 20 years. Not a very good “skyrocket”.

    And the reason that reported sexual crimes might be high is that behavior that is hardly even frowned upon in other countries is a sexual offense in that part of the world (James Bond would definitely be in jail). And women know that if they report, they will not just be blamed like in almost all other countries.

    • biturboism

      It’s beneficial to believe Sweden is becoming a third-world shithole, because then you don’t have to feel as bad for your own third-world shithole.

  • eye.surgeon

    Congratulations on the linguistic gymnastics required to avoid referring to the obvious commonality in this “group of young men”. hint, they’re not swedish.

  • Six_Tymes

    practically wide open borders showing its results. in 10-20 years from now, many parts of the US will be the same thanks to Obama and Hilary

    • Carl Sloan

      Boarders, lol. Get an education.

      • Six_Tymes

        that’s your focus? get a life, lol

        • Carl Sloan

          You’re welcome.

          • Six_Tymes

            I should thank you because you are a d? lmao! short-sided and arrogant, it’s laughable.

    • Vassilis

      Funny you say that about the US since the whole country has in essence been built by immigrants and refugees.

  • salamOOn

    France, Sweden…. whos next? Germany?!

    This situation is completely f*cked up. They all need to make a line where reasonable humanism ends. This is too much, they are losing their society, their country, their life. Their Police needs to be THE POLICE again.

  • fabri99

    Again, is it too much to ask for things not to get political on this car-related website?

    • Six_Tymes

      not trying to offend, this violent incident against society is not political, more accurately its about religious beliefs.

      • fabri99

        Well, no offence, but saying that this arson is a result of Sweden welcoming refugees, and demanding that everyone should close their borders, at the sime time calling for the police to be more powerful… IS POLITICS. And your opinion. What I’m saying is that this website shouldn’t be the place to discuss such issues, regardless of political views (or religious beliefs, if that’s what you think).

    • sidewaysspin

      Yep if this site goes political or religious the fake news brigade will eventually take it down.

  • exeptor

    I’m from Bulgaria and here we had a “prophet” called Baba (which means Grandma) Vanga (coming from Vangelia). I used to make a laugh with all the people who believe it, but when checked her prophecies about Europe in 2050 and make a comparison of the current situation I started getting some goosebumps.

  • Knotmyrealname

    The thing is, none of these people are refugees. They stopped being refugees as soon as they left their own border. Once they continue on their journey, they become economic migrants. There is a bigger agenda in play and the sooner it’s accepted as just that, the better we’ll all be. Stop the BS and quit the PC attitudes.

  • EyalN

    they are not refugees, it’s an invasion.

  • JGreen

    You are right, refugees. Snopes uses outdated data to say this is false. Rapes are up as well as grenade attacks, and now more burning cars.

  • sidewaysspin

    Unless it is to create chaos I don’t see the point of doing something like that…maybe they’re bored?

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