Owner Has Lamborghini Urus Wrapped In Turquoise Chrome To Match His Aventador S

You know money’s no problem when you can afford a Lamborghini, but if you can have two, then you probably belong in that one percent.

The Aventador S depicted in the film below sports a very flashy chrome turquoise wrap. And with the owner purchasing a Urus, too, he wanted his rides to have a matching look.

Thus, he set out to customize the super SUV, giving it the exact same wrap as the Aventador S. Since it’s not quite common see two customized Lamborghinis with an identical look, the entire process was recorded and shared online, although not everyone was impressed with the chosen color.

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Having matching looking rides is something taken very seriously by the owner of these two Lamborghinis, as he used to own some other expensive machines in the past with an identical shade of rose gold or white. As for the latest project, he believes it’s his “best combination to date”.

Apart from the custom wrap, the Urus was also fitted with 24-inch rims and a set of tires with special branding on the side, which definitely fill the big wheel arches.


  • europeon

    “Owner”… That guy makes his living from wrapping cars for celebrities.

  • Six_Tymes

    I hope he pays his workers well, if not, zero respect

    • europeon

      He got an S5 for one of them recently.

      • jez zza

        nope. he helped to sort out the finances but did not buy the car
        He is however treating his staff well and do pay well

  • Zandit75

    It’s a pity the wrap still has an orange peel effect to it when seen up close.
    I agree that the tail gate needs a contrasting colour though. Too much turquoise.

  • Perry F. Bruns

    I’m somewhat surprised his name isn’t Massengill.

  • AnklaX

    So much money, so bad taste.
    The world ain’t fair.

  • steve

    Reinforces the old saying that “money cannot buy you taste!”

  • Yishay


  • Bash

    Why turquoise tho

  • Seats & a steering wheel

    Anything is better than dark grey! Lamb is scream out for a bright colour.

  • Marty

    Cool! It looks like when you play around with cheap 3D modeling software and try the chrome rendering. But then you realise it looks like crap because your surfaces are all wrong and the renderer is buggy. 🙂

    I can appreciate the workmanship though, if not the taste.

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