Stop Sign Violator Spooks Driver Into Crashing, Attempts To Flee The Scene

The best thing you can do when faced with a situation where you might get t-boned by another vehicle is to not overreact, though we understand that’s not always possible.

Unfortunately, the driver of the grey sedan veered off the road directly into someone’s yard. Of course, the person driving the red Toyota pick-up is the one to blame, as they caused this by totally disregarding a stop sign.

To make matters worse, the truck driver tried to make a run for it. Thankfully, the driver of the dashcam car chased him down and, we hope, got him to stick around until authorities were on the scene.

It’s clear that we have somebody who ran a stop sign and then attempted to flee from the scene of an accident. On the other hand, there was no contact between the two vehicles, yet his actions led to another car having an accident.

Perhaps the grey sedan driver might have been able to avoid it if he had acted differently, but that’s beyond the point as nothing would have happened if the truck had stopped, as it should. The good news is that no one was injured, and we guess the authorities and insurance companies have already taken it from here.


  • brn

    Tried to flee, but at least he gave up easily. His (her?) senses eventually won.

    • Six_Tymes

      the only reason the truck driver “gave up”, was because they knew they were being followed by the witness driver, had the witness driver not been there, that truck driver would have kept going, and fast, he or she was obviously speeding

      • brn

        Yes, hence the “gave up easily”.

  • charlie bear

    Feel sorry for the car driver, I think he reacted too fast, he could have avoid the crash with the truck if he continued straight. There was still space left. But it was all the truck fault. sad!!

  • asphrp

    my parents always said “becareful when u near or go to junction. look left, right and stay slow”

    sorry 4 my bad english

    • Christian

      don’t be sorry. 🙂 We’all love you, you’re a gift from god

  • cooper

    Typical douche bag Tacoma driver.

  • Paul

    Thank goodness for the driver following who witnessed it and had it on film. I too think if the car would have avoided a crash too if he’d just slowed more dramatically and stayed straight ahead.

  • Luc Helterbrand

    This happened to me on Memorial day. I swerved to miss them…hit the curb and broke my engine mounts among other damage. The other driver stopped to see me get out of the car…then sped off. My car was in the shop for two months being repaired. Thankfully my insurance picked up the bill but I’ve yet to see the damage to my rates.

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