Turkish Driver Who Strapped A Passenger On The Back Of A Van Sparks Social Media Uproar

A van driver was detained by Turkish authorities after a video went viral showing a passenger tied to the back of their vehicle. The driver, identified only as Idris K, was taken in today according to local media.

The incident itself became one of the most watched videos on social media in Turkey this week, thanks to the footage captured by the passenger of another car in Cankiri’s Yaylakent district, as reported by the Hurriyet Daily News.

As for what charges are being faced, that information hasn’t been released as of right now. We expect something in the vicinity of reckless endangerment, which can stick whether or not your actions were intentional or premeditated. As long as you can potentially harm somebody, you’re going to have to answer for it.

Of course, judging by the intricacies of those straps, it definitely looks as though they were put there specifically to hold another person in place, although we have no way of knowing if this was a one-time/first-time incident, or perhaps something that had been going on for a while, as a way to allow more people “onboard”.

Either way, it was dangerous and clearly against the law. It’s easy to imagine what could have happened had that passenger fallen onto the road at any given time. However, since no reports indicate otherwise, we assume they at least made it safely to their destination.


Photo: Hurriyet Daily News / Twitter

  • Christian

    I can’t tell. Turkey or Sweden? Look’s the same…

    • Evo45

      Then you need your eyes checked. Who would do that in Sweden anyway (asking as a Turkish guy)?

      • Balcis

        eyes? brain?

      • Christian

        Who would do that in Sweden, you ask?

    • Philip George

      I’m sure you’re a nice guy but why have you decided today to be the dumbass who finds a way to go off-message on how inhumane this act is and turn it into some political/ideological issue? You’re better than that.

    • Dude

      Are we starting the ~!😱!~ I M M I G R A T I O N ~!😱!~ circle jerk?

      • Christian

        I do hope that Sweds or what you call them… Vote for the “feministisktinitiativ” Party ….

        • Harry_Wild

          The all female government leaded party has given feminism a 180 degree turn. Ladies are getting assaulted and crime rate has skyrocketed but is not being reported in crime statistics.

          • Christian

            why’s that?

    • metin kaplan

      As a Turk living in Sweden I can clearly smell the slobbering passive-aggressive hate in this comment. A hate towards an unreal imaginary scapegoat. A hate which can not be honestly expressed, so leaking between hesitant baby-steps of words.

      Just like many other country in region; Turkey is a big country and all social values can dramatically differ in different regions and parts of society. Problems exist for sure; yet things are not as bad as the media frames; as media only show extremities, and mostly negative ones. If the game is about finding terrible examples like this, I can list you a thousand at once, even worse ones.

      But many people, far more than you think, has been giving a real-life war to change these problems. While west-conservative fanboys are mindsturbating with these kind of comments behind their privileged keyboards.

      So it so easy to project a single bad scene to a whole country; for an illiterate man, or for the one with a rotten ideology. Or both at the same time!

      • Incog Nito

        Mate, there is only one thing, i disagree. The hate is being expressed quite directly and clearly. It is not leaking anywhere or hide. It is obvious. Having this article in here is the best proof of that. Unfortunately.

        • metin kaplan

          Just to mention; I don’t have any problem with the article. My addressing was to the comments.

          • Incog Nito

            Well, I do have a problem. I just checked the offbeat news as much as i can and i could not see any other article which creates chances for people to make racist or insulting comments directly to a nationality. What i am trying to point out is the irregularity. If you open the door as an editor,like here, there are people waiting ready to judge and insult always.If there were another example like this one within the offbeat news, I would not mind having this article here too

  • S3XY


    • Christian

      no profile picture, I see? Suits you, I like it bra. 🙂

  • ksegg

    I feel like Turkey is really just…..Florida.

    • Six_Tymes

      with the influx Obama and Clinton allowed, probably will soon look like Turkey in another 20 years

  • kachuks

    Anyone else assume, for a moment, that’s just the kind of thing they do over there?

  • Belthronding


  • Liam Paul

    wow crazy and that poor woman, the look on her face

  • Someone wishes they had a bakkie

  • Balcis

    sadly agree as a Turk.

  • Balcis

    well, in Turkey we value our woman and make sure they take fresh air and not the same with other people (in our cars and vans).

    • Christian

      I will say that the fact they can drive in some country is a bit too far tho…

    • tbonesteak33

      Your president doesn’t hold the same values you do…..

  • robotlogic

    Still beats walking, I guess someone else must of been in the car carrier on the roof.

  • Mr. Crankypants

    That really is horrific.
    The proper place is the roof rack.

  • tbonesteak33

    What, y’all never heard of a Dolmuş?

  • TheBelltower

    This is also why Turkey is what it is.

  • Roslina Binti Ikhwan

    intrestingly, this kinda video come out in the middle of us-turkey crisis…thats intresting!…..iam looking forward for “U.S Driver Who Strapped A Passenger On The Back Of A Van Sparks Social Media Uproar”

  • Jim Jones ©

    The down side to being the the third wife to a muslim goat farmer.

  • Raul

    People are always highly sensitive about this.


  • Abu Sayyaff

    Oh shutup, we in the middle east don’t strap people on the back of a wagon !! only Turks do that and also do business with ISIS … Sick fcks if you ask me .. So stop calling them middle eastern, they are simply called Turks.

    • Incog Nito

      Still better than fckg arabs though.

  • Six_Tymes

    A culture stuck in the year 622, that is more proof right there.

    • Incog Nito

      What a prejudiced comment !

  • Incog Nito

    Apperantly she is only a child. We can not understand this because she is wearing a burka. I am terribly sad for her in any case. As a turkish guy, I always blame our society for getting away from the modern world day by day. Being ignorant and understanding the religion in a twisted way are what our people choose these days unfortunately. However matching the acts of a troubled, stupid father with under the name of Turks is also not acceptable. Also racist. This is a rare situation. We do not live like this or accept this. If I were there, I would probably call the police and chase this guy until the police arrives. Yes we are having some some difficult days inside and out but remember a maniac went off and killed 92 people even in Oslo, Norway. We see some many troubled teenagers who are killing their friends in high schools in US regularly. So nobody is perfect guys.

  • MJ Coffey


  • sidewaysspin

    If there’s no outrage there’ll be no change, we know you people don’t want your misogynistic culture to change but…

  • Tarık Dur

    Hello I’m a fan of a car.
    I can give you information about this video and country
    I’m afraid I do not speak English very well, so I’ll use google translate , sorry
    This video got too much reaction and the father was taken into custody
    The girl wants to sit there. but contrary to the safety of life and unacceptable.
    Islamic headscarf is allowed but burca is less used

    I also respond to a user
    killed our citizens İSİS
    During attacks between 2014 and 2016
    211 dead 1812 injured citizen

    i love cars
    I liked you
    Thank you

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