Disgruntled Man Drives Cayenne Into Porsche Dealership After Not Getting Optional Extras

Getting what you pay for is obviously very important, but to protest by driving a two-tone SUV into a car dealership isn’t going to win you any brownie points with the law, nor with anybody else for that matter.

Yet, that’s exactly what a Taiwanese man did earlier this week in Taichung City. Apparently, it was the fact that his Panamera Sport Turismo was delivered without the optional extras he had requested, that drove him, no pun intended, to commit this act.

According to Taiwan News, the 42-year old man, identified only as Chu, agreed to purchase a Panamera Sport Turismo in January of 2017, for the base price of NT $5.98 million (201,187 USD), which eventually became NT $7.46 million (250,979 USD) after the addition of the optional 4D Chassis Control, plus other accessories.

After putting down an initial deposit of NT $2.23 million (75,000 USD) for the car, Chu received the vehicle in November of last year, without the 4D Chassis Control feature, which is when he refused to pay the balance and decided to cancel the order.

However, five days ago, the dealer in question sent him a letter asking him to either fulfill the contract or forfeit his deposit. That’s when Chu decided to drive another Porsche, a white Cayenne, into the dealership’s showroom. Not exactly the most peaceful way to protest.

He was eventually taken away by police and charged with public endangerment, intimidation and property damage.

But wait, there’s more!

Apparently, as soon as Chu was released from police custody, he headed straight for the dealership, which put quite a scare into the sales staff who called the cops immediately.

However, authorities found that he had come there to simply negotiate with the dealer, who then offered to either return his NT $2.23 million (75,000 USD) deposit, or to let him purchase the car, this time with the optional 4D Chassis Control he had requested.

In the end, no deal could be reached and the negotiations broke down.

His initial intentions may have been ever worse

According to the Daily Mail, Taichung City police found a pick-axe and petrol in his Cayenne, so there’s no telling what he had planned to do with them. In a public statement following his arrest, Chu said that he regretted his actions and actually claimed that he crashed into the dealership to avoid a car that had ran a red light. Not a very believable story, judging by the video footage.

During their investigation, authorities also found that the Taiwanese businessman had prior convictions, including ones for burglary and fraud.

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  • Bash

    Straight to jail buddy!


    I can understand if the man was upset but this was going overboard.

  • Richard Alexander

    Fraud investigation pending…..

  • GoofyGotKilos

    Gotta have dat 4d Chassis Control du

  • Looks like he’s a mobster…they messed with the wrong guy…

  • TrevP

    Have you ever built a Porsche? They are a rip off. I’d be pissed too if I spent that much on a car and it didn’t end up having the options I wanted. Sounds like hes losing that deposit and more for damage. LOL

  • Status

    Invest in bollards.

    • Six_Tymes

      good point!

  • Paul

    I hope he has good insurance and got a trip to jail

  • Shobin Drogan

    He had prior convictions of burglary and fraud? Hah well ain’t karma a bitch

  • Nordschleife

    So we Americans get chided for potentially not endangering the lives of people because we didn’t get our way? That portion of your comment is not only trite, but childish and silly as well.

    It’s perfectly fine to side with Chu but unnecessary to demean Americans. Many of us many not own cars that expensive but a lot of do and still wouldn’t have endangered anyone just because we didn’t get our way.

  • sidewaysspin

    Actually some dealers almost deserve this for lack of honesty and professionalism.

  • Six_Tymes

    Another D-BAG, scum of societies.

  • dnbdave

    This is me at Fields Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Sanford, FL after keeping my Jeep for warranty work for 115 days.

    You get em buddy. Use the ax next time.

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