2019 Ford Focus Still Best In Class For Handling, Has Improved In Other Areas, Too

There are a lot of things to love about the fourth-gen Focus, as we have come to know from previous reviews.

For starters, it’s all-new, not only on the outside and in the cabin, but beneath the skin, too. Thanks to the new platform, interior space has grown significantly, and this is noticeable on the rear bench, which can gladly accomodate three adults.

Speaking about the cockpit, it’s worth noting that the new Focus feels very well made, despite having some scratchy plastics further down, but this is something more or less common in the compact class. Moreover, all versions get a floating-style infotainment system as standard, but you may want to avoid the base model as it has a tiny screen.

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The build quality is not on the same level as the Volkswagen Golf, but it’s not far off either, according to CarBuyer who did this review. Also, despite having a larger footprint than the Mk3, the Mk4’s boot space has not improved; moreover, it’s smaller than the Golf’s with the rear seats up, but larger with the seats down.

The Focus has always been known for being very quick to respond on twisty roads, and the new one doesn’t disappoint. In fact, its handling is described as being “easily best-in-class”, which shows that Ford hasn’t dropped the ball on this one.

However good it might be, though, the Focus must have its flaws, right? The full review is available on the following video, so you can watch it and find out what they are, as well as the overall verdict.


  • Погонщик жидов

    Is this the Ford Focus 2019??? ))) This China 2010 ))

  • Croppo

    Ok, but the first Focus was a revolution. This one? This is the usual, boring, copycat C-segment car, which nonstop decreasing sales will be sustained by hefty discounts.

    • Bash

      You are absolutely right. I echo you hand down.

  • Bash

    This really have that (KIA like) factor, and not those newest cool and latest kias.

  • ron98

    except, the design

  • ThatGuy

    IMO Ford offer a car for the price of a Golf with the quality well below the Golf.
    Cheap plastics in the Ford is far worse than the cheap plastics in a VW.
    And the carpets in Ford, whoever does Fords carpets should stop today.

    Both VW and Ford in this sphere are boring commute cars, i get that, but Ford rips you off for it.
    Hyundai and Kia have surpassed them at present only, it took a while but it happened as many people have said.

    I guess i am also a bit salty about Ford as in like 2001 or there about i was under the impression they would really go at VW, only to be sorely disappointing, I mean the previous gen Focus, Fiesta and Escape/Kuga’s dial looked like Tetris.
    And 2 of them burst into flames, or leave you stranded with the sportshat gearbox. Thanks Ford, really classy

    Diesel gate was just as hardcore but atleast you and the family did not wonder when you might fall on the Barbeque list.

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