AMG Boss Says Project One Could Beat Porsche 919’s Nurburgring Record

Mercedes-AMG is so confident in its upcoming Project One hypercar that it claims it could beat the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo’s outright Nurburgring lap time.

According to Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers, the Project One would be tweaked to tackle the 919’s time and would pose a serious threat. Unfortunately, the German automaker is unlikely to chase a ‘Ring record.

“Could we beat the Porsche’s ‘Ring time? We could, probably. It would be close, but I think we could. I just don’t know what we’d do it for,” he said to Car Sales.

“Theirs is a racing car that isn’t actually fit to race anywhere, in any class, anywhere. It doesn’t have any rules.

“We have to meet full homologation rules. We could do some things to the aero and take out the air-conditioner and fit some slightly different tyres and then I’d be confident about it.”

As you’ll remember, Porsche obliterated the late Stefan Bellof’s outright Nurburgring lap record in June by lapping the circuit in 5:19.546, almost a minute faster than Bellof’s time of 6:11.13 set during qualifying for the 1983 Nurburgring 1000 km.

Based around the Porsche 919 Hybrid that was retired, the Evo benefits from numerous aerodynamics modifications and delivers no less than 1160 hp. It was designed for one purpose and one purpose only; to smash lap records.

By comparison, the Mercedes-AMG Project One is a road car first and foremost. Even still, it does have some serious tech under its skin in the form of a turbo hybrid V6 powertrain the same as what Mercedes uses in Formula One.

Deliveries of the vehicle are tipped to commence in late 2019.

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  • botornot387

    Doesn’t sound too confident. I don’t think if you ever asked a Porsche engineer what they do it for, they would say i don’t know what we would do it for… They would do it because they can!

    • Mark Hawthorne

      But his point is quite clear and you’ve conveniently ignored or at least skirted around it. The 919 was a ‘no-rules’ special, re-engineered to beat these records. The Project One is a road car, fully worldwide certified. Is he confident they can break the record with the road spec. No? Maybe they could but he is clearly saying “but we’d want to make sure by modifying it, like Porsche have.” But, he’s also questioning why they would. Just to beat Porsche who did it with a car redesigned only to break this record? It’s not like AMG need the publicity for this car (which the cancelled 919 project certainly did to justify its existence).

      • Seats & a steering wheel

        Ok, So why did they bring up the subject in the first place???

        • Mark Hawthorne

          Because he was asked? That’s how journalism works. Ask the question, listen to the response and then write up the article without saying all of the things that came before the quoted element. For instance: “as I had him in a room and he was obliged to answer questions, I repeatedly asked him about breaking the 919 record and whether the Project One would be able to do it. He was extremely reluctant to discuss it and told me specifically that he found the record and the car that Porsche had made to do it a laughable marketing exercise but eventually he said…..”

      • botornot387

        I didn’t skirt around it. They can do the same thing if they think they have a chance and chase the record. Porsche doesn’t have a problem doing this.

        • Mark Hawthorne

          But you specifically make it sound like he is being obtuse and that he didn’t want to discuss something they may fail at. I don’t believe this is a goal of this or any other project and the Porsche 919 “record” is seen as a worthless target by engineers and marketers who don’t want to take a “me-too” approach to positioning their flagship car. I’d steer clear of breaking this record entirely – among the owner group for the Project One ABSOLUTELY NO ONE CARES about this and AMG don’t either.

    • Because I’m Batman

      Tobias Moers actually is an ex-Porsche engineer ))

      • Mark Hawthorne

        So what? Do you think because he used to work at Porsche he is obsessed with breaking this record? It’s entirely unrelated.

  • Kagan

    If they can go 5:19 then that is phenominal.

    • Vassilis

      It won’t happen with the road spec though, just to be clear. It’ll be with less weight, more aero and slicks. After such modifications I don’t think it’ll be that surprising.

      • Kagan

        He said they migth do it with standard spec and that is phenomenal.

        • Vassilis

          I’m not sure he did actually. It would be insane to think a standard spec with more weight, less aero and road tyres could beat that time and he seems like a down to earth guy :p

          • Kagan

            And that’s why it would be amazing.

          • Vassilis

            It would be. Except it can’t physically happen.

          • Kagan

            We have tp wait and see.

  • SteersUright

    This Benz looks stunning from nearly every angle until you get to those headlights. C’mon MB, fix them!

    • Belthronding

      i am not fan of headlights either.
      i think headights kind of look like dated already.
      but other than that ,car looks sexy.

  • That’s really crazy if it’s true, and Aston also made similar claimed with their Valkyrie, literally fastest car (not just road car) that everyone can buy. (If they had the money).

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