Koenigsegg Admits New Tesla Roadster’s Performance Has Forced It To Up Its Game

Christian von Koenigsegg has admitted that, upon hearing the acceleration figures of the next-generation Tesla Roadster, he has decided to make his supercars even faster.

Speaking to Top Gear about Tesla’s claim that the new Roadster hits 60 mph (96 km/h) in 1.9 seconds, Koenigsegg suggested its future hybrid models will be capable of similar performance.

“[After hearing Tesla’s figures] We thought, ‘this is not OK’. We wondered whether it was possible, and yeah, it’s possible. Then we thought, ‘OK how do we deal with it? This is embarrassing.

“In two days we’d thought of a few things. The simplest way of putting it is like this: it’s combining direct drive with the hybridization we have in a different format with freevalve engine technology, in a peculiar layout,” the company’s founder said.

With its new powertrain setup, Koenigsegg believes its upcoming models will be capable of some extraordinary feats of acceleration. In fact, “we’re talking 0-250mph in 14 seconds, or something like this,” Koenigsegg said.

To put that figure into perspective, the mighty Koenigsegg Agera RS managed to reach 248 mph (399 km/h) in 26.88 seconds during its record-setting 0-248mph-0 run that demolished the Bugatti Chiron’s time by some 5.52 seconds. Tesla’s hasn’t quoted a 0-250 mph figure for the Roadster, other than confirming that the sports car will reach the 250 mph (402 km/h) mark.

Koenigsegg thinks there is still a lot of life left in the internal combustion engine and plans to continue to develop it.

“What we see with our engines, we’ve noticed that we’re just scratching the surface of what we can achieve. Here’s an example: if we ignore fuel consumption for a moment… we have a fairly high compression ratio for our turbo V8 – 9.5 to 1 with 1.6 bar of boost. If we drop that to 8.8 to 1, we could boost to 2.2 bar, which is another 600bhp just like that, without putting more stress on your engine because your peak pressure doesn’t go up.”

It looks like the power race between supercars isn’t going to subside any time soon; in fact, all signs point to it escalating.

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  • Matteo Tommasi

    This man is a legend

    • Kagan

      It is not him constructing it is others.

      • ErnieB

        But he has the vision to lead design and development.. this guy embodies true genius!

  • Bob

    I’m glad ICEs still have some fight left in them. Electric cars are cool and all but I’ll always love the violent sounds and sheer drama provided to us by exploding dinosaurs.

  • ▶️ ProtectOurHeritage ◀️

    Elon’s thirst for plain and understated modern technology, continues to be outshone by the old school manufacturers. Long may it continue.

    • flamin hot powah

      It’s funny because Koenigsegg is still quite a young company compared to Ferrari and Rolls-Royce.

      • ▶️ ProtectOurHeritage ◀️

        Which goes to show that Koenigsegg is very good at what it does!

  • Kagan

    If peak pressure doesn’t go up how do you get more power?

  • Mr. EP9

    So, faster straight line speed. Ok, anyone can do that. What about all the other twisty corners, though. Surely, Koenigsegg would improve on that front as well.

    • Vassilis

      OK, not quite anyone. At that level anyway.

  • flamin hot powah

    “we’re talking 0-250mph in 14 seconds, or something like this,” I struggle to believe the Roadster could pull that off, props if it can though.

  • fabri99

    Eh, I wouldn’t worry too much about Tesla right now. But if this will push Koenigsegg towards even more innovative technology, than it’s more than welcome.


    • Belthronding

      absolutely correct point

    • Marty

      You miss the point. If you make hyper sports cars it’s embarrassing if a mere sports is quicker.

  • Like Nurburgring laptimes, 0-60 is a bit pointless, it’s all about how you drive the car in the road, and Tesla is lacking in that department compared to established manufacturer (like in the case of i-Pace and Model S)

    • Vassilis

      I think when 0-60 is under 3, it’s more like 0-124 that matters.

    • D3X

      Exactly, and after 2 laps of Nurburgring, the Tesla Roadster would be out of batteries and would need to recharge using the fastest charger for 2 hours. If this was like LeMans, the Tesla would be way too slow at the long marathon game.

    • brn

      0-250 is even more pointless.

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