Nissan Expects Sedans To Bounce Back As Younger Buyers Don’t Want “Daddy’s” Crossover

Nissan is gearing up to the launch the 2019 Altima next month and the company expects the model to be a huge hit despite the fact that many consumers prefer crossovers instead of sedans.

Companies such as Ford and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles have cut the number of sedans they offer, but Nissan Altima marketing manager Bruce Pillard thinks sedans will make a comeback. Speaking to The Detroit Bureau, he said “We think younger generations will buy more sedans than older generations.” He added that younger consumers “don’t want to drive daddy’s car” which is a crossover these days.

It seems unlikely that crossover sales will dip anytime soon, but Pillard probably has a point. As the publication noted, Baby Boomers grew up with station wagons but ended up buying minivans when they became adults. Minivans sales have now fallen by the wayside as most consumers opt from crossovers.

It’s possible that sedans could experience a resurgence, but they are missing the one key ingredient which helped to make station wagons, minivans and crossovers popular in the first place – added practicality.  While the Altima certainly can’t hold as much cargo as the similarly priced Rogue, Nissan has made some changes to the 2019 model which should increase its appeal. One of the biggest is the addition of all-wheel drive which is a common feature on crossovers.

Even if the Altima doesn’t sway customers away from crossovers, Nissan still expects the model to do pretty well. Americans continue to buy hundreds of thousands of sedans every year and Ford’s exit from the segment leaves a lot of potential Altima customers out there. As Pillard noted, “… if some Fusion owners want to buy an Altima, I would have no problem with that.”

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  • brn

    Sedans may bounce back, but that’d be a silly reason.

    • Undisputed Navy✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Agree… additionally, I doubt any of Nissan’s sedan are going to attract anyone under the age of 35.

  • SpongeBob99Swell’s still nice to know that automakers are still committed to sedans and cars, while knowing that there are still people interested in them…

    ….unlike Ford…

    • Undisputed Navy✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Did you hear that Nissan has actually pulled the same move as Ford in the European market?

      ….just like Ford….

      • SpongeBob99Swell

        Wait… really?

        If so, kindly back up some evidence, out of curiosity.

        • Undisputed Navy✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          Google: AutoNews Sept 12 Nissan exits Europe compact car segment

          The article link should be first

          • SpongeBob99Swell

            Yeah, I saw. Sucks that the Pulsar leaves Europe…

            …though I always wanted it to land here as a hatchback variant for the Sentra.

  • Ryan50

    2months ago: “Younger buyers want crossovers”
    Now: “Younger buyers don’t want to look like their dads with crossovers”

    I personally don’t know any male that owns or drives a crossover. Or have seen one, besides 20 year old asians

    • Chidi Ohiaeri

      And yet, the Toyota RAV4 (a bonafide crossover) is in the top 4 of the best selling cars in total for the US market this year so far. I bet you think “females” are the only ones piloting these vehicles.

      Also, in which alternate world do you live in where just 20 year old Asians like you claim (weakly) drive crossovers? I am intrigued!

      • Ryan50

        In every town different types of vehicles are more popular. Out in the country it is trucks. Where I live, there are a lot of Suburbans and Tahoes (along with their rebadged GM siblings).

        Mostly in San Fransisco. It’s pretty common. Note trying to make fun of them or anything, but its what I’ve seen.

        • Chidi Ohiaeri

          What you have seen or what you experience are not the facts in this case. You have to go with the numbers to get the clearer picture.

      • SpongeBob99Swell

        The new RAV4 though seems like the be the only Crossover with some personality, in my book..

        • Chidi Ohiaeri

          The current RAV4 has some personality but there are a ton like the Volvo XC40, Ford Escape and Jaguar E-Pace that are even more fun to drive and still have useful utility.

    • Undisputed Navy✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Real dudes don’t drive crossover shytt! Thats for nannies and 25 year old women!

  • BGM

    I want cars around but this lazy design of a car – inside and out – is not the one that is going to revive the fortunes of the automobile.

    • BlackPegasus

      I’m not the targeted buyer for this car but I think it’s a decent execution of design. The interior barrows from other popular sedans.

  • Able

    If I did want a sedan, it definitely wouldn’t be a Nissan.

    • ksegg

      The only sedan I’d drive is either the new M5, or the new Panamera ST – if that even qualifies as a sedan.

  • Honda NSX-R

    I guess I’m the target consumer for the new Altima then.

  • ChicagoBlah

    They dont want CVTs either

    • FlameWater

      For everyone who isn’t a race car driver CVT’s are a very logical choice for it’s performance and reliability.

      • ChicagoBlah

        Reliable … maybe from Toyota

        • FlameWater

          So your issue isn’t with CVT’s but Nissan, these transmissions have been used since the early 2000’s and have been improved on ever since.

          • ChicagoBlah

            Yeah maybe my Nissan ruined it for me, Honda and Toyota seem to be doing it right. Meanwhile Nissan is still having issues with their new cars and have been at it for a decade.

            I have read the rubber band effect exists on all cvts. Either way it’s the first and last cvt for me.

  • Craig

    I’ve said [basically] those exact same words. Nissan is right.

  • Leconte Dave

    We don’t a cvt also

  • Chidi Ohiaeri

    Sedans can make a big comeback if the focus is on the product itself rather than a goal! People will always buy what they want. Why not use that as an opportunity to shoot for realism, release a confident product and just let it work its way into the hearts of consumers?

  • no25

    the only thing i like about this altima is the steering wheel. people dont want sedans because automakers are making them look ridiculous: i.e. nissan.

  • SteersUright

    Younger drivers also dont want to drive a butt ugly Altima, Sentra, and damn near every other Nissan made today outside of the aging and very expensive GTR.

  • Karl

    Nice refrigerator Nissan!

    • Eythan Aldrich

      does it come with a freezer? LMAO

  • Kagan

    I have never had a crossover or suv! Why should you have a less sportier car!

  • Kagan

    Good looking sedan with sporty handlings, manual gearbox and handbrake with less toys!

  • Raul

    What a silly response from this guy

  • Bob
  • ThatGuy

    Its all about certain trends in the motor world, each category seems to have its time in the sun. Right now its a SUV phase, before that hatches and sedans and in 2000-2004 estates where a thing. Trucks have always been a thing. Sedans and hatches will be popular again, i estimate that based on the fact that crossovers, Compact SUV and certain medium sized SUV’s are millimeters bigger than the hatch but double the price of hatches.

    SUV’s party trick is the higher riding position, so many people have them that it nullified itself. On the pothole issue, that i never understood, as most hatches with small rim sizes come with tire profiles of SUV’s.

  • charlotteharry57

    I love this article and hope it’s true, but, sorry, Nissan, the Altima is not the one that they desire. Too many signs of cost-cutting already and I wouldn’t touch that new turbo engine for at least 3 years, due to expected reliability issues. Also, since when does Daddy drive a CUV? 99% of them around here drive a sedan. Mommy has the Mom-mobile CUV/SUV. Single dads probably do, I will give you that.

  • Alx

    haha clearly no focus groups were engaged to support such ridiculous claims!

    if anything screams baby-boomer-daddy-mobile is that dated ‘greige’ interior with wood inlay.

  • mccarluvr123

    “Americans continue to be hundreds of thousands of sedans every year and Ford exit from the segment…” Quality proofreading right there.

  • DMax

    I just noticed how door handles are not even along that sloping character line. What a weird look.

  • Lex Luthor

    If this is true, shame on Ford for not having a sedan. Such a dumb move!

  • botornot387

    I don’t know Nissan has ever talked to a younger person. The young guy embraced daddy’s crossover before daddy, and probably learned in daddy’s car. The only thing standing in the way was price, which has come down considerably and will continue to do so as more products come online. Not saying sedans will die, but I am pretty sure we haven’t hit the bottom yet to bounce back.

  • Liam Paul

    Translation, young people don’t want cuv’s cause they nothing more than a high riding station wagon , what they want is Suvs but SUV’s are too expensive for young buyers so the altima will always find a younger buyer looking for more room then a tiny high riding station wagon.

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