Someone Turned An Aussie Ford Falcon Into A Shelby GT500 Mustang Sedan

This is what you get when you’re known as one of the world’s most iconic vehicles – other cars just want to be you.

Unfortunately for this old Ford Falcon, we can’t really say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, because it’s doing a seriously bad job at imitating the American muscle car. To be fair though, the execution is by no means bad, only awkward, so to speak.

If you’re having trouble deciding whether this is ridiculous or at least somewhat interesting, know that you’re not alone, as the images were uploaded to two separate Reddit threads, one for bad car mods, the other for awesome ones.

We are leaning strongly towards this being a little lame, despite the decent execution on the front fascia – the rear is pretty bad though, since the person who converted the car had to adhere to the Falcon’s lofty rear end design. By the way, we reckon this is a sixth-generation Falcon (either BA or BF), judging by its profile and door handle design.

As for the Mustang part, that’s definitely supposed to pay homage to the Shelby GT500 version with the dual hood scoop, center stripe and Shelby badges. It’s just too bad the whole thing looks weird from multiple angles. That rear end looks like something generic out of Grand Theft Auto.

  • karmat

    I think Ford should hire the guy as head of marketing to bring sedans back to the North American market.

    • Mr. EP9

      Jim Hackett won’t allow it.

  • eb110americana

    The cowl height on the Falcon is just too high for that stubby hood. The proportions look all wrong because of it.

    • Six_Tymes

      agreed. ill admit the concept was kind of a good idea, looks OK on some angles

  • Bash

    I actually like it.

  • Craig

    Would a Mustang SEDAN be as upsetting to people as the Charger SEDAN was. [And is?]

  • Paul Webster

    Aussie’s do some interesting fabrication. Keep it up down under guys..

  • Howfarr

    If it wasn’t orange it would be quite nice

  • Tumbi Mtika

    I…I don’t get it. Why ruin one great car, by making it look like another great car?

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