Skoda Kodiaq RS Flashes “Crystalline-Effect” Full-LED Headlights In New Teaser

With only a few weeks before the 2018 Paris Auto Show opens its gates, Skoda has decided to share some more details about its upcoming performance SUV, the Kodiaq RS.

A new teaser video gives us the clearest view so far of the Czech SUV’s front end, which is graced with standard crystalline-effect full-LED headlights. The Kodiaq RS will be Skoda’s first SUV to get full-LED headlights as standard, and the Virtual Cockpit will also be included in the base price.

The individually adjustable digital instrument panel will be tweaked for the hot SUV, featuring a carbon optic and a fifth “Sport” display layout featuring the rev counter and speedometer at the center. Furthermore, the Kodiaq RS will be the first-ever Skoda model to offer Dynamic Sound Boost.

Using the data from the car electronic board systems, Dynamic Sound Boost varies and intensifies the sound of the engine depending on the selected driving mode. Skoda says this results “in a captivating and emotive acoustic experience” that makes the car even more enjoyable to drive. Still, the fact remains that it’s just a fake sound.

As a reminder, the Kodiaq RS is powered by the most powerful production diesel engine in Skoda history, a 2.0-liter TDI bi-turbo unit producing 240 PS (237 hp). All-wheel drive and adaptive suspension are standard features.

The video below also reveals an exclusive exterior color the Kodiaq RS will offer. It’s called Race Blue and it’s available for the first time for a Skoda SUV.

  • Adi

    Poor man’s Audi Q8.

    • Sébastien

      No, poor man’s SQ7.
      Q8: this will be Kodiaq Coupé

    • Able

      Somebody described as poor can afford a likely 40k EU+ SUV? Wow, how rich are rich people in the world that you describe? What a stupid comment.

  • S3XY


    • Matt

      What’s the joke?

  • Mike anonymous

    it’s been about 20 years,.. for 20 years we’ve been “excited” about “LED Headlights”. We’ve seen them on Chryslers, Audi’s, you name it. I am not sure why this is something to be super excited about though.

    I guess to each their own, and at their own pace.

    • TheHake

      There’s nothing else to get excited about…

    • ace_9

      You are mistaking LED daylight running lights with full LED headlights. They are far from “about 10 years” old and 20 is a complete nonsense.

  • Sébastien

    RS is just a sporty trim, not a new model…
    So some Kodiaq already had full LED as standars (style, sportline, l&k)

    “The Kodiaq RS will be Skoda’s first SUV to get full-LED headlights as standard, and the Virtual Cockpit will also be included in the base price.”

    • Thinking the same thing. SE L, Scout, Edition, L&K and SportLine get them all as standard.

  • ace_9

    I was expecting from you some cars from around 20 years ago, that had full LED headlights…
    I briefly checked and according to what I have found the first full LED lights were available on Audi R8 V10 in 2007 and next car was 2009 Cadillac Escalade Platinum.
    Audi btw. started with their matrix LED headlights in 2013. I’m mentioning this, because I think you also refer to them.
    So which production cars had the full LED headlights in 2000-2001?

    • Mike anonymous

      I never said production models, I just said the technology has been around for nearly 20 years. 2007 was over a decade ago (10 years) currently about to go on 12 years ago (and that is the model year of the vehicle, not necessarily the first time we saw it). The first time I remember seeing this technology was on the Audi LeMans Concept from around 2003.

      1 decade is quite a long time. 10 decades and we have 100 years. Its been over a decade since we began seeing them reach mainstream production models and nearly 20 years or more since we first really began seeing the technology in vehicles itself 1999 – 2003, Hence where my original comment; ( “For 20 years,.. for 20 years we’ve been “excited” about “LED Headlights”. ) came from.

      In about 100 days, 2002 (at the latest) will have been 17 years ago, add 3 years,.. that’s almost 20. Are you getting where I’m coming from. I’m not sure if your upset regarding the issue or topic, but I merely (and originally stated) “for 20 years we’ve been “excited” about “LED Headlights”, which is true (noting that 2002/2003 was not when the very first or earliest examples of the technology had been shown off). I didn’t really come here to argue what is known or to “try and prove a point of view:, I’m just simply stating a fact, so hopefully no hard feelings mate.

      … anyways, time flies.

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