2018 Civic Type R Totally Destroyed In Accident Looking To Be A Parts Donor

Are you in the market for a 2018 Honda Civic Type R and would rather not pay upwards of $34,700 for it? Well then, you better hope a nice pre-owned model is available somewhere, because this one here is all messed up.

Then again, if you’d like to strip one for parts, bidding on this heavily damaged model that’s being auctioned off by Copart, makes (some) sense. According to the ad, the car suffered a rollover crash, although the roof is in pretty good shape, unlike everything else.

To be fair, the rear end isn’t technically all that bent out of shape, but the sides certainly are, and so is the front fascia – which could mean there’s powertrain damage, although the ad doesn’t specify. Then there’s the interior, where the curtain airbags were deployed on both sides.

The car is currently present at a lot in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and its retail value has been estimated at $37,935 CAD. Of course, the days in which this Type R could warrant anywhere near that much are long gone.

When it was new, which we suspect wasn’t that long ago, this Japanese hot hatch could get you from zero to 60 mph (96 km/h) in well under 6 seconds and it’s all thanks to a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder unit, producing 306 HP (310 PS) and 295 lb-ft (400 Nm) of torque, with everything going to the front axle.

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  • Mr. EP9

    Take the engine out and crush the rest. I doubt the brakes or anything connected to the chassis is good shape.

  • no25

    *car gets in accident*
    CS journalists: “wow, how do we turn this into a full page article and trick our readers into making them think this is actual news in the auto industry??”

    • Dude

      These articles seem kind of dumb but I’d hope that people can look at the title and realize that it’s not important news


    • Ryan50


  • SpongeBob99Swell

    While the Civic Type R is a great car for what it is…

    …I think Honda tried a little too hard with the design. Sure, it’s supposedly the performance hatchback in the Civic line, but… don’t you think making it look like a riced out Civic Hatch is a bit much?

    Hell, I were to say that the new Corolla Hatch XSE with that wing would be a perfect design for the performance hatchback in the Corolla line… just ditch that wing in the XSE in favour for the Corolla Hot Hatch and we’re great (also the cheesy faux dual exhaust).

    • andyoo

      and Toyota didn’t try too hard? just look at the front !
      everyone is trying hard because prior year car magazines keep saying civic and corolla and camry are so boring.

  • TheBelltower

    Looks better with all that plastic junk knocked off.

    • bryceee

      One way to get rid of that ugly rear wing.

      • SpongeBob99Swell

        If I were to call out, it’s like Honda pretty much took an aftermarket ricer wing, slapped it onto this and called it a day.

        Okay, make it look sporty and stuff… but making it look like a Civic Hatchback being riced out is not how it works.

  • Shtekeris

    Nah, it will go to Eastern europe and with a little bit of welding here and there will be sold as a barely used model from Germany

  • Carol W. Robbins

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  • ksegg

    Came here to say the same thing. Looks the same as a new one.

  • Jerry Stigliano

    One less Civic to look at on the road is fine by me. But more importantly, the headline “totally destroyed” is redundant. “Destroyed” is final (complete and absolute), and needs no modifier. Journalism classes teach that on day one. Fear not: I send this same message to news organizations repeatedly because they get it wrong, too.

  • andyoo

    there is not much usable here front and back and top and interior.
    the only thing I am eyeing on are the brembo brakes since the wheel look relatively ok Even the engine cover is damaged and I don’t know how much of the engine is still good.

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