Europe’s 2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Debuts In Paris With 219 Horses

Toyota celebrated the European premiere of the RAV4 at the Paris Auto Show, showcasing the latest generation of its compact SUV after its world debut at the New York Auto Show earlier this year.

The new generation RAV4 benefits greatly from the adoption of the TNGA-K platform, making also Toyota’s first SUV to use the architecture.

Thanks to the TNGA, the center of gravity is much lower, the body rigidity is increased by 57 percent and the weight distribution is now 51 to 49 front to rear. The rear suspension is a double wishbone design, which offers better ride quality, agile handling and more precision.

Powering the new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is a new electrified powertrain that combines a 2.5-liter Dynamic Force petrol engine with two electric motors. Their combined output is rated at 219hp (222PS), compared to the outgoing model’s 194hp.

The fourth-generation self-charging hybrid powertrain features many improvements over the past, including a power control unit and a Nickel metal-hydride battery pack that are smaller and lighter than before and offer reduced electrical and mechanical losses.

The CVT gearbox is still present but Toyota claims there are now improvements to its operation, without going into detail. The Hybrid version of the new Toyota RAV4 is also getting a “significantly enhanced” electric all-wheel drive system, which according to the company comes with no penalties. The level of torque that can be directed to the rear axle is also increased by 30 percent, with the front-rear split now ranging from 100:0 to 20:80, making the RAV4 more capable in different driving conditions.

Toyota expects the new RAV4 Hybrid to continue the successful career of its predecessor, which accounted for 85 percent of the RAV4’s total sales in Western Europe. Customers in the region will also be offered a 2.0-liter petrol version as well, with either a manual or an automatic transmission.

The 2.0-liter petrol version of the new RAV4 will feature a mechanical all-wheel drive system, which on CVT-equipped models will come with torque vectoring on the rear axle.

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Image Credits: Stefan Baldauf / Guido ten Brink for Carscoops | Toyota | NP

  • PhilMcGraw

    I really like that blue/purple color. It’s very unique.

  • Sebastien

    This could be my next SUV, coming from Forester XT. I’m curious to see how effecient is that new AWD system and if the vehicule is more fun to drive than the actual version.

    I have read it can achiee 4.5l/100km which sounds impressive.

    I’m also waiting to see specs for PHEV Crosstrek…

    • MarketAndChurch

      me too. its between this and the crv hybrid but i need to wait until more info is released on both.

    • ThatGuy

      Hi, not too long ago i seen a comparison of the Rav4 AWD vs the Forester on Autoguide via YouTube. It showed with the AWD there is nothing really between them. That is in terms of general basic off road driving, the forester is more hardcore off-road if you really need it, but if you like me and do basic sandy/muddy road i would go for the rav4 for the fuel economy, i like the Forester but at times, you know when you doing your auto-pilot to work and back and general driving the Forester’s consumption becomes irritating. Where as the Rav4 as boring as it is gives good service and economy and with fuel price on the up it makes sense.

      • Sebastien

        I live in Quebec, Canada and I definitely see a difference on the AWD system from my Forester on snow driving, compared to other SUV I have had before. I also like the higher ground clearance when driving in the backcountry. On road, I can achieve 7l/100km which is good, but it takes premium fuel that cost a way more, especially where I live.

        I would really like a hybrid Forester. Since they share technology with Toyota, this could be possible, but how long I have to wait?

        Meanwhile, I’m looking forward for other options. I like the new look of the RAV4. I only whish it’s more fun to drive and is efficient on snow driving.

        • ThatGuy

          Excuse the long post below:
          Im in South Africa and on road my cousin owns a Forester, used it a few times, with it i found if you really gentle you can get about 7.5/8.1L/100km but i averaged about 8.7/9.1L/100km, My dad Rav4 i got an average of 7.9/8.1L/100km and thats the same as my Lexus IS250 or a bit lighter and both vehicles way about the same.

          You are lucky the new Subaru Forester and Toyota Rav4 will both debut in 2019, I think you will get the Subaru December 2018 and S.A by February 2019 .

          The Forester will come out with a hybrid system but im not sure at launch if you will get one.

          That was what they have communicated with the press. IMO i think it will be based on the Subaru XV Corsstek Plugin Hybrid developed with Toyota.

          My case for the Rav4 is based more on the fact that i spent time with both, and while i really like the Subaru, The Toyota’s softer ride and good consumption says me toward it. Handling the Forester is sharper but the ride at times is harsh meaning when i hit potholes or funnies on the road. After a bit it becomes irritating.

          Both in the Rain and dirt road are very good, i dont go fast in adverse conditions or use hectic terrain so never use the Foresters AWD to the fullest.

          Also i prefer the Toyota cabin after a bit if feels homely, not exciting but fun enough. I tend to use swap the IS with my dad alot as having kids and their gear fits better in a hatch set-up.

          On the new models from what i seen, i like the Rav4 more especially the interior but the 2019 Forester seats look real good. Also the new toyota seats are almost as comfortable as my Lexus. I owned only VW before and the change was hard but i settled well with Toyota.

          As we get older i seen i chose comfort and a quieter cabin over performance and handling, and the Rav4 is quieter on the Motorway, on city streets i think they are the same or i cannot tell a major audible difference between the two.

          If you really have a bit extra test drive the Lexus NX hybrid, fast enough but also mega comfortable seats and a mega quiet cabin.
          Plus when i service my Lexus i get a courtesy car, with toyota and Subaru no such luck, my dad end up using the spare car at home.

          But test drive both in 2019 wait it out, its a few months and then make a decision then, Reviewers sometimes are biased, i can say cause i thought the Rav4 dull and dumb but wow was i wrong as shat. Did not think i would like it so much

    • (⌐■_■)

      make sure you look at AWD roller tests on youtube before you buy. Not all AWDs are created the same.

      Subaru / Mazda / BMW have good AWD systems.
      Honda/Toyota/Audi were disappointing.

  • Isn’t the CH-R the first Toyota SUV/crossover on the TNGA platform?

    • Miknik

      It is, though it is definitely more a cross over than an SUV, so saying the first SUV is okayish (or a sign of so so informed writers 😉 )

  • Mike Gonzalez

    it’s like Toyota’s take on current VW Tiguan…

  • Anthony James

    I like it

  • Six_Tymes

    awww poor thing, it looks so sad from the front. the back looks like Jeep+Lexus. yet another mish mash of design

  • TheBelltower

    I just heaved.

  • Knotmyrealname

    I recall when the first RAV4 came out. Such a far cry from this machine. Removable tops, surfboards, beach/outdoor fun….Where’s that car gone now? Is it a Jimny?

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